Package Details: linux-clear-headers 4.18.14-1

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Package Base: linux-clear
Description: Header files and scripts for building modules for linux-clear
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Keywords: clear clearlinux intel kernel
Licenses: GPL2
Submitter: metak
Maintainer: metak
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First Submitted: 2018-01-18 21:47
Last Updated: 2018-10-16 09:29

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metak commented on 2018-01-22 01:49

1. Binaries available in my repo:
2. After install adjust your boot cmd line. ClearLinux uses clr-boot-manager which takes care of that. This is upstream default:
quiet console=tty0 console=ttyS0,115200n8 initcall_debug tsc=reliable no_timer_check noreplace-smp kvm-intel.nested=1 rootfstype=ext4,btrfs,xfs intel_iommu=igfx_off cryptomgr.notests rcupdate.rcu_expedited=1 rcu_nocbs=0-64 rw 
3. For loading unsigned modules. (nvidia, virtualbox, etc.)

If secure boot is disabled just add module.sig_unenforce boot parameter. Otherwise, you'll have to build your kernel with CONFIG_MODULE_SIG_FORCE disabled.

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metak commented on 2018-09-12 21:16

NOTICE! I've set CONFIG_MNATIVE as default like @Enverex asked previously. If there are any issues please let me know. (of course, this doesn't affect the binaries in my repo)

metak commented on 2018-09-10 11:34

@jwm1611 Slight improvement is what you can expect, but no miracles. As far as clearlinux distribution optimizations go, they're mostly in userland and not the kernel. I don't use Manjaro so I can't comment on that one. If you're having issues with keys try building with --skippgpcheck.

jwm1611 commented on 2018-09-07 19:46

Not sure if it should be expected that this package will not work on Manjaro, but I decided to test this out. Just attempted install of linux-clear 4.18.6-1 on Manjaro (with kernel 4.18.5-1-MANJARO) with all updates applied as of today, and installation ended prematurely here:

configuration written to .config

==> Sources are ready. :: failed to verify integrity or prepare linux-clear package

After checking the scroll-back, I saw that I needed to import Linus Torvalds' key. I was able to import his key with sudo pacman-key -r 79BE3E4300411886, but was still unable to get the kernel source tarball to verify during the linux-clear package install with pacaur, even after following that up with sudo pacman-key --lsign-key 79BE3E4300411886.

I ended up having to follow these instructions to get the correct signature to import, so I could then get the tarball verification to succeed:

"This isn't a solution to the error message you're getting, but it's a way to import the PGP keys. I'll run through importing Linus' key for Kernel Packaging. Greg's will be the same process.

1) Go to a keyserver, say; 2) Search for the key you're looking for with matching fingerprints, in this case, Linus Torvalds or 00411886 (the last 8 digits of the long fingerprint 79BE3E4300411886 in the error message); 3) Click on the keyID (so 00411886 for Linus) 4) Copy all the text on the page into a text editor and save it as a linus.asc file; 5) Navigate to the folder you saved linus.asc and run:

gpg --import linus.asc

6) Done (provided there are no error messages)."

However, my cached package data for linux-clear still needed to be cleared out before successfully reinstalling the package, because for some reason things still came to a stop with the same error, even though no integrity checks had failed:

==> ERROR: A failure occurred in prepare(). Aborting... :: failed to verify integrity or prepare linux-clear package

The linux-clear kernel successfully built for me, and here are my before and after Geekbench scores:

4.18.5-1-MANJARO: single: 5079 multi: 17426

linux-clear 4.18.6-1: single: 5108 multi: 17502

Looks like modest gains which are likely beyond margin of error, but I haven't done any scientific testing.

As far as my perception goes, my system already felt insanely responsive running on this Samsung 970 Pro 512gb SSD with delidded 3770K @ 4.8ghz on all cores (highest I could get before voltage scaling curve hit the cliff). Will test further, thanks for your work on this package!

metak commented on 2018-09-07 15:07

@Enverex The only thing clearlinux team changed was to enable pre-GCN 1.2 AMDGPU driver support in 4.18.5-2 (clr 4.18.5-628). Have you checked the wiki or troubleshoot in any way to check if that commit caused this?

Enverex commented on 2018-09-07 12:12

Just a heads up, HDMI audio (on an RX580) stopped working for me a version or two ago with this. Had to switch back to the normal kernel.

metak commented on 2018-09-04 11:02

@aorth I've added the info in the pinned comment about unsigned modules.

aorth commented on 2018-09-04 07:19

Does anyone know how to get DKMS modules like VirtualBox to work with this kernel? When I try to modprobe the modules I get the error "required key not available." For what it's worth, I do not have secure boot enabled.

Edit: @metak, thanks for the tip about the module.sig_unenforce boot parameter!

enihcam commented on 2018-08-23 23:37

Yes, of course. Thanks a lot!

metak commented on 2018-08-23 15:46

@enihcam If others don't disagree then I'll drop linux-clear-docs package in aur (next update), but I'll leave it in my repo build so if anyone needs it they can still get it there. Is this okay?

enihcam commented on 2018-08-23 10:04

@metak, can you set python-sphinx and graphviz as optional dependencies? They are only needed by linux-clear-docs.

Or can you split linux-clear-docs out? like linux-ck. Very few people read local docs.

linux-clear is running in my router and NAS. python-sphinx and graphviz would bring too many unnecessary dependencies.