Package Details: perl-wx 0.9932-2

Git Clone URL: (read-only)
Package Base: perl-wx
Description: Wx - interface to the wxWidgets GUI toolkit
Upstream URL:
Licenses: GPL, PerlArtistic
Provides: perl-build-wx-xsp-enum, perl-build-wx-xsp-event, perl-build-wx-xsp-overload, perl-build-wx-xsp-virtual, perl-wx-app, perl-wx-artprovider, perl-wx-aui, perl-wx-build-makemaker, perl-wx-build-makemaker-any_os, perl-wx-build-makemaker-any_wx_config, perl-wx-build-makemaker-core, perl-wx-build-makemaker-hacks, perl-wx-build-makemaker-macosx_gcc, perl-wx-build-makemaker-win32, perl-wx-build-makemaker-win32_mingw, perl-wx-build-makemaker-win32_msvc, perl-wx-build-options, perl-wx-build-utils, perl-wx-calendar, perl-wx-dataview, perl-wx-datetime, perl-wx-dnd, perl-wx-docview, perl-wx-dropsource, perl-wx-event, perl-wx-fs, perl-wx-grid, perl-wx-help, perl-wx-html, perl-wx-ipc, perl-wx-locale, perl-wx-mdi, perl-wx-media, perl-wx-menu, perl-wx-mini, perl-wx-overload-driver, perl-wx-overload-handle, perl-wx-perl-carp, perl-wx-perl-splashfast, perl-wx-perl-textvalidator, perl-wx-perltest, perl-wx-print, perl-wx-propertygrid, perl-wx-radiobox, perl-wx-ribbon, perl-wx-richtext, perl-wx-socket, perl-wx-stc, perl-wx-timer, perl-wx-webview, perl-wx-xrc
Submitter: None
Maintainer: dracorp
Last Packager: dracorp
Votes: 59
Popularity: 0.116349
First Submitted: 2007-09-20 07:29
Last Updated: 2017-12-28 11:46

Latest Comments

dracorp commented on 2018-02-01 18:56

@ibrokemypie You have something missing and why are you using gcc 3.4?

% gcc --version
gcc (GCC) 7.2.1 20180116

ibrokemypie commented on 2018-01-31 13:48

i was able to fix this by running export CC=clang, export CXX=clang++ and replacing perl Makefile.PL in the pkgbuild with perl --extra-cflags=-std=c++11

ibrokemypie commented on 2018-01-31 13:38

currently failing to build at all for me

==> Making package: perl-wx 0.9932-2 (Thu Feb  1 00:37:51 AEDT 2018)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Found Wx-0.9932.tar.gz
==> Validating source files with sha256sums...
    Wx-0.9932.tar.gz ... Passed
==> Removing existing $srcdir/ directory...
==> Extracting sources...
  -> Extracting Wx-0.9932.tar.gz with bsdtar
==> Removing existing $pkgdir/ directory...
==> Starting build()...
Searching configuration for:
wxWidgets (any version) for (any toolkit); compiler compatibility: gcc 3.4; 

Available configurations:
wxWidgets 3.000003 for gtk2; compiler compatibility: nc 0; options: no debug, unicode, no mslu
Compilation failed in require at Makefile.PL line 21.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at Makefile.PL line 21.
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

dracorp commented on 2017-12-28 11:53

@christianlupus: fixed, thx

dracorp commented on 2017-12-28 10:14

webkit2gtk vs webkitgtk2

christianlupus commented on 2017-12-27 16:49

I just found an eror in the PKGBUILD file. The package is called webkit2gtk instead of webkitgtk2 in line 26.

dracorp commented on 2017-06-13 18:47

I think there is a problem with compilation order. I'd had similar problem with perl-math-prime-util but after recompilation of perl-math-prime-util-gmp everything is OK.
But perl-wx depends from 'any' perl packages.

