Package Details: lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs 6.3-1

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Package Base: lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs
Description: System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library (32-bit), ABI 5
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Licenses: MIT
Submitter: lpapp
Maintainer: Corax
Last Packager: Corax
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Popularity: 0.76
First Submitted: 2015-09-22 11:38 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-02-19 21:34 (UTC)

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Corax commented on 2019-06-10 18:11 (UTC)

Make sure you have the multilib-devel group installed before reporting issues while building the package. I will not add it as a makedepends because it is not a makedepends for lib32-ncurses5 either. See

Corax commented on 2016-08-19 23:33 (UTC) (edited on 2022-02-28 18:45 (UTC) by Corax)

If anyone is still having trouble getting used to PGP signing, make sure to add the key mentioned in the PKGBUILD:

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 19882D92DDA4C400C22C0D56CC2AF4472167BE03

Latest Comments

Corax commented on 2022-02-28 18:45 (UTC)

@haDe: thanks! Updated.

haDe commented on 2022-02-28 07:42 (UTC)

As far as I'm aware, is gone. Its DNS record is non-existent. seems like a decent enough alternative

Corax commented on 2022-02-19 21:36 (UTC)

Apologies for the long delay, the 6.3 release happened at exactly the wrong time for me! I've now updated the PKGBUILD to 6.3 and imported the latest changes to the lib32-ncurses PKGBUILD (keeping everything in sync is a bit tedious).

sileshn commented on 2022-02-19 15:11 (UTC)

Will this be updated?

poad42 commented on 2020-07-02 14:01 (UTC)

please add multilib-devel as a dependency this package won't build otherwise.

Corax commented on 2020-05-25 16:02 (UTC)

@heller390: right, if programs compiled with gcc -m32 cannot be run, then I'm not sure how this package is going to be useful to you ;) It looks like WSL1 has no 32-bit support, but WSL2 does, see: . Either way I'm not a WSL user so I can't help you much here.

heller390 commented on 2020-05-25 12:37 (UTC) (edited on 2020-05-25 13:54 (UTC) by heller390)

@Corax programs compiled with gcc32 are not running.They are giving exec format error. I couldn't find the dir for src/ncurses-6.2/config.log. Could you point out the exact path?

Corax commented on 2020-05-25 11:02 (UTC)

@heller390: see what I recommended duff to try below. It would also be useful if you uploaded src/ncurses-6.2/config.log somewhere.

heller390 commented on 2020-05-25 05:26 (UTC)

Having issue building this package on Arch WSL via yay helper and even manually via makepkg. Installed multilib-devel and lib32-gcc-libs. Plz help

Corax commented on 2020-01-16 23:27 (UTC)

@duff: no problem, glad you got it sorted! AUR wrappers can be a real pain sometimes...

duff commented on 2020-01-16 14:41 (UTC)

@Corax gcc -m32 compiled without an issue.

I found the problem: rua (my AUR wrapper) - for any reason it does not handle the PKGBUILD like it should. I will look into that and maybe report a bug at the right place.

so your PKGBUILD seems to be just fine. Sorry!

Corax commented on 2020-01-11 20:55 (UTC) (edited on 2020-01-11 20:55 (UTC) by Corax)

@duff: that is strange, no issue on my side. Could you check that gcc -m32 is working, for instance using:

$ gcc -m32 -x c - <<EOF
#include <stdio.h>

int main() { puts("hi"); }

Also I would suggest trying to build this package using makepkg directly instead of an AUR wrapper.

duff commented on 2020-01-11 13:38 (UTC)

Have problem with building this package on my 64 bit machine. lib32-gcc-libs and multilib-devel were installed multiple times! makepkg.conf is default, btw. whole system is fresh and up to date. This really confuses me...

