Package Details: libxcomp

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Package Base: nx
Description: NX X compression library
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: arojas
Maintainer: polygamma
Last Packager: polygamma
Votes: 4
Popularity: 0.39
First Submitted: 2022-04-01 19:04 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-09-04 13:34 (UTC)

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haja commented on 2024-02-24 17:05 (UTC)

Currently failing with:

In file included from ../../../../../extras/Mesa/include/GL/xmesa.h:76,
                 from ../../../../../programs/Xserver/GL/mesa/X/xf86glx_util.h:49,
                 from ../../../../../extras/Mesa/src/mesa/drivers/x11/glxheader.h:42,
                 from xm_api.c:63:
xm_api.c: In function ‘xmesa_alloc_back_buffer’:
../../../../../extras/Mesa/include/GL/xmesa_xf86.h:133:6: error: too few arguments to function ‘b->xm_visual->display->CreatePixmap’
  133 |     (*__d->CreatePixmap)(__d, __w, __h, __depth)
      |     ~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
xm_api.c:687:28: note: in expansion of macro ‘XMesaCreatePixmap’
  687 |       b->backxrb->pixmap = XMesaCreatePixmap( b->xm_visual->display,
      |                            ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
xm_api.c: In function ‘setup_8bit_hpcr’:
../../../../../extras/Mesa/include/GL/xmesa_xf86.h:133:6: error: too few arguments to function ‘v->display->CreatePixmap’
  133 |     (*__d->CreatePixmap)(__d, __w, __h, __depth)
      |     ~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
xm_api.c:1041:30: note: in expansion of macro ‘XMesaCreatePixmap’
 1041 |       v->hpcr_clear_pixmap = XMesaCreatePixmap(v->display,
      |                              ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
xm_api.c: In function ‘initialize_visual_and_buffer’:
xm_api.c:1342:18: warning: declaration of ‘v’ shadows a parameter [-Wshadow]
 1342 |           CARD32 v[1];
      |                  ^
xm_api.c:1220:60: note: shadowed declaration is here
 1220 |                                                XMesaVisual v,
      |                                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~^
xm_api.c:1226:31: warning: variable ‘front_xrb’ set but not used [-Wunused-but-set-variable]
 1226 |    struct xmesa_renderbuffer *front_xrb, *back_xrb;
      |                               ^~~~~~~~~
xm_api.c: In function ‘XMesaCreateVisual’:
xm_api.c:1510:46: warning: declaration of ‘display’ shadows a global declaration [-Wshadow]
 1510 | XMesaVisual XMesaCreateVisual( XMesaDisplay *display,
      |                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~

petaramesh commented on 2023-09-04 14:20 (UTC)

@polygamma OK it seems that the package not upgrading issue was related to pamac keeping previous AUR source / build files in cache in /var/tmp/pamac-build/<user>

It usually causes no problem for upgrading packages, on the contrary it speeds up the process, but in this case, maybe because it was both a new release of the same version and the nx package produces several children, something went wrong in the upgrade.

rm -rf /var/tmp/pamac-build/<user> followed by another upgrade using pamac nailed it.

petaramesh commented on 2023-09-04 13:29 (UTC)

BTW would you be so kind as to add “aarch64" in the supported architectures list in PKGBUILD, as I need to add it manually everytime for it to compile on my ARM systems ?

polygamma commented on 2023-09-04 13:27 (UTC) (edited on 2023-09-04 13:28 (UTC) by polygamma)

Users : Unwilling to provide instructions to reproduce the problem. As usual.

petaramesh commented on 2023-09-04 13:26 (UTC)

Developpers : « Works4me». As usual.

polygamma commented on 2023-09-04 13:23 (UTC) (edited on 2023-09-04 13:24 (UTC) by polygamma)

Unless you are able to provide instructions to reproduce your problem (without using pamac, just with pacman and makepkg), I assume this package is working as intended.

petaramesh commented on 2023-09-04 13:22 (UTC) (edited on 2023-09-04 13:25 (UTC) by petaramesh)

@polygamma It's not about debugging “my” system, I see this issue with the latest nx packages on 4 different machines, 2 x86_64 and 2 aarch64.

Never had this problem with previous nx builds.

Never have this kind of problem with pamac and any other AUR package (and I have dozens of them...)

So I beg to differ and consider this a problem with this precise package, not all my 4 different machines showing the same behaviour with the same package.

(And precisely, the matter is that pacman and pamac both report the installed package is even though I see being compiled and properly installed. So I bet installation wrongly identifies itself as