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Package Base: openfoam
Description: The open source CFD toolbox (
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Licenses: GPL
Provides: openfoam
Submitter: None
Maintainer: petronny (AutoUpdateBot)
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First Submitted: 2009-07-02 09:16 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-04-01 17:32 (UTC)

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petronny commented on 2020-08-04 08:36 (UTC) (edited on 2023-04-14 08:48 (UTC) by petronny)

Pre-built binaries of this package and its dependencies can be found in the arch4edu repository.

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carlosal1015 commented on 2024-03-15 19:57 (UTC)

Hi @Divert, I suggest parmetis-git.

Divert commented on 2024-03-15 19:03 (UTC) (edited on 2024-03-15 19:05 (UTC) by Divert)

Build fails with:

fatal error: gklib_tls.h: No such file or directory

Is this related to @ng0177 coment:

"needs the fix to install"? I couldn't figure out what that fix is. Please help.

carlosal1015 commented on 2023-12-24 22:06 (UTC)

This could be an answer

winnie_ua commented on 2023-12-24 21:36 (UTC)

What's the difference from openfoam-com ?

ng0177 commented on 2023-09-30 14:08 (UTC)

needs the fix to install

travonz commented on 2022-05-29 07:57 (UTC)

You are right @carlosal1015 ! Both OpenFOAM 8 and 9 works when compiling with gcc11, and both face issues when compiled with gcc12. Problem solved, thanks a lot for the hint !

carlosal1015 commented on 2022-05-29 03:27 (UTC) (edited on 2022-05-29 03:30 (UTC) by carlosal1015)

Is right @travonz, possible related with GCC12

I tried to have the same message error with tutorials from /opt/OpenFoam/.../tutorials, but I had this message (see here) with this code example.

Side note: This is related with openfoam-com, not tested yet with openfoam-org.

travonz commented on 2022-05-29 02:41 (UTC)

Hello, I have just upgraded from 8 to 9 and face a strange issue. Running motorbike tutorial, simpleFoam crashes immediately producing the following message:

--> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR: error in IOstream "OSHA1stream.sinkFile_" for operation Ostream& operator<<(Ostream&, const char) file: OSHA1stream.sinkFile_ at line 0. From function virtual bool Foam::IOstream::check(const char*) const in file db/IOstreams/IOstreams/IOstream.C at line 96.

If I comment out functions { #include "streamlines" #include "cuttingPlane" #include "forceCoeffs"} in controlDict file, it works well.

I have installed everything properly from AUR repo. I have tryied to manually install OpenFOAM 9 and Thirdpary and get the same issue.

Has anyone experienced the same issue ?

gpettinello commented on 2021-10-09 20:48 (UTC)

@petronny Please could you update to openfoam-org 9. I have the PKGBUILD done:

# Maintainer: Jingbei Li <>
# Contributor: Xwang <>
# Contributor: George Eleftheriou <eleftg>
# Contributor: Andrew Fischer <>
# Contributor: Gianluca Pettinello <>

pkgdesc="The open source CFD toolbox ("
depends=('bzip2' 'paraview' 'parmetis' 'scotch' 'boost' 'flex' 'cgal')

prepare() {
  mv $srcdir/$_gitname-$_subver $srcdir/$_distpkgbase-$_pkgver
  # Extract the current version and major of paraview and of scotch for use in the system preferences
  #_pversion=`pacman -Q paraview | sed -e 's/.* //; s/-.*//g'`
  _pversion=$(pacman -Q $(pacman -Qqo $(which paraview)) | sed -e 's/.* //; s/-.*//g')
  _pmajor=`echo $_pversion | cut -d '.' -f1`
  _sversion=`pacman -Q scotch | sed -e 's/.* //; s/-.*//g'`

  # Generate and install the system preferences file
  echo "compilerInstall=system" > ${srcdir}/
  echo "export WM_MPLIB=SYSTEMOPENMPI" >> ${srcdir}/
  echo "export ParaView_VERSION=${_pversion}" >> ${srcdir}/
  echo "export ParaView_MAJOR=${_pmajor}" >> ${srcdir}/
  cp ${srcdir}/ ${srcdir}/${_distpkgbase}-${_pkgver}/etc

  # Generate the file for arch
  echo "export SCOTCH_VERSION=scotch_${_sversion}" > ${srcdir}/
  echo "export SCOTCH_ARCH_PATH=/usr" >> ${srcdir}/
  cp ${srcdir}/ ${srcdir}/${_distpkgbase}-${_pkgver}/etc/config

build() {
  # Setup the build environment
  export FOAM_INST_DIR=${srcdir}
  [ -f ${foamDotFile} ] || return 1

  # Enter build directory
  cd ${srcdir}/${_distpkgbase}-${_pkgver}

  # Build and clean up OpenFOAM
  bash -c "source ${foamDotFile}
  ./Allwmake || exit 1
  wclean all || exit 1
  wmakeLnIncludeAll || exit 1"

package() {
  cd ${srcdir}

  # Create destination directories
  install -d "${pkgdir}/opt/${_distpkgbase}" "${pkgdir}/etc/profile.d"

  # Copy package to pkgdir
  cp -r "${srcdir}/${_distpkgbase}-${_pkgver}" "${pkgdir}/opt/${_distpkgbase}"

  # Add source file
  echo "export FOAM_INST_DIR=/opt/${_distpkgbase}" > ${pkgdir}/etc/profile.d/openfoam-${_pkgver}.sh
  echo "alias ofoam=\"source \${FOAM_INST_DIR}/${_distpkgbase}-${_pkgver}/etc/bashrc\"" >> ${pkgdir}/etc/profile.d/openfoam-${_pkgver}.sh
  chmod 755 "${pkgdir}/etc/profile.d/openfoam-${_pkgver}.sh"

  # Add stub thirdparty directory to keep openfoam happy
  install -d "${pkgdir}/opt/${_distpkgbase}/ThirdParty-${_pkgver}"

  # Permission fixes - for system-wide install and use
  chmod -R go+r "${pkgdir}/opt"
  chmod -R 755 "${pkgdir}/opt/${_distpkgbase}/${_distpkgbase}-${_pkgver}/bin"
  chmod -R 755 "${pkgdir}/opt/${_distpkgbase}/${_distpkgbase}-${_pkgver}/etc"

# vim:set ts=2 sw=2 et:

massisenergy commented on 2021-10-01 14:29 (UTC)

Great! I actually built the oF9 from scratch a month earlier, as this was superseded. I request the maintainer to update, as @DarioP added.