Maybe there is a buildflag missing in latest PKGBUILD? I get "checking target system type... x86_64-pc-linux-gnu"

Hope for your answer to get this running asap

Kind regards

Corax commented on 2019-06-10 18:11 (UTC)

Make sure you have the multilib-devel group installed before reporting issues while building the package. I will not add it as a makedepends because it is not a makedepends for lib32-ncurses5 either. See

Corax commented on 2019-06-10 18:07 (UTC)

@mrtnster: see, looks like I need to add a pinned comment...

mrtnster commented on 2019-06-10 14:30 (UTC)

I was building this package in a clean chroot environment and I had the same compilation issue Corax had earlier. It turned out that the 32bit version of the library was missing. Adding lib32-gcc-libs as a dependency fixes the problem.

darcn commented on 2019-05-22 00:36 (UTC)

@Corax: I compiled it now from the terminal and it worked, don't know why it didn't at first

Corax commented on 2019-05-20 18:47 (UTC)

@darcn: that's very weird, the same compilation line works fine for me, can you check that src/ncurses-6.1/ncurses/curses.priv.h exists?

darcn commented on 2019-05-19 21:19 (UTC) (edited on 2019-05-19 21:21 (UTC) by darcn)

There's an error while compiling, ../ncurses/./tinfo/alloc_ttype.c:41:10: error fatal: curses.priv.h: file or directory does not exist:

gcc -m32 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I../ncurses -I. -I../include -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_DEFAULT_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DNDEBUG -march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe -fstack-protector-strong -fno-plt --param max-inline-insns-single=1200 -fPIC -c ../ncurses/./tinfo/add_tries.c -o ../obj_s/add_tries.o

gcc -m32 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I../ncurses -I. -I../include -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_DEFAULT_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DNDEBUG -march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe -fstack-protector-strong -fno-plt --param max-inline-insns-single=1200 -fPIC -c ../ncurses/./tinfo/alloc_ttype.c -o ../obj_s/alloc_ttype.o

../ncurses/./tinfo/alloc_ttype.c:41:10: error fatal: curses.priv.h: No existe el fichero o el directorio compilación terminada.

make[1]: [Makefile:1422: ../obj_s/alloc_ttype.o] Error 1 make[1]: se sale del directorio '/var/tmp/pamac-build-nuggets/lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs/src/ncurses-6.1/ncurses' make: [Makefile:115: all] Error 2

Corax commented on 2019-03-07 22:51 (UTC)

@zigarrre: thanks for the heads-up, turns out this package was lagging a lot behind the latest changes in ncurses! I've pulled them in 6.1-2, notably removing the gcc-multilib dependency.

That said, depending on gcc-multilib is not an issue itself, because gcc provides gcc-multilib. I will not add multilib-devel as a dependency because it is an implicit prerequisite, see my previous comment.

zigarrre commented on 2019-03-05 22:30 (UTC) (edited on 2019-03-05 22:30 (UTC) by zigarrre)

gcc-multilib does not exist (possibly outdated?), please change makedepends to multilib-devel.

Otherwise build failes with: checking for C compiler default output... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables

Corax commented on 2019-01-18 19:31 (UTC)

@Maikewng: almost missed your edit ;) Yes you were missing lib32-gcc-libs. I will not add it as a dependency, because it is part of the multilib-devel group, which is an implicit prerequisite for building any lib32-* package (just like base-devel for normal packages). See:

Maikewng commented on 2019-01-15 16:06 (UTC) (edited on 2019-01-15 22:29 (UTC) by Maikewng)

@Corax : I am also getting the same error of @calzonealamuerte . Here's the config.log as you requested, hope you can figure out what's going wrong.

[code] This file contains any messages produced by compilers while running configure, to aid debugging if configure makes a mistake.

It was created by configure, which was generated by GNU Autoconf 2.52.20170501. Invocation command line was

$ ./configure --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man --with-shared --with-normal --without-debug --without-ada --with-install-prefix=/home/michele/AUR/lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs/pkg/lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs --enable-widec --libdir=/usr/lib32 --with-abi-version=5 --without-pkg-config --without-gpm


hostname = xxx uname -m = x86_64 uname -r = 4.20.0-arch1-1-ARCH uname -s = Linux uname -v = #1 SMP PREEMPT Mon Dec 24 03:00:40 UTC 2018

/usr/bin/uname -p = unknown /bin/uname -X = unknown

/bin/arch = unknown /usr/bin/arch -k = unknown /usr/convex/getsysinfo = unknown hostinfo = unknown /bin/machine = unknown /usr/bin/oslevel = unknown /bin/universe = unknown

PATH = /usr/local/bin:/usr/local/sbin:/usr/bin:/var/lib/flatpak/exports/bin:/usr/bin/site_perl:/usr/bin/vendor_perl:/usr/bin/core_perl:/home/paola/esp/xtensa-exp32-elf/bin

Core tests.

