Package Details: openmsx 17.0-1

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Package Base: openmsx
Description: The MSX emulator that aims for perfection.
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Licenses: custom
Submitter: reztho
Maintainer: Menelkir
Last Packager: reztho
Votes: 36
Popularity: 1.51
First Submitted: 2009-01-09 20:37
Last Updated: 2021-05-25 15:46

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reztho commented on 2021-05-25 15:50

Updated to v17.0. This will be the last update I'll do to this package, so I disowned.

francois072 commented on 2021-04-17 20:13

I can't get OpenTTD to play the music files. They show up in the OpenTDD music player and the timidity volume slider also appears on my system but there's no sound.

Philip commented on 2020-11-22 13:56

It seems openmsx switched to sdl2. So the sdl dependencies should be sdl2 and sdl2_ttf instead of sdl, sdl_image and sdl_ttf.

heavysink commented on 2019-03-24 03:09


I have put the git version of openmsx into ArchlinuxCN repository. Please follow the following guideline for adding archlinuxcn repo:

and do pacman -S openmsx-git

Do you want me to also put the release version of openmsx into the repo? The time between release is slow, though.

Wild_Penguin commented on 2018-09-12 13:38

Hi LAN2787,

Did you get it co compile? For me lmb's suggestion works fine. Put the sed command in build() section after the other sed commands.

LAN2787 commented on 2018-06-15 04:32

I'm also getting a build error for a missing SDL_ttf. It's definitely there though, version sdl_ttf 2.0.11-4. I tried adding

sed -i 's@<sdl_ttf.h>@<sdl sdl_ttf.h="">@' build/</sdl></sdl_ttf.h>

but it doesn't seem to fix it. Where does this go in PKGBUILD? Anything else need to be modified?

Relevant section from the probe.log: Failed to execute "freetype-config --cflags": [Errno 2] No such file or directory compiler command: g++ -c derived/x86_64-linux-opt/config/ -o derived/x86_64-linux-opt/config/SDL_TTF.o -m64 derived/x86_64-linux-opt/config/ fatal error: SDL_ttf.h: No such file or directory #include <sdl_ttf.h> ^~~~~~~~~~~ compilation terminated. return code from compiler: 1 SDL_TTF: Missing header SDL_TTF: Cannot test linking because compile failed</sdl_ttf.h>

lmb commented on 2018-05-17 01:57

Got a build error because SDL_ttf wasn't found. Fixed it by adding this to PKGBUILD:

sed -i 's@<SDL_ttf.h>@<SDL/SDL_ttf.h>@' build/

reztho commented on 2016-07-02 11:28

Thanks willym and boaglio for the compilation fix.

willym commented on 2016-07-01 22:52

New here... Still need to learn how to submit changes... :)

But to compile, add the following 2 sed lines to PKGBUILD:

build() {
cd "${srcdir}/${pkgname}-${pkgver}"

#Fix build with libstdc++6
sed -i '4 a #include <iterator>' src/
sed -i '8 a #include <iterator>' src/video/

This is the "Fix build with libstdc++6" commit created April 30th.

Wild_Penguin commented on 2016-06-30 20:03

Does not compile anymore:

src/ Jäsenfunktio ”bool openmsx::RTScheduler::isPending(const openmsx::RTSchedulable&) const”:
src/ virhe: no matching function for call to ”begin(const openmsx::SchedulerQueue<openmsx::RTSyncPoint>&)”
return std::find_if(std::begin(queue), std::end(queue),
In file included from /usr/include/c++/6.1.1/utility:76:0,
from /usr/include/c++/6.1.1/algorithm:60,
from src/utils/MemBuffer.hh:7,
from src/SchedulerQueue.hh:4,
from src/RTScheduler.hh:4,
from src/
/usr/include/c++/6.1.1/initializer_list:89:5: huom: candidate: template<class _Tp> constexpr const _Tp* std::begin(std::initializer_list<_Tp>)
begin(initializer_list<_Tp> __ils) noexcept