Package Details: opencl-nvidia-470xx 470.129.06-1

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Package Base: nvidia-470xx-utils
Description: NVIDIA drivers utilities
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Licenses: custom
Conflicts: opencl-nvidia
Provides: opencl-driver, opencl-nvidia
Submitter: jonathon
Maintainer: jonathon
Last Packager: jonathon
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First Submitted: 2021-10-31 00:50 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-05-16 16:56 (UTC)

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jonathon commented on 2022-03-17 02:07 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-15 12:36 (UTC) by jonathon)

Binary packages are also available in my kernel-lts unofficial user repository.

If you are having difficulty building then please gather appropriate logs and open a thread on the forum (or ask on IRC, Telegram, Matrix, ...).

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jonathon commented on 2022-06-15 12:29 (UTC)

Please gather logs and open a thread on the forum.

zerophase commented on 2022-06-15 08:01 (UTC)

nvidia fails to build the dkms module for Linux-CK. I could rebuild again, and get you the error log if needed. If off the top of your head you know what's going on that'll probably, just work though.

jonathon commented on 2022-06-05 13:08 (UTC)

That patch is for 470.103.01 and is obsolete. Are you actually building 470.129.06? It works fine here.

Suggest you open a thread on the forum with build logs if you are having problems building.

bk2 commented on 2022-06-05 13:02 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-05 15:23 (UTC) by bk2)

I'm unable to build nvidia-470xx-dkms 470.129.06-1 with linux 5.18.1-arch1-1.

Found this patch for >5.18 but was not able to test:

Edit: Sorry for the noise. Layer 8, was confused by the version number... Works now, please ignore

jonathon commented on 2022-05-25 13:21 (UTC)

It is possible, and already exists.

TechXero commented on 2022-05-24 10:14 (UTC)

Possible to have separate 510xx drivers as now latest are set to 515 breaking stuff for many users ?

Thank my friend

jonathon commented on 2022-04-03 18:46 (UTC)

That would be because you're building an old version of the 470xx driver (470.82.00) that doesn't have kernel 5.17 support.

localevil commented on 2022-04-03 18:19 (UTC)

Hi! On install returns this: ==> dkms install --no-depmod nvidia/470.82.00 -k 5.17.1-arch1-1 Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 5.17.1-arch1-1 (x86_64) Consult /var/lib/dkms/nvidia/470.82.00/build/make.log for more information. ==> WARNING: `dkms install --no-depmod nvidia/470.82.00 -k 5.17.1-arch1-1' exited 10

On use nvidia-prime returns this:

X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation) Major opcode of failed request: 152 (GLX) Minor opcode of failed request: 24 (X_GLXCreateNewContext) Value in failed request: 0x0 Serial number of failed request: 29 Current serial number in output stream: 30

on kernel 5.16 works fine

jonathon commented on 2022-03-17 02:07 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-15 12:36 (UTC) by jonathon)

Binary packages are also available in my kernel-lts unofficial user repository.

If you are having difficulty building then please gather appropriate logs and open a thread on the forum (or ask on IRC, Telegram, Matrix, ...).

jonathon commented on 2022-02-17 16:45 (UTC)

@straemar, probably a bug in aura. Try without, or with a different helper.

@archlinuxforever, that's not a packaging issue, I can't do anything about driver bugs. Please report to NVIDIA.

archlinuxforever commented on 2022-02-17 16:38 (UTC)

Commit 718702e0aea6 returns from command:

$ systemctl suspend

in console mode with blank screen and there is no way to recover the image. In graphical mode works fine.

straemer commented on 2022-02-07 19:46 (UTC)

Seeing this error when trying to update (using aura) - Do dependencies need to be fixed?

aura >>= The package nvidia-470xx-dkms depends on version =470.103.01 of nvidia-470xx-utils, but the most recent version is 470.103.01-1.