configure:1134: PATH=".;."; ./configure: line 1135: command not found configure:1137: $? = 127 configure:1150: checking for egrep configure:1160: result: grep -E configure:1174: result: Configuring NCURSES 6.1 ABI 6 (Tue Jan 15 16:48:35 CET 2019) configure:1178: checking for package version configure:1199: result: 6.0 configure:1202: checking for package patch date configure:1219: result: 20180127 configure:1230: testing ABI VERSION 5:0:9 ... configure:1234: testing VERSION_MAJOR 6 ... configure:1238: testing VERSION_MINOR 0 ... configure:1242: testing VERSION_PATCH 20180127 ... configure:1314: WARNING: overriding ABI version 6 to 5 configure:1384: checking build system type configure:1402: result: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu configure:1409: checking host system type configure:1423: result: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu configure:1431: checking target system type configure:1445: result: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu configure:1477: result: Configuring for linux-gnu configure:1503: checking for prefix configure:1515: result: /usr configure:1684: checking for C compiler version configure:1687: gcc -m32 --version </dev/null >&5 gcc (GCC) 8.2.1 20181127 Copyright (C) 2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

configure:1690: $? = 0 configure:1692: gcc -m32 -v </dev/null >&5 Using built-in specs. COLLECT_GCC=gcc COLLECT_LTO_WRAPPER=/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/8.2.1/lto-wrapper Target: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu Configured with: /build/gcc/src/gcc/configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib --libexecdir=/usr/lib --mandir=/usr/share/man --infodir=/usr/share/info --with-bugurl= --enable-languages=c,c++,ada,fortran,go,lto,objc,obj-c++ --enable-shared --enable-threads=posix --enable-libmpx --with-system-zlib --with-isl --enable-__cxa_atexit --disable-libunwind-exceptions --enable-clocale=gnu --disable-libstdcxx-pch --disable-libssp --enable-gnu-unique-object --enable-linker-build-id --enable-lto --enable-plugin --enable-install-libiberty --with-linker-hash-style=gnu --enable-gnu-indirect-function --enable-multilib --disable-werror --enable-checking=release --enable-default-pie --enable-default-ssp --enable-cet=auto Thread model: posix gcc version 8.2.1 20181127 (GCC) configure:1695: $? = 0 configure:1697: gcc -m32 -V </dev/null >&5 gcc: error: unrecognized command line option '-V' gcc: fatal error: no input files compilation terminated. configure:1700: $? = 1 configure:1720: checking for C compiler default output configure:1723: gcc -m32 -march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe -fno-plt -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -Wl,-O1,--sort-common,--as-needed,-z,relro,-z,now conftest.c >&5 /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/8.2.1/../../../ when searching for /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/ when searching for /usr/bin/ld: cannot find collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status configure:1726: $? = 1 configure: failed program was:

line 1704 "configure"
include "confdefs.h"

int main (void) {

; return 0; } configure:1749: error: C compiler cannot create executables

Cache variables.

ac_cv_build=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu ac_cv_build_alias=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu ac_cv_env_CC_set=set ac_cv_env_CC_value='gcc -m32' ac_cv_env_CFLAGS_set=set ac_cv_env_CFLAGS_value='-march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe -fno-plt' ac_cv_env_CPPFLAGS_set=set ac_cv_env_CPPFLAGS_value=-D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 ac_cv_env_CPP_set= ac_cv_env_CPP_value= ac_cv_env_CXXCPP_set= ac_cv_env_CXXCPP_value= ac_cv_env_CXXFLAGS_set=set ac_cv_env_CXXFLAGS_value='-march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -O2 -pipe -fno-plt' ac_cv_env_CXX_set=set ac_cv_env_CXX_value='g++ -m32' ac_cv_env_LDFLAGS_set=set ac_cv_env_LDFLAGS_value=-Wl,-O1,--sort-common,--as-needed,-z,relro,-z,now ac_cv_env_build_alias_set= ac_cv_env_build_alias_value= ac_cv_env_host_alias_set= ac_cv_env_host_alias_value= ac_cv_env_target_alias_set= ac_cv_env_target_alias_value= ac_cv_host=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu ac_cv_host_alias=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu ac_cv_prog_egrep='grep -E' ac_cv_target=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu ac_cv_target_alias=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu cf_cv_abi_version=5 cf_cv_rel_version=5.9 cf_cv_system_name=linux-gnu cf_cv_timestamp='Tue Jan 15 16:48:35 CET 2019'

define PACKAGE "ncurses"
define NCURSES_VERSION "6.0"
define NCURSES_PATCHDATE 20180127
define SYSTEM_NAME "linux-gnu"

configure: exit 77 [/code]

