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Description: Simulates the digital rain from "The Matrix" (cmatrix clone with 32-bit color and Unicode support)
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Licenses: GPL3
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Provides: neo-matrix
Submitter: katoitalia
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First Submitted: 2021-12-15 19:25 (UTC)
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katoitalia commented on 2021-12-15 19:56 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-15 20:01 (UTC) by katoitalia)

Simulate the digital rain from "The Matrix"

call in terminal with command neo-matrix

Q: neo displays garbage characters on the screen. How can this be fixed?

A: neo will attempt to use half-width katakana characters by default. You may not have a font installed that can display them correctly, or your terminal might not support Unicode well. Try "--charset=ascii" or changing your font. You may also need to use the "--colormode=0" option to disable color.

Q: Colors aren't working. How can this be fixed?

A: Make sure your terminal supports colors. Double check if you need to set the TERM environment variable to enable colors. You may want to try the "--colormode" option.

Q: How do I disable the blinking characters?

A: Use the --noglitch option.

Q: Can I make the text scroll faster or slower?

A: Yes, use the -S/--speed option. Also, the UP and DOWN keys change the speed. The --async option may be fun to try.

Q: How do I change the colors?

A: Use the -c/--color option (e.g. "-c red"). The number keys also change the color while running. Check out the "COLOR FILE" section in the manual if you want to customize neo with your own colors.

Q: How do I change the characters displayed?

A: Use the --charset and/or --chars option. You may also need to use the -F/--fullwidth option depending on the characters you selected.

Q: How do I display a message in the center of the screen?

A: Use the -m/--message option. Don't forget to use double quotes!

Q: neo just shows simple ASCII characters. How can I make it show Unicode characters?

A: neo detects if your locale supports Unicode. Typically, your $LANG environment variable should have "UTF" somewhere if it does (e.g. "en_US.UTF-8"). You can use commands such as localectl to change these settings. You can force neo to attempt to use Unicode by setting a custom charset (e.g. --charset=extended), but this still may not work due to other OS and terminal settings.

-a, --async asynchronous scroll speed
-b, --bold=NUM control character boldness
-C, --colorfile=FILE read the colors from a file
-c, --color=COLOR select the foreground text color
-D, --defaultbg use the default terminal background color
-d, --density=NUM set the density of droplets
-F, --fullwidth use two columns per character
-f, --fps=NUM set the frames per second target/limit
-G, --glitchpct=NUM set the percentage of screen chars that glitch
-g, --glitchms=NUM1,2 control how often characters glitch
-h, --help show this help message
-l, --lingerms=NUM1,2 control how long characters linger after scrolling
-M, --shadingmode=NUM set the shading mode
-m, --message=STR display a message
-p, --profile enable profiling mode
-r, --rippct=NUM set the percentage of droplets that die early
-S, --speed=NUM set the scroll speed in chars per second
-s, --screensaver exit on the first key press
-V, --version print the version
--chars=NUM1,2 use a range of unicode chars
--charset=STR set the character set
--colormode=NUM set the color mode
--maxdpc=NUM set the maximum droplets per column
--noglitch disable character glitching
--shortpct=NUM set the percentage of shortened droplets

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Slysoft commented on 2022-01-27 03:42 (UTC)

I've gotten the same issue as nate_x, build failure with supposed syntax error at line 3850 in ./configure. Clearly there's no error since it builds for you, so it must be a dependency problem? Not sure.

FabioLolix commented on 2021-12-29 15:24 (UTC)

@sgorblex packages of the base-devel group don't have to be added to makedepends

sgorblex commented on 2021-12-29 15:22 (UTC)

Pretty sure automake is missing as make dep. Correct me if I'm wrong

katoitalia commented on 2021-12-17 08:12 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-17 08:13 (UTC) by katoitalia)

@emk2203 man page is now working :) just update and man neo-matrix

katoitalia commented on 2021-12-17 08:10 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-17 08:19 (UTC) by katoitalia)

@nate_x I'm sorry, can't replicate the issue, I've got it installed on three different machines with different architectures and didn't get that error

katoitalia commented on 2021-12-17 08:09 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-17 08:13 (UTC) by katoitalia)

@fabiololix implementing it like that would potentially conflict with the man page for neo isn't it? That's the whole point in calling it neo-matrix instead after all :)

FabioLolix commented on 2021-12-16 16:16 (UTC)

For installing man page can be used:

install -Dm644 "${srcdir}/neo/doc/neo.6" -t "${pkgdir}/usr/share/man/man6/"

emk2203 commented on 2021-12-16 11:11 (UTC)

man page is missing.

nate_x commented on 2021-12-16 10:41 (UTC)

package fails build.

checking for ncurses.h... yes
./configure: line 3850: syntax error near unexpected token `noext,'
./configure: line 3850: `AX_CXX_COMPILE_STDCXX_11(noext, mandatory)'
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().
 -> error making: neo