I've recompiled all binary perl packages, maybe you should also try? Three times...
One more thing, there are new versions(release) of wxgtk2 and wxgtk-common

plushvoxel commented on 2017-06-12 22:14

ok, was impatient.
i had to wait for the update of wx...

ingod commented on 2017-06-12 17:55

t/01_load.t ......... ok
t/02_inheritance.t .. ok
t/03_threads.t ...... threads.c: loadable library and perl binaries are mismatched (got handshake key 0xdb80080, needed 0xde00080)
t/03_threads.t ...... Dubious, test returned 1 (wstat 256, 0x100)
No subtests run

Test Summary Report
t/03_threads.t (Wstat: 256 Tests: 0 Failed: 0)
Non-zero exit status: 1
Parse errors: No plan found in TAP output
Files=3, Tests=5, 1 wallclock secs ( 0.02 usr 0.00 sys + 0.16 cusr 0.01 csys = 0.19 CPU)
Result: FAIL
Failed 1/3 test programs. 0/5 subtests failed.
make[2]: *** [Makefile:760: test_dynamic] Fehler 1
make[2]: Verzeichnis „/tmp/yaourt-tmp-dreamman/aur-perl-wx/src/Wx-0.9932/ext/calendar“ wird verlassen
make[1]: *** [Makefile:776: subdirs-test_dynamic] Fehler 2
make[1]: Verzeichnis „/tmp/yaourt-tmp-dreamman/aur-perl-wx/src/Wx-0.9932/ext“ wird verlassen
make: *** [Makefile:1253: subdirs-test_dynamic] Fehler 2

plushvoxel commented on 2017-06-12 17:06

Test Summary Report
t/01_load.t (Wstat: 139 Tests: 0 Failed: 0)
Non-zero wait status: 139
Parse errors: Bad plan. You planned 1 tests but ran 0.
t/02_inheritance.t (Wstat: 139 Tests: 0 Failed: 0)
Non-zero wait status: 139
Parse errors: No plan found in TAP output
t/03_threads.t (Wstat: 139 Tests: 0 Failed: 0)
Non-zero wait status: 139
Parse errors: Bad plan. You planned 4 tests but ran 0.
Files=3, Tests=0, 0 wallclock secs ( 0.03 usr 0.00 sys + 0.39 cusr 0.09 csys = 0.51 CPU)
Result: FAIL
Failed 3/3 test programs. 0/0 subtests failed.
make[2]: *** [Makefile:760: test_dynamic] Error 255
make[2]: Leaving directory '/home/marble/tmp/yaourt/yaourt-tmp-marble/aur-perl-wx/src/Wx-0.9932/ext/webview'
make[1]: *** [Makefile:790: subdirs-test_dynamic] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/marble/tmp/yaourt/yaourt-tmp-marble/aur-perl-wx/src/Wx-0.9932/ext'
make: *** [Makefile:1253: subdirs-test_dynamic] Error 2

Frans-Willem commented on 2017-06-12 15:32

The tests for webview seem to fail with wxgtk2- and wxgtk-common-, with the tests actually segfaulting. the -4 versions of the same packages work fine.

Any idea how to fix this? or is this the wxgtk package's fault ?

EDIT: Pretty sure it's related to this bug:

crowja commented on 2017-06-07 18:22

well i have already update my gcc to 7.1.1 20170528
but problem still exist with same error. any idea? :(

dracorp commented on 2017-06-06 13:55

Can you upgrade your system? Current version of gcc is 7.1.1

crowja commented on 2017-06-02 23:07

guys, building failed in my machine. did anyone experienced this issue?

GDI.c: In function ‘void XS_Wx__Colour_GetPixel(PerlInterpreter*, CV*)’:
GDI.c:12636:17: error: ‘class wxColour’ has no member named ‘GetPixel’
RETVAL = THIS->GetPixel();
make: *** [Makefile:451: Frames.o] Error 1

using gcc version 6.3.1 20170306 (GCC)

xcMI2w commented on 2017-06-02 21:57

Ty @dracorp ,the new version builds just fine :)

dracorp commented on 2017-06-02 19:04

It builds well with the newest version.

xcMI2w commented on 2017-06-02 18:02

When will this package be fixed?
I'm on gcc 7.1.1

Heitor commented on 2017-02-27 18:55

You're right. The problem is the version of GCC. The pacman says I have GCC 6.3.1, but GCC tells me 5.4.0. I dont know if I choose a wrong way. I removed the folder "/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/5.4.0" and maked a symbolic link: "sudo ln -s /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/6.3.1 /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/5.4.0". Works fine.

Problem solved!

Thank you.

ivan_p commented on 2017-02-27 16:35

Might be gcc version: 6.3 is in [extra], but your log shows 5.4.
gcc 6 uses C++11 standard by default, gcc 5 needs it to be enabled (just like the error mentions).

Heitor commented on 2017-02-27 15:42

My version of wxgtk is the same:

$ pacman -Ss wxgtk
extra/wxgtk 3.0.2-6 [installed]

I need perl-wx for sli3r...


dracorp commented on 2017-02-23 17:31

It works for me.
Which version of wxgtk? 3.0.2-6?