EDIT: installing lib32-gcc-libs from the multilib-devel repository solved the issue. Should it be added to the dependencies? Also I need some help to figure out code quoting in AUR

Corax commented on 2018-11-06 19:42 (UTC)

@jolugaju: first, as a word of warning, if you're new to Linux and/or not comfortable with a terminal, Arch is probably not the most friendly way to start, that said if you want to learn as much as possible you should definitely carry on with Arch :)

The error you're getting is rather strange, because the keyserver works fine for me. What does this say: gpg -vv --keyserver --recv-keys 702353E0F7E48EDB

josete commented on 2018-11-05 23:05 (UTC)

Hi. I'm a newbie on Linux. I open a terminal and run the sentence pedro.cordeiro commented. The answer of the terminal is : gpg: keyserver receive failed: Permission denied

What can I do? Thanks in advance!

Lannakin commented on 2018-10-30 04:25 (UTC)

@Corax That got'r done, alright. Thanks. It was from webkitgtk2 and a prebuilt package for that via the Chinese community (my fiance and I could not get it to build and it would also have taken several hours had it even successfully done so).

pedro.cordeiro commented on 2018-10-29 19:22 (UTC)

to problems with PGP , just run this in : gpg --keyserver "" --recv-keys "702353E0F7E48EDB" on terminal

Corax commented on 2018-10-28 20:05 (UTC) (edited on 2018-10-29 21:41 (UTC) by Corax)

@Lannakin: that's an error occurring during installation, isn't it? Looks like you have added an additional pacman repository providing this package, and there is some signature issue. Either way, that has nothing to do with the package itself. Could you build it yourself instead?

EDIT: this package is definitely in the archlinuxcn repo, have a look here (regarding the keyring in particular):

Lannakin commented on 2018-10-27 00:31 (UTC)

I get the following error:

Error: lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: signature from "lilac (build machine) <>" is unknown trust

I attempted the pinned fix and updating the keyring as well, although I do not remember why I did the latter; I did not successfully resolve my error.

knto-android commented on 2018-07-14 13:08 (UTC)

a build problem how to fix. you have to run pacman -S multilib-devel. after can install lib32-ncurse-compat-libs

Corax commented on 2018-06-05 20:33 (UTC)

@calzonealamuerte: if you remove these two lines, you end up with ncurses5-compat-libs (i.e. the 64-bit binaries) in /usr/lib32, clearly not what you want. I still cannot repro the error, even in a chroot, so if no-one gives me some kind of trace (from config.log) I cannot do anything.

calzonealamuerte commented on 2018-06-05 18:00 (UTC)

This package is still not installable. I have the same problem @TiTan4T had. I "fixxed" it by removed the following two lines from the PKGBUILD: export CC="gcc -m32" export CXX="g++ -m32"

With this lines removed, i didnt got the "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables" message anymore.

Corax commented on 2018-04-02 10:49 (UTC) (edited on 2018-04-02 10:52 (UTC) by Corax)

@yar: just tried that and it works without issue. I did only the strict minimum:

$ mkdir chroot

$ mkarchroot chroot/root base-devel

[edit pacman.conf]

$ arch-nspawn chroot/root pacman -S multilib-devel

$ makechrootpkg -r chroot

yar commented on 2018-04-01 21:58 (UTC)

@Corax try building with makechrootpkg and see for yourself

Corax commented on 2018-03-31 17:36 (UTC)

@TiTan4T: sorry for the delay, I was on holiday. Can you have a look at src/ncurses-6.1/config.log and copy the full error here?

TiTan4T commented on 2018-03-26 15:48 (UTC)

I had installed "lib32-gcc-libs" but the building process still crashed.

I get the message "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables".

Does somebody know a fix?

Corax commented on 2018-02-13 23:15 (UTC) (edited on 2018-03-31 17:32 (UTC) by Corax)

@adsun: see my comment below, it's part of multilib-devel and therefore an implicit dependency.

adsun commented on 2018-02-13 22:07 (UTC)

lib32-gcc-libs is a depends; without lib32-gcc-libs, lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs fails to build.