jonathon commented on 2022-02-03 19:30 (UTC) (edited on 2022-02-03 19:33 (UTC) by jonathon)

jfernandz: Reboot after updating your kernel modules. That's an incredibly common issue so I'm surprised the message string didn't come up in a Web search. If that doesn't work then you didn't update all packages, and asking on the forum, mailing list, or IRC/Matrix/Telegram would be a much better option.

jfernandz commented on 2022-02-03 18:52 (UTC)

Now I'm having problems with nvidia-smi:

❯ nvidia-smi
Failed to initialize NVML: Driver/library version mismatch

jonathon commented on 2022-02-02 12:20 (UTC)

sall: Package comments are not an appropriate place for technical support and troubleshooting. Instead, open a thread on the forum or mailing list (or jump onto IRC or Telegram or Matrix or use one of the other support channels available).

PhotonX commented on 2021-12-18 10:50 (UTC)

Is it possible for this package to install a pacman hook to trigger mkinitcpio automatically, or at least trigger it at post_install? I now set up a pacman hook by hand but it would be more comfortable if the package took care of it.

BachoSeven commented on 2021-12-13 21:25 (UTC)

@jonathon Since your last commit fixed the error, could you bump the pkgrel?


jonathon commented on 2021-12-13 20:17 (UTC)

Yuck. Try now.

neuromante commented on 2021-12-13 20:10 (UTC)

Same issue reported by @jfernandz

jfernandz commented on 2021-12-13 20:00 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-15 20:54 (UTC) by jfernandz)

Why is it trying to overwrite files owned by egl-wayland?

==> Installing nvidia-470xx-utils package group with pacman -U...
loading packages...
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...

Packages (3) nvidia-470xx-dkms-470.94-1  nvidia-470xx-utils-470.94-1  opencl-nvidia-470xx-470.94-1

Total Installed Size:  541.15 MiB
Net Upgrade Size:        0.21 MiB

:: Proceed with installation? [Y/n] y
(3/3) checking keys in keyring                                                          [--------------------------------------------------] 100%
(3/3) checking package integrity                                                        [--------------------------------------------------] 100%
(3/3) loading package files                                                             [--------------------------------------------------] 100%
(3/3) checking for file conflicts                                                       [--------------------------------------------------] 100%
error: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)
nvidia-470xx-utils: /usr/lib/ exists in filesystem (owned by egl-wayland)
nvidia-470xx-utils: /usr/lib/ exists in filesystem (owned by egl-wayland)
nvidia-470xx-utils: /usr/share/egl/egl_external_platform.d/10_nvidia_wayland.json exists in filesystem (owned by egl-wayland)
Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded.
==> WARNING: Failed to install built package(s).
==> Cleaning up...

ASzc commented on 2021-12-08 14:13 (UTC)

The answer to my problem with Steam not loading is to install lib32-nvidia-470xx-utils, also available from the AUR. I guess there was a mismatch, with lib32-nvidia-utils still being installed after I installed nvidia-470xx-dkms.

ASzc commented on 2021-12-06 18:00 (UTC)

Anyone else have Steam stop working after switching to this from the main nvidia drivers? My GTX 680 was dropped from the main drivers, and I've been trying to debug for the past few days and haven't got anywhere.

glxinfo and glxgears seem happy, but steam complains:

"X Error of failed request: BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)"

Bigbidoof commented on 2021-11-26 04:05 (UTC) (edited on 2021-11-29 00:50 (UTC) by Bigbidoof)

I switched to using this over the nvidia packages recently and noticed that my Vulkan development is no longer working correctly. I think it might have something to do with nvidia-470xx-utils having different headers than the Vulkan SDK packages. But I'm not sure. Just that it used to work with the normal nvidia-utils package.

Edit: The vulkan-headers package is on version 1.2.200, but when I run [code]vulkaninfo --summary[/code] It says the apiVersion is 1.2.175. Sorry if it's not much help, I'm pretty new to this.

jonathon commented on 2021-11-20 02:25 (UTC)

@ventureo, implemented, thank you.

