Package Details: minetest-git 20180419.87ad4d8e7-1

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: minetest-git
Description: Voxel game engine and Infiniminer/Minecraft-inspired game
Upstream URL:
Licenses: CCPL:by-sa, LGPL2.1
Conflicts: minetest, minetest-common, minetest-server
Provides: minetest, minetest-common, minetest-server
Submitter: None
Maintainer: vesath
Last Packager: vesath
Votes: 42
Popularity: 0.004430
First Submitted: 2011-09-27 12:43
Last Updated: 2018-04-19 19:26

Latest Comments

vesath commented on 2018-04-19 19:26

See if you like the new pkgdesc better.

vesath commented on 2018-04-19 19:04

I like to copy-paste the pkgdesc from upstream's webpage whenever possible. The current "Infiniminer/Minecraft inspired game" used to be the upstream tagline. I could go with "Voxel game engine" but that does not say the game is actually playable. The next sentence in upstream's current tagline "Play one of our many games" does not really fit the pkgdesc descriptive format. Hmmm.

rubenwardy commented on 2018-04-19 18:42

Description should be "A voxel game engine. Comes prepackaged with Minetest Game, a Minecraft-inspired game"

vesath commented on 2018-01-21 18:18

Edit: Never mind, figured it out myself, and update is coming.

Original comment was: Please explain what improvement adding LuaJIT would bring to this package. And please send me your proposed change as a diff to the current PKGBUILD. Cheers.

red-001 commented on 2018-01-21 13:50

In general most minetest builds use LuaJIT simply because it's quite a bit faster, can you add it as an optional dependency or something of that sort?

vesath commented on 2017-06-21 11:55

Please explain why libluajit would be needed. The game works fine as it is. (However recent git snapshots do require freetype2, which I've just added as a dependency.)

Ghul commented on 2017-06-21 09:24

libluajit is missing in dependencies

vesath commented on 2016-08-20 01:56

MadTux: Thanks for noticing! It's this bug:
It should be fixed upstream soon, but in the meantime I've fixed our build by adding -DENABLE_GETTEXT=TRUE as cmake argument.

MadTux commented on 2016-08-18 11:29

It doesn't compile for me:

In file included from /tmp/makepkg/minetest-git/src/minetest/src/gettext.cpp:24:0:
/usr/include/libintl.h:39:14: error: expected unqualified-id before ‘char’
extern char *gettext (const char *__msgid)
/usr/include/libintl.h:39:14: error: expected initializer before ‘char’
make[2]: *** [src/CMakeFiles/minetest.dir/build.make:3039: src/CMakeFiles/minetest.dir/gettext.cpp.o] Error 1
make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:147: src/CMakeFiles/minetest.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [Makefile:150: all] Error 2

vesath commented on 2016-01-24 05:48

Thanks for the report, I'll add that build option straight away.

shellkr commented on 2016-01-24 00:56

I had a problem where Minetest would ignore mods in /usr/share/minetest/mods. Apparently you need to set a build option.

From the instructions on Mintests github:
"- If you want to install it system-wide (or are making a distribution package), you will want to use -DRUN_IN_PLACE=FALSE"

Not having this makes it problematic to install mod packages as they will be put in the /usr dir. So users will have to move them manually from /usr to /home. Not very KISS in other words.

vesath commented on 2015-03-04 03:13

Thanks; that's fixed in the new version I've just uploaded.

Arch-TK commented on 2015-03-03 23:01

This package should conflict with minetest-common (and provide it).

Morn commented on 2014-03-16 09:16

Could you add "-DENABLE_FREETYPE=on -DENABLE_LEVELDB=on -DENABLE_CURL=on" (and its dependencies) to this PKGBUILD, vesath? Scalable fonts are so worth it for fullscreen and LevelDB is becoming more and more popular as a backend.

vesath commented on 2013-12-11 06:03

Strange, it did not use to build against libIrrlicht. Well, alright, I'll add it.

vesath commented on 2013-12-11 06:03

Well, did not use to build against libIrrlicht. Anyhow, I'll add it.

wenLiangcan commented on 2013-12-11 05:10

Minetest needs, so, irrlicht should be defined as depends rather than makedepends.

vesath commented on 2013-06-23 10:47

Thanks for the notification; I'll push an update in the next minutes...

leo_rockway commented on 2013-06-23 02:48

So, they went back to how it was. They dropped survival, build and common in favour of just minetest_game.

vesath commented on 2013-06-17 02:53

leo_rockway: Thanks for noticing. Since we're adding common too, I'll also add survival and build - no point leaving those small things out...

leo_rockway commented on 2013-06-17 02:23

minetest_game needs minetest/common to work: git://

Also, I see the PKGBUILD says mv minetest_game minetest where it should say mv minetest_game minetest/games/ (same with common).