Corax commented on 2018-01-28 12:43 (UTC)

@sgar: lib32-gcc-libs is part of multilib-devel, which is the counterpart of base-devel but for building lib32 packages (see, meaning it is an implicit makedepend for all lib32 packages. I have to admit though that multilib-devel is not mentioned in, it probably should.

sgar commented on 2018-01-28 12:21 (UTC)

I wonder if its a good idea to put lib32-gcc-libs as a makedend.. I would have thought that it was in the dependency chain but seems is also just a makedep for lib32-glibc and if it is already installed it will not be pulled and the build will fail with "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"...

Corax commented on 2017-12-01 21:32 (UTC)

@artbody: is that a question? Is there a problem with the package as it is now?

artbody commented on 2017-11-30 16:00 (UTC)

package is also needed by Quartus ModelSim (Altera) newest release is published Nov 2017

Corax commented on 2017-11-05 16:27 (UTC)

@yorickr: how strange, it's now 404 for me as well... The lib32-ncurses package has been flagged out-of-date for 3 months now, so I guess I'll just ignore it and use the same release as the ncurses package.

yorickr commented on 2017-11-04 16:45 (UTC)

@Corax a friend of mine tested the same page and it showed up for him as well, though I got a 404 through my browser and curl. Perhaps this has to do with the servers CDN?

Corax commented on 2017-11-04 12:13 (UTC)

@yorickr: this is really weird, this very page lists ncurses-6.0-20170527.tgz for me... I don't think using another (close) version will cause you any major trouble though.

yorickr commented on 2017-11-03 16:46 (UTC)

The mirror used by lib32-ncurses ( appears to not have version 20170527 available. I'm getting errors trying to install this package (as the mirror used by this package also doesn't have that version available). I've changed _pkgver locally to 6.0-20170603 which makes it install without issue but I'm uncertain if there are any major changes between these two versions.

Corax commented on 2017-11-02 19:23 (UTC)

@jmsq: I unflagged the package because I want to keep it in sync with lib32-ncurses, which is still on 6.0-20170527. Isn't the mirror link working for you?

Corax commented on 2017-08-07 21:02 (UTC)

@ibrokemypie @nathanchance Thanks for the heads-up. The other ncurses packages are no longer using the FTP server source. I've pulled in the latest changes from lib32-ncurses (6.0+20170527-1), including the new source URL.

nathanchance commented on 2017-08-07 17:30 (UTC)

It now appears the mirror is down, I had to revert back to the address in order to get it to install.

ibrokemypie commented on 2017-08-07 07:39 (UTC)

needed the line source=(${_pkgbasename}/${_pkgbasename}-${pkgver}.tar.gz{,.asc}) as the current source is down for me

theperfectpunk commented on 2017-03-26 17:28 (UTC)

For people still having the problem, you guys can also download the key from just copy the text starting from -----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK----- and save it in a file, say 'key' then import it using gpg --import key

Corax commented on 2016-09-29 18:32 (UTC)

@krompus Ah yes good point, I have "keyserver" in my ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf so I didn't need to pass --keyserver explicitly. I'll modify the pinned comment, thanks :)

krompus commented on 2016-09-29 06:16 (UTC)

I just tried adding the keys as mentioned below, but I got "no keyserver available". Likely something to do with my ~/.gnupg/gpg/conf but oh well. If you get the same thing, try this: $ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 702353E0F7E48EDB

Corax commented on 2016-08-22 20:49 (UTC)

Thanks for the tip zephrax, I haven't encountered any problem downloading from the FTP source, but if other people encounter the same issue that can prove useful. I'm keeping the FTP source in the PKGBUILD, at least for now, simply because this is the one used in the ncurses [1] and lib32-ncurses [2] packages. [1] [2]

zephrax commented on 2016-08-22 19:38 (UTC)

If anyone is having problems when downloading the ncurses 6.0 sources (because the mirror is down). Try changing the PKGBUILD source line from: source=(${_pkgbasename}/${_pkgbasename}-${pkgver}.tar.gz{,.asc}) to: source=(${_pkgbasename}/${_pkgbasename}-${pkgver}.tar.gz{,.asc}) It's an official mirror and it worked for me.