Heitor commented on 2017-02-22 21:28

I can't install perl-wx:

/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/5.4.0/include/c++/bits/c++0x_warning.h:32:2: error: #error This file requires compiler and library support for the ISO C++ 2011 standard. This support must be enabled with the -std=c++11 or -std=gnu++11 compiler options.

/usr/include/wx-3.0/wx/strvararg.h:350:18: error: ‘is_enum’ in namespace ‘std’ does not name a template type
typedef std::is_enum<T> is_enum;
/usr/include/wx-3.0/wx/strvararg.h:354:54: error: ‘is_enum’ was not declared in this scope
enum { value = wxFormatStringSpecifierNonPodType<is_enum::value>::value };
/usr/include/wx-3.0/wx/strvararg.h:354:68: error: template argument 1 is invalid
enum { value = wxFormatStringSpecifierNonPodType<is_enum::value>::value };

Any idea? Thanks!

dracorp commented on 2016-08-30 19:06

@lbeenens: I've added those dependencies to checkdepends.

lbeenens commented on 2016-08-29 22:14

The current version of the package (0.9928-3) has no problem building with the incompatible ABI versions. So, there is no need to go back to wxgtk2.8.

However, building the package can fail at the stage of testing the module WX::WebView: this package depends on webkitgtk(i686)/webkitgtk2(x86_64), which is not stated in the PKGBUILD.

swiftgeek commented on 2016-04-01 04:40

It isn't, but it isn't explicitly required even though it sanitizes check stage
So it's just nice to use it when available or required when building headless

dracorp commented on 2016-03-31 20:17

I didn't know that there is problem with installing xorg-server-xvfb, sorry.

swiftgeek commented on 2016-03-31 09:17

This is a weird change, i proposed
if [[ -z "$DISPLAY" || -x /usr/bin/xvfb-run ]]; then
To use use xvfb-run if it has to be used or prefer that if available - not to force everywhere
Only missing DISPLAY is explicitly requiring xvfb-run

tancrackers commented on 2016-03-31 09:10

I didn't have this package installed:

So when I let yaourt install the missing dependency, it didn't just install xorg-server-xvfb from the main repos; it tried to build it from the aur:

==> Retrieving PKGBUILD and local sources...
receiving file list ... done

sent 160 bytes received 44,667 bytes 17,930.80 bytes/sec
total size is 44,025 speedup is 0.98
==> Edit PKGBUILD ? [y/N] ("A" to abort)
==> ------------------------------------
==> n

==> WARNING: This PKGBUILD describes a split package.
==> Specific package options are unknown
==> xorg-server dependencies:
- mesa-libgl (package found) [makedepend]
- xf86driproto (package found) [makedepend]
- xcmiscproto (package found) [makedepend]
- xtrans (package found) [makedepend]
- bigreqsproto (package found) [makedepend]
- presentproto (package found) [makedepend]
- resourceproto (package found) [makedepend]
- dmxproto (package found) [makedepend]
- libdmx (package found) [makedepend]
- xorg-util-macros (package found) [makedepend]
- glproto (package found) [makedepend]
- dri2proto (package found) [makedepend]
- dri3proto (package found) [makedepend]
However, I exited yaourt, pacman -S xorg-server-xvfb, and was able to update perll-wx with no problem. Did I encounter a yaourt problem? Or is it a pkgbuild error here?

WizardStan commented on 2016-03-23 11:35

re: works just fine with wxgtk 3.0: I did that first, compiled everything via makepkg in order as required, got the bad plan problem. Removed everything and tried with yaourt, same problem.

It was then that I removed wxgtk 3.0 and installed 2.8 and went ahead with modifying the build process as others had suggested, only now I'm getting stuck because it fails to compile looking for wx-3.0 and I don't know how to change that.