@CvR_XX, probably worth a forum thread?

ventureo commented on 2021-11-19 09:37 (UTC) (edited on 2021-11-19 09:38 (UTC) by ventureo)

@jonathon Can you add udev rules and nvidia-uvm loading fixes?

CvR_XX commented on 2021-11-19 09:07 (UTC)

I'm currently trying to get opencl to work for my gtx 680 so installed the following:

medusa ~ $ pacman -Qs nvidia
local/cuda 11.5.0-1
    NVIDIA's GPU programming toolkit
local/egl-wayland 1:1.1.9+2+gdaab854-1
    EGLStream-based Wayland external platform
local/lib32-libvdpau 1.4-1
    Nvidia VDPAU library
local/lib32-nvidia-470xx-utils 470.86-1
    NVIDIA drivers utilities (32-bit)
local/lib32-opencl-nvidia-470xx 470.86-1
    OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA (32-bit)
local/libvdpau 1.4-1
    Nvidia VDPAU library
local/nccl 2.11.4-2
    Library for NVIDIA multi-GPU and multi-node collective communication primitives
local/nvidia-470xx-dkms 470.82.00-2
    NVIDIA drivers - module sources
local/nvidia-470xx-utils 470.82.00-2
    NVIDIA drivers utilities
local/opencl-nvidia-470xx 470.86-2
    OpenCL implemention for NVIDIA

But if I run clinfo I get 0 platforms. I've restarted the PC a couple of times. Is this a bug?

jonathon commented on 2021-11-15 11:01 (UTC)

That would lead to TUs shouting at me, so no. :P

betrunkenaffe commented on 2021-11-15 07:52 (UTC)

I ran into the linux-headers thing as well, could you at least add it as optional dependency just to highlight the package?

ArchBoxHero commented on 2021-11-14 19:31 (UTC)

@jonathon ... ... @aiyion ... ... of course... ouch... well that's a pretty big blunder considering that's literally the most important part of the package here. I swear I read the PKGBUILDs(not that you care) Oooof-size = <insert_ooof-size_meme_here>.

jonathon commented on 2021-11-14 15:14 (UTC)

Maintainer/contributor email addresses are also almost certainly the first lines in a PKGBUILD. ;)

aiyion commented on 2021-11-14 12:26 (UTC)

@ArchBoxHero take the git url from above, clone it to /tmp and view its git log. Jonathon will have some email in his authored commits. No need to publish it here in plain-text.

ArchBoxHero commented on 2021-11-14 10:51 (UTC) (edited on 2021-11-14 10:54 (UTC) by ArchBoxHero)

@jonathon Sure but I appreciate the time you take on managing packages. And I would like to show my gratitude. But your email is hidden? Help me out here.

Conusoid commented on 2021-11-13 18:29 (UTC) (edited on 2021-11-13 19:01 (UTC) by Conusoid)

@jonathon Problem solved. Since the Nvidia driver is now updating from AUR, Nvidia pacman hook didn't work, so initramfs didn't get updated. Sorry for the inconvenience, my bad :)

jonathon commented on 2021-11-13 10:44 (UTC)

@Conusoid, open a thread on the forum with the log files.

@ArchBoxHero, that's not necessary, but, if you want to, send me an email.

Conusoid commented on 2021-11-13 09:03 (UTC) (edited on 2021-11-13 18:25 (UTC) by Conusoid)

Updated about 12 hours ago to the 470.86-2 and got: (EE) NVIDIA: Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module. Please see the system's kernel log for additional error messages and consult the NVIDIA README for details. (EE) No devices detected. (EE) Fatal server error: (EE) no screens found(EE) Had to roll back to the 470.82.00-1

ArchBoxHero commented on 2021-11-13 08:03 (UTC)

THANK YOU!!!! I have an older GeForce GT 710 and I use this system daily. I just needed to say thanks for packaging this. I haven't any issues building/installing but I did have to install linux-headers for the reasons mentioned by @tsage. I'd donate to you/buy you lunch if there was a link you can throw my way.

aiyion commented on 2021-11-12 10:01 (UTC)

I just hit a segfault on nvidia stuff after updating my system this morning. Will look into it.

tsage commented on 2021-11-04 15:41 (UTC)

@Universebenzene Thanks for the info about the different types of headers. I did read the ArchWiki. The Nvidia page said to install this package for my card and that’s it. And I did focus on the output, that’s how I figured out I needed linux-headers.