Corax commented on 2016-08-19 23:33 (UTC) (edited on 2022-02-28 18:45 (UTC) by Corax)

If anyone is still having trouble getting used to PGP signing, make sure to add the key mentioned in the PKGBUILD:

$ gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 19882D92DDA4C400C22C0D56CC2AF4472167BE03

Corax commented on 2016-08-19 23:31 (UTC)

Yes this is precisely what I told you to do 4 comments ago...

binaryshadow commented on 2016-08-19 08:33 (UTC)

it has solved a problem $ gpg --recv-keys 702353E0F7E48EDB

Corax commented on 2016-08-18 22:46 (UTC) (edited on 2016-08-18 22:47 (UTC) by Corax)

I have no idea what point you are trying to make (if any). If your point is that invoking gpg is too complicated for you, then that's fine with me but to be honest I don't care. If your point is that there is something wrong with the PKGBUILD, then you should learn how signatures work in makepkg. Allan's blog post is a good start:

binaryshadow commented on 2016-08-18 06:07 (UTC)

no, i delete .asc file and edit pkgbuild =)

Corax commented on 2016-08-17 21:25 (UTC)

Not sure what the problem is, did you try adding the key at all?... $ gpg --recv-keys 702353E0F7E48EDB

binaryshadow commented on 2016-08-17 10:57 (UTC)

Will need to correct ncurses-6.0.tar.gz.asc and signature

binaryshadow commented on 2016-08-17 10:15 (UTC) (edited on 2016-08-17 10:37 (UTC) by binaryshadow)

need add pgp key? ncurses-6.0.tar.gz... FAILURE (unknown open key 702353E0F7E48EDB) ==> ERROR: One or more PGP signatures can't be checked! ==> ERROR: Makepkg couldn't collect lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs.

Corax commented on 2016-08-04 21:06 (UTC)

@mky: indeed, this is consistent with the other ncurses packages. Hopefully by now people have got used to adding keys!

mky commented on 2016-08-04 02:55 (UTC)

To add the corresponding key, still need to receieve the keys: gpg --recv-keys F7E48EDB After that, it works fine!

Corax commented on 2016-07-07 23:37 (UTC)

@tinxy: done in the latest rel (-4), thanks for pointing that out. -4 also provides a libtinfo symlink, like ncurses5-compat-libs. This was a good move, having a separate package for a symlink is kind of overkill.

tinxy commented on 2016-07-06 18:49 (UTC)

Please add pgp verification as seen in:

Corax commented on 2016-02-19 09:41 (UTC)

Just adopted the package. I fixed outstanding issues and cleaned up the PKGBUILD, take a look at the last commit for more info.

alexzk commented on 2016-01-13 11:18 (UTC)

This one function works (must be ncurse 6 installed already), at least android-sdk goes: #conflicts=("lib32-ncurses") #provides=("lib32-ncurses") ........ package() { cd ${srcdir}/ncursesw-build make install install -dm755 ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32 # non-widec compatibility libraries cd ${srcdir}/ncurses-build for lib in ncurses form panel menu; do install -Dm755 lib/lib${lib}.so.${_compatpkgver} ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/lib${lib}.so.${_compatpkgver} ln -s lib${lib}.so.${_compatpkgver} ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/lib${lib}.so.5 done rm -rf "${pkgdir}"/usr/{include,share,bin} mkdir -p "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses" ln -s $_pkgbasename "$pkgdir/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname" cd $pkgdir/usr/lib32/ find . -iname "*.so" -delete && find . -iname "*.a" -delete }

nos1609 commented on 2016-01-13 10:16 (UTC)

Cant't build with CPPFLAGS="-P"

aphirst commented on 2015-12-26 21:02 (UTC)

I'm getting build errors.

Fincer commented on 2015-11-27 11:04 (UTC)

First of all, you *must* modify the current PKGBUILD script because of two reasons explained below. 1) This package *can't* conflict with lib32-ncurses because the library versions it provides are different. lib32-ncurses are for version 6 and this package is supposed to provide version 5 libaries. A temporary solution is just to disable the following PKGBUILD lines #conflicts=("lib32-ncurses") #provides=("lib32-ncurses") 2) If you can't find another solution to the problem mentioned earlier here ("a library already exists in filesystem" error message), simply delete all files/symlinks with suffix .a or .so in $pkgdir/usr/lib32 directory after the compilation process. To do this, just add the following lines into package() section in the PKGBUILD script: cd $pkgdir/usr/lib32/ find . -iname "*.so" -delete && find . -iname "*.a" -delete It's not a pure solution. Yes, it's a dirty one, temporary fix. But it works until someone else provides a better solution. That's all. Happy compiling.