Anonymous comment on 2013-06-16 23:22

Yep, i saw the function you made is working, i used 20130616 as pkgver and the package got compiled with minetest-git-20130616.b591876-1.

So, thanks again and keep it up!

vesath commented on 2013-06-16 23:02

Decepteiskon: See the pkgver entry of `man PKGBUILD`.

Anonymous comment on 2013-06-16 22:35

Thanks for the quick reply ;-)

Just another question: is there a way to have an updated package version everytime i compile the package? Some packages have this feature, they get the release version based on the day you compile. I've tried to make this work editing the PKGBUILD without success. Here - - the opposite problem.

vesath commented on 2013-06-16 22:27

Decepteiskon: Right; I'll push an update soon.

Anonymous comment on 2013-06-16 21:40

I think it's the wrong github, the last commit is from May, and after the compile i have Minetest 0.4.6. The right git repo should be

frb commented on 2013-06-16 12:15

Thank you vesath, good work, I'll package optdepends next week so you can add it :)

vesath commented on 2013-06-16 10:40

Adopted and updated. I'll consider adding optdepends as they become available on AUR. Feedback is welcome.

frb commented on 2013-06-11 14:52

Updated pkbuild.
Optional dependecies pkgbuilds are needed, I'll do it when this will be updated.
minetest.install is needed:

frb commented on 2013-06-11 12:38

@hwkiller sorry I didn't read your last line.
Can anyone tell me what's the purpose of minetest-build?
because I should add it to optdepends.

frb commented on 2013-06-11 12:29

@hwkiller additional stuff should be provided as optdepends, I am making a working pkgbuild based on the minetest one in community and using the additional features of pacman 4.1 (
I'll post it here ASAP.

hwkiller commented on 2013-04-06 20:46

This installation realistically won't work for anyone. It only includes the base game.

Here is a pkgbuild that pulls the actual game modes.
Idealistically, you would split those game modes into separate packages and make them optional deps of minetest-git, and depend on minetest-git.

Birkov commented on 2013-03-06 13:57

Today it downloaded and compiled. Thanks for package !

Birkov commented on 2013-03-04 12:32

You asked to pull from the remote 'origin', but did not specify
a branch. Because this is not the default configured remote
for your current branch, you must specify a branch on the command line.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
The build failed.

Anonymous comment on 2013-03-03 17:01

Can you add internationalization, please? According to the Minetest Dev Wiki:

Minetest can use the gettext library to translate in-game text. To enable internationalization support, the game must be built with the -DENABLE_GETTEXT=1 option to cmake. [/quote]

I'm trying to compile with this line:

Anonymous comment on 2013-03-02 20:13

Updated to new source locations

Anonymous comment on 2013-01-24 15:59

FreeFull meant that when compiling aur packages, they get the day/git date where they are compiled, this package use the date given by PKGBUILD even when this package is compiled on other days.
This package, for example uses the compilation data as package version.

Anonymous comment on 2012-07-29 23:31

As it reads in the output: The C compiler "/usr/bin/gcc" is not able to compile a simple test program.
Your build environment is fucked up and it has nothing to do with this package.

Could you explain what you mean?

FreeFull commented on 2012-07-24 19:57

The version doesn't update with the git date

KinG-InFeT commented on 2012-07-23 19:36


Zann commented on 2012-05-07 20:09

Hey. I'm not sure if it's just a temporly problem, but I was unable to download the git repo from:
Howewer changeing the line to:
Maid it download successful

Anonymous comment on 2012-04-09 17:41

Updated to current scheme with separated game and engine.

Anonymous comment on 2011-09-27 13:13

Thank you, Kray ;)