I then went back to 3.0, completely removing 2.8 again, just to be sure, and every way of installing still yields "bad plan". It didn't occur to me to just disable the check, but you're absolutely right, it installed just fine and as near as I can tell everything works perfectly. Perhaps that's a reasonable solution? If so many people are having problems, and the problem is just in the test, perhaps just remove it? Or at least some kind of comment on failure to rerun with --nocheck and hope for the best?

swiftgeek commented on 2016-03-23 03:00

@WizardStan: perl-aliex-wxwidget is choosing wxgtk version, though using arch's wxgtk2.8 requires some additional quirks in alien PKGBUILD as wxgtk2.8 isn't replacement for wxgtk package (See PKGBUILD/its git history for those quirks)
Also ffs, it works just fine with wxgtk 3.0.x so just recompile packages in order.
About Bad Plan: first thing to try is to disable checks and install anyway, though i recompiled this package against 3.0.x and no issue has happened

@dracorp: those windows are still annoying, would it be ok to change that line to:
if [ -z "$DISPLAY" ] || [ -x /usr/bin/xvfb-run ]; then

WizardStan commented on 2016-03-23 02:32

I'm still getting the same "Bad plan" error as people talk about below using the current PKGBUILD. I've then tried removing wxgtk and installing wxgtk2.8, modifying the PKGBUILD for both this and perl-alien-wxwidget as recommended but while perl-alien-wxwidget installs without issue, I'm getting "fatal error: wx/defs.h: No such file or directory" when compiling perl-wx which seems to be from the fact that, despite wxgtk2.8 is installed and 3.0 is not, the Makefile is still being generated with "-I/usr/include/wx-3.0" and I've no idea how to change that.

dracorp commented on 2016-01-10 10:22

I've correct the PKGDBUILD, now it's built.
I need to improve all my Perl PKGBUILD and apply similar changes.

sushipriest commented on 2015-11-27 23:26

The bug with wxgtk can easily be identified during build a bit sooner, I got this warning and knew what to do:
Warning: Mismatch between the program and library build versions detected.
The library used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1008,wx containers,compatible with 2.8),
and your program used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1009,wx containers,compatible with 2.8).

Solution for those who are too lazy to scroll down:
yaourt -R wxgtk && yaourt -S wxgtk2.8

swiftgeek commented on 2015-10-12 00:27

@phyks Everything is explained thoroughly in log

phyks commented on 2015-10-10 13:42

Build fails during the check() step, with the following output:

markzz commented on 2015-08-15 17:54

This package is wacky, it builds on certain machines of mine, but doesn't on others of mine.

swiftgeek commented on 2015-07-22 14:35

@bricewge: start from posting actual full log with wxgtk3.x , also check dmesg for anything segfaulting
Log from building perl-alien-wxwidgets is also important

Whole purpose of perl-alien-wxwidgets package is to selects used version of wxgtk (during its build)

bricewge commented on 2015-07-22 11:07

atomsvote and Reded are right this package doesn't build if you don't mess around with the PKGBUILD.

If the tests failed, first recompile perl-alien-wxwidgets with wxgtk2.8, by uncommenting "HAX" in the PKGBUILD, and then compile perl-wx with it depends as wxgtk2.8 instead of wxgtk. Then it will compile and pass the test fine.

@dracorp can you fix this directly in the PKGBUILD?

Logs of the tests with wxgtk=3.0:

meZee commented on 2015-06-04 03:32

This package fails to build when is installed, even when adobe proprietary is also installed.

Reded commented on 2015-05-31 20:57

@atomsvote - Yes this worked, thanks!

I should add that in the perl-alien-wxwidgets PKGBUILD I also had to uncomment the section about building against wxgtk2.8 instead of 3, otherwise THAT package would fail to build too.

dracorp commented on 2015-05-28 21:18

@atomsvote: these are only metadata, they do not directly affect the process of building.

swiftgeek commented on 2015-05-28 13:44

• Still works fine on 3.x line
• Read README again, notice that it was made whole eons ago - last tested with perl 5.10!
• Provide logs

I have only minor issues (warnings) with archlinux repo's wxgtk and audacity not being compiled against 3.x (had to rebuild it manually - so now there is no wxgtk2.8 on my system, x86_64 to be exact)

swiftgeek commented on 2015-05-28 13:40

Still works fine on 3.x line

atomsvote commented on 2015-05-28 13:33

Hi, I also had the failed test problem when building this package on a new clean distribution, the problem is related to wxgtk version:


wxgtk is now version 3.0.2-4(
but perl-wx is only tested wit wxgtk 2.8 or 2.9 (

So in order to build this you need to change wxgtk version to the follow:


You need to change this on this package and perl-alien-wxwidgets dependency

In order to build this you must need to remove wxgtk, install wxgtk2.8 and rebuild perl-alien-wxwidgets(don't forget to change the version of wxgtk), then rebuild this package.