Raansu commented on 2015-11-07 02:04 (UTC)

Maybe I'm wrong but shouldn't this also be edited so it 'provides' lib32-ncurses?

justinzane commented on 2015-11-01 19:36 (UTC) (edited on 2015-11-01 21:09 (UTC) by justinzane)

@Viper_Scull I've tried to modify the ncurses5-compat-libs pkgbuild as you suggested; but I am unable to get the package function right. If you or @lpapp are interested, what I got so far is pasted below: ----- # $Id$ #----- # Partially modified from ncorses5-compat-libs by Justin Zane Chudgar <> # Requires inspection and fixes from experienced AUR maintainer! # package function currently not working #----- ## Maintainer: Laszlo Papp <> ## Maintainer: Bartłomiej Piotrowski <> ## Contributor: Allan McRae <> ## Contributor: judd <> _libdir=lib32 _pkgbasename=ncurses _pkgname=${_libdir}-${_pkgbasename} _compatpkgver=5.9 pkgname=${_pkgname}5-compat-libs pkgdesc="System V Release 4.0 curses emulation library (32-bit), ABI 5" pkgver=6.0 pkgrel=2 # Please verify that arch is correct: arch=('i686' 'x86_64') url="" license=('MIT') # Please verify proper dependencies: (see namcap errors) # Question: is there any point to having this package without # gcc-multilib? If not, move gcc-multilib to dependencies? depends=('lib32-gcc-libs' \ 'lib32-glibc') # ${_pkgname}) makedepends=("gcc-multilib" "sh") # conflicts=("lib32-ncurses") # provides=("lib32-ncurses") source=(${_pkgbasename}/${_pkgbasename}-${pkgver}.tar.gz) md5sums=('ee13d052e1ead260d7c28071f46eefb1') # Since compilation and linking regularly failed with ccache and/or # with link time optimization, justinzane simply picked the cleanest # flags and options that worked. # These need to be modified, as time and interest permit, to allow # greater optimization and fidelity to a users makepkg.conf. # I (justinzane) am insufficiently skilled to do so. export LD="/usr/bin/ld" export CC="/usr/bin/gcc" export CXX="/usr/bin/g++" export CPPFLAGS="-P" export CFLAGS="-m32" export CXXFLAGS="-m32" export LDFLAGS="" export MAKEFLAGS="-j 4 -l 4.0" #export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/lib32/pkgconfig" build() { cd $_pkgbasename-${pkgver/_/-/} make -k distclean ./configure \ --without-gpm --disable-pc-files \ --prefix=/usr --mandir=/usr/share/man \ --with-shared --with-normal \ --without-debug --without-ada \ --enable-widec \ --with-cxx-binding --with-cxx-shared \ --libdir=/usr/${_libdir} --with-abi-version=5 # --with-pkg-config=/usr/lib32/pkgconfig --enable-pc-files \ make } package() { cd $_pkgbasename-${pkgver/_/-/} for nc_lib in ncurses ncurses++ form panel menu; do # fool packages looking to link to non-wide-character ncurses libraries # by symlinking to narrow names ln -s lib/lib${nc_lib}${_compatpkgver:0:1} lib/lib${nc_lib}.so.${_compatpkgver:0:1}; ln -s lib/lib${nc_lib}${_compatpkgver} lib/lib${nc_lib}.so.${_compatpkgver}; # also remove unversioned libraries to prevent conflict with version 6 symlinks rm lib/lib${nc_lib}; done # Question: is this the proper use of pkgconfig for 32 bit variants in Arch? # # move pkgconfig files to specified location # mv "${pkgdir}"/usr/share/pkgconfig "${pkgdir}"/usr/${_libdir}/ # rm -rf "$pkgdir"/usr/${_libdir}/pkgconfig make DESTDIR="$pkgdir" install.libs # Question: is this necessary to prevent stomping 64 bit headers on uninstall? # rm -rf "$pkgdir"/usr/include/ # install license, rip it from the readme install -d "$pkgdir"/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname grep -B 100 '$Id' README > "$pkgdir"/usr/share/licenses/$pkgname/LICENSE } #------ # namcap errors: #lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs W: ELF file ('usr/lib32/') has text relocations. #lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs W: ELF file ('usr/lib32/') has text relocations. #lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs W: ELF file ('usr/lib32/') has text relocations. #lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs W: ELF file ('usr/lib32/') has text relocations. #lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs E: Dependency bash detected and not included (programs ['sh'] needed in scripts ['usr/bin/ncursesw5-config']) #lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs W: Dependency lib32-glibc included but already satisfied

justinzane commented on 2015-10-30 02:03 (UTC)

