Package Details: jaromail 4.1-2

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Package Base: jaromail
Description: A commandline tool to easily and privately handle your e-mail
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Licenses: GPL3
Submitter: parazyd
Maintainer: parazyd
Last Packager: parazyd
Votes: 1
Popularity: 0.000000
First Submitted: 2015-12-03 19:44 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2016-01-21 09:53 (UTC)

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dpriskorn commented on 2017-03-14 19:06 (UTC)

gnu-netcat is a dependency to fetchmail according to this error I got: $ jaro fetch -D (*) Jaro Mail v4.2 running on GNU/Linux . System in /usr/local/share/jaromail [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/zuper.init [D] Zuper 0.2 initialized [D] 50 global variables registered [D] 11 global arrays registered [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/helpers [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/accounts [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/zuper [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/search [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/locking [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/keyring [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/publish [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/maildirs [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/filters [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/email [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/stats [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/parse [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/addressbook [D] Loading zlib: /usr/local/share/jaromail/zlibs/imap . full set of auxiliary functions loaded [D] Zuper 0.2 initialized [D] 9 global variables registered [D] 6 global arrays registered [D] Rm binary: wipe -f -s -q -R /dev/urandom [D] Mutt binary: /bin/mutt [D] Notmuch binary: /bin/notmuch [D] Alot binary: /bin/alot [D] All debug messages ON [D] fetch [D] read_account looking for default ... [D] trans: TLS1 [D] certfile: [D] cert: check [D] auth: plain [D] options: keep [D] folders: [D] exclude: zz.spam zz.bounces zz.blacklist [D] nm_setup . notmuch setup unread (*) Fetching email for account default [D] Test if we are online [D] trying to connect port 993 is_online:28: command not found: nc [E] Host unreachable: . Network connection is checked with 16s timeout . if you want to bypass this check, use -f to force. [E] Operation aborted. [D] endgame EXIT [D] destructor: _ztmp_destructor [D] _ztmp_destructor

dpriskorn commented on 2017-03-11 19:54 (UTC)

4.2 is released. Patch no longer needed it seems. Updated pkgbuild below: # Maintainer: parazyd <> pkgname=jaromail pkgver=4.2 pkgrel=1 pkgdesc="A commandline tool to easily and privately handle your e-mail" arch=('x86_64' 'i686') url="" license=('GPL3') depends=('zsh' 'mutt' 'fetchmail' 'vim' 'msmtp' 'notmuch' 'abook' 'elinks' 'pinentry' 'wipe' 'alot') makedepends=('gcc' 'glib2') source=("$pkgname/$pkgname-$pkgver.tar.gz") sha256sums=("7520b3b13b8b2fb2eaf3c1f4407e716722acd2b7b6ccdf4c170116e45201fd10") # Jaromil validpgpkeys=('6113D89CA825C5CEDD02C87273B35DA54ACB7D10') build() { cd "$pkgname-$pkgver" make } package() { cd "$pkgname-$pkgver" # local vars prefix=$pkgdir/usr/local jaro_libexec=$prefix/share/jaromail jaro_share=$prefix/share/jaromail #out of package vars PREFIX=/usr/local JARO_LIBEXEC=$PREFIX/share/jaromail JARO_SHARE=$PREFIX/share/jaromail mkdir -p "$jaro_share" mkdir -p "$jaro_share/.mutt" mkdir -p "$jaro_share/.stats" cp -ra doc/* $jaro_share/.mutt/ cp -ra src/mutt/* $jaro_share/.mutt/ cp -ra src/stats/* $jaro_share/.stats/ mkdir -p $jaro_libexec/bin mkdir -p $jaro_libexec/zlibs cp src/jaro $jaro_libexec/bin/ cp -ra build/gnu/* $jaro_libexec/bin/ cp -r src/zlibs/* $jaro_libexec/zlibs/ for l in $(ls $jaro_libexec/zlibs/ | grep '.zwc$'); do rm -f $l done for l in $(ls $jaro_libexec/zlibs/ | grep -v '.zwc$'); do zsh -c "zcompile $jaro_libexec/zlibs/$l" done chmod -R a+rX "$jaro_share" mkdir -p $prefix/bin echo -e "#!/usr/bin/env zsh" > $prefix/bin/jaro echo -e "export JAROWORKDIR=${JARO_SHARE}" >> $prefix/bin/jaro zsh -c "zmodload zsh/pcre" echo -e "export JAROMAILDIR=${HOME}/Mail" >> $prefix/bin/jaro echo "${JARO_SHARE}/bin/jaro \${=@}" >> $prefix/bin/jaro chmod +x $prefix/bin/jaro printf "\n\n*********************IMPORTANT**********************\n\n" printf "Jaro Mail installed in: $PREFIX\n" printf "Executable path: $PREFIX/bin/jaro\n\n" printf "To initialize your Mail dir use: jaro init\n" printf "Default is /root/Mail\n" printf "Change it via environment variable JAROMAILDIR\n" printf "****************************************************\n\n" }