Universebenzene commented on 2021-11-03 07:40 (UTC)

@tsage linux-headers is already an optional dependency of dkms, and it shouldn't be a hard dependency. Because linux-headers is only for the linux kernel, not for other kernels like linux-lts or custom kernels. Those users who use custom kernels do not need linux-headers. All you need to do is read the ArchWiki or focus on the output after installing as you use dkms packages.

tsage commented on 2021-11-03 01:59 (UTC)

When I run makepkg -sic, it builds successfully but it ends with the message "Unable to install module nvidia/470.82.00 for kernel *: Missing kernel headers". Installing the linux-headers package fixed the issue. I think the linux-headers package should be added as a dependency.

gamezelda commented on 2021-11-02 18:41 (UTC)

Thanks, builds fine for me now.

jonathon commented on 2021-11-02 13:47 (UTC)

Thanks for the pointer, I've implemented that here. (No pkgrel increment, no rebuild needed.)

gamezelda commented on 2021-11-02 12:32 (UTC)

If you're experiencing a build failure with the new 470.82.00-2 package, check out (the problem is inherited from the official nvidia-utils package)

jonathon commented on 2021-11-01 16:43 (UTC)

Merged in and from nvidia-utils=475.44-3.

gbr commented on 2021-11-01 15:00 (UTC) (edited on 2021-11-01 15:01 (UTC) by gbr)

I think you could adopt these two changes from the main nvidia-utils package:

jonathon commented on 2021-11-01 13:02 (UTC) (edited on 2021-11-01 13:03 (UTC) by jonathon)

This PKGBUILD is adapted from the pre-existing nvidia-utils=470.74. nvidia-dkms does not provide nvidia, instead it provides NVIDIA-MODULE.

If you feel this is wrong then please file a bug against nvidia-utils and I will adopt the same changes here.

benjarobin commented on 2021-11-01 11:36 (UTC)

You cannot have 2 packages that provide the same kernel module for the same kernel version. The nvidia official package provide a module for the linux kernel (Arch Linux version). Installing nvidia-470xx-dkms also provide the same module (but older version) for the same linux kernel version (since dkms). How the kernel is going to choose which version to pick?

Also without the conflict, it makes the transition from nvidia package to nvidia-470xx-dkms a bit complicated... I have to uninstall nvidia nvidia-lts nvidia-utils lib32-nvidia-utils nvidia-settings before installing nvidia-470xx-dkms ..., since nvidia-utils require a specific nvidia module version

jonathon commented on 2021-11-01 01:39 (UTC) (edited on 2021-11-01 01:40 (UTC) by jonathon)

Are you sure that those packages actually conflict and can't be co-installed?

jiakai commented on 2021-11-01 00:42 (UTC)

This package should also mark nvidia and nvidia-dkms as conflict to allow a user to replace the official nvidia driver.

aztaka commented on 2021-10-31 19:44 (UTC)

This package should also provide nvidia-utils.

zyli commented on 2021-10-31 12:43 (UTC)

Version: 470.82.00 Release Date: 2021.10.26

Added support for the EGL_NV_robustness_video_memory_purge

Firefox EGL on the NVIDIA proprietary driver will become the default once the NVIDIA 495 driver series is more widely adopted. It's only with the NVIDIA 495 driver series that recently hit beta where the EGL_NV_robustness_video_memory_purge extension is present that is needed by Firefox.