Build fails with the following error: gcc -m32 ../obj_s/tabs.o -L../lib -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I../../ncurses-6.0/progs -I../include -I../../ncurses-6.0/progs/../include -P -D_GNU_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -DNDEBUG --param max-inline-insns-single=1200 -fPIC -lncurses -o tabs ../lib/ undefined reference to `_nc_to_char' ../lib/ undefined reference to `_nc_insert_wch' ../lib/ undefined reference to `wadd_wch' ../lib/ undefined reference to `getcchar' ../lib/ undefined reference to `_nc_is_charable' ../lib/ undefined reference to `_nc_wacs' ../lib/ undefined reference to `_nc_init_wacs' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status Makefile:260: recipe for target 'tabs' failed make[1]: *** [tabs] Error 1

pftBest commented on 2015-10-18 20:25 (UTC)

lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs and lib32-ncurses are in conflict.

Viper_Scull commented on 2015-09-24 08:16 (UTC)

@lpapp, I guess the easiest thing to do would be to adapt the PKGBUILD for ncurses5-compat-libs ( to this package. I believe it uses install.lib instead of install, I'm not sure we need to build ncursesw, and a few other things.. Check it out.

lpapp commented on 2015-09-23 10:39 (UTC)

@Viper_Scull: That makes sense, yes. I think that I will need to avoid then creating these symlinks as they are probably already created by lib32-ncurses: lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/libncurses++.a exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/libncurses++w.a exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem Patches are welcome, otherwise, I will do it later. Something like this would be a good starting point, I believe: diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD index 2287f55..69a34a0 100644 --- a/PKGBUILD +++ b/PKGBUILD @@ -12,8 +12,6 @@ url="" license=('MIT') depends=('lib32-glibc' ${_pkgbasename}) makedepends=("gcc-multilib") -conflicts=("lib32-ncurses") -provides=("lib32-ncurses") source=(${_pkgbasename}/${_pkgbasename}-${pkgver}.tar.gz) md5sums=('ee13d052e1ead260d7c28071f46eefb1') @@ -47,23 +45,6 @@ package() { cd ${srcdir}/ncursesw-build make install - install -dm755 ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32 - - # fool packages looking to link to non-wide-character ncurses libraries - for lib in curses ncurses form panel menu; do - rm -f ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/lib${lib}.so - echo "INPUT(-l${lib}w)" >${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/lib${lib}.so - ln -sf lib${lib}w.a ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/lib${lib}.a - done - ln -sf libncurses++w.a ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/libncurses++.a - - # some packages look for -lcurses during build - rm -f ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/ - echo "INPUT(-lncursesw)" >${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/ - ln -sf ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/ - ln -sf libncursesw.a ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/libcursesw.a - ln -sf libncurses.a ${pkgdir}/usr/lib32/libcurses.a - # non-widec compatibility libraries cd ${srcdir}/ncurses-build for lib in ncurses form panel menu; do But currently, I do not have time to finish it. After that change, there are still conflicting files, namely: lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/libncurses++w.a exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs: /usr/lib32/ exists in filesystem

Viper_Scull commented on 2015-09-22 20:40 (UTC)

@lpapp, yes. lib32-ncurses version 6 is the default in Arch now. AFAIK this (lib32-ncurses5-compat-libs) library is supposed to bring compatibility with packages that still require lib32-ncurses5 like wine for example. So both should coexist in the system until all packages move to ncurses6.

lpapp commented on 2015-09-22 19:00 (UTC)

@Viper_Scull: you mean that I ought to remove the conflicts and provides lines from the PKGBUILD because lib32-ncurses might be required to be present along with this package? If so, that makes sense to me and I can update the package.

Viper_Scull commented on 2015-09-22 18:55 (UTC)

Package comflicts with lib-ncurses-6 when this should be installed along with it, right?

lpapp commented on 2015-09-22 14:45 (UTC)

@anatolik: yes, you are right. Thank you for your help! The package is now updated.

anatolik commented on 2015-09-22 14:09 (UTC)

Update package to version 6.0? (the same as ncurses5-compat-libs)?