@Reded can you confirm if this work for you ?

dracorp commented on 2015-05-20 15:19

Thx swiftgeek, I forgot about this.

swiftgeek commented on 2015-05-20 09:00

[ -z "$DISPLAY" ] && makedepends+=('xorg-server-xvfb')
to make sure user has it if it will be needed
(I made similar changes to perl-wx-glcanvas if you would like to compare)

swiftgeek commented on 2015-05-19 15:22

Please add:
xvfb-run -a -s "-screen 0 1280x1024x24" make test
in case if [ -z $DISPLAY ] , so it could have chance of passing on headless machine

Also cleaning up PKGBUILD from would be nice
wxgtk is mentioned twice - in makedeps and deps which isn't proper

bugrepoter2814 commented on 2015-05-18 01:43

This is what i get as one of the errors, before the test report (mine is the same as Reded)

The library used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1008,wx containers,compatible with 2.8),
and your program used 3.0 (wchar_t,compiler with C++ ABI 1002,wx containers,compatible with 2.8)

It might be relevant

Reded commented on 2015-05-17 22:48

local/perl 5.20.2-1 (base)
A highly capable, feature-rich programming language

latest as far as I can see!

I'll try in a TTY and see how that goes.

dracorp commented on 2015-05-17 16:01

So you can tray to compile the package without X. But it is strange for me.
Just out of curiosity, what's your version of perl?

Reded commented on 2015-05-17 15:46

I'm still failing to build this - getting this error -

I'm running Enlightenment, some people mentioned tiling wm's so maybe it's my wm messing things up? I'll try again later on with Openbox.

dracorp commented on 2015-05-13 19:34

I could not compile the package because I had set PERL5LIB, so if you have problems then unset this env.

Anonymous comment on 2015-05-11 12:12

v 0.9927 avaible

DonHansDampf commented on 2015-04-28 16:38

Did you change something? I reinstalled to the same machine (switched from HDD to SSD). Installed the same WM etc. Everything the same. This time i was able to install perl-wx without a problem.

nickoe commented on 2015-04-12 14:08

@03data, what wm? I am using i3 and it works.

03data commented on 2015-04-12 13:42

I couldn't install this package before. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the fact that I was using a tiling window manager (i3) and it was failing at window tests...
Once I tried it on Gnome it worked fine.

ivan_p commented on 2015-03-29 11:58

Found something that might be relevant:
They found what broke Wx building for them, and a way to fix it.

Not sure when I'll be able to check it - first I have to find a time to recreate the issue at my computer.
But you are welcome to check it :)

Wieschie commented on 2015-03-11 19:17

Not that it helps much, but I've also had the same problem.

Attempting to install Wx from CPAN gives the exact same result as well. Thanks for looking into it dracorp.

burqy commented on 2015-03-09 16:36

I have the same problem as DonHansDampf

dracorp commented on 2015-02-23 07:16

Yesterday I checked on virtualbox and I've had this same problem. I'll check this but I couldn't promise that I solve this.

DonHansDampf commented on 2015-02-22 22:50

Yes, like i said. I tried it on three diffrent machines with a completly new arch installation. Always the same error.

Reded commented on 2015-02-19 20:19

Just a "me too" post - I'm getting the same errors as everyone else seems to be - my locale is en_GB.UTF-8 though (And I've tried setting it to C).

I've got wxgtk and wxgtk2.8 installed. This is a brand-spanking new Arch install - installed it last night, and didn't install any perl packages until it came to installing this one. I've tried both yaourt and makepkg.

DonHansDampf commented on 2015-02-19 06:10

@dracorp yes sure. My locale:

[indy@MacArch ~]$ locale

and 'pacman -Qq | grep wxgtk':

[indy@MacArch ~]$ pacman -Qq | grep wxgtk

dracorp commented on 2015-02-18 21:48

@DonHansDampf Could you give your locale, `pacman -Qq | grep wxgtk`?
You get strange errors. Maybe is there something missing?

DonHansDampf commented on 2015-02-16 23:03


Doenst seem like to help. I used this script to rebuild all perl-packages:

Still I get the same error.

dracorp commented on 2015-02-16 18:10

@DonHansDampf: I can build this package on my machines: PC and laptop, both are x86_64.
I'm not sure but you can rebuild some(or all) perl packages with arch != any. I remeber that I had a problem with some perl packages and helped me rebuild some perl package, but I can't remember which one.

DonHansDampf commented on 2015-02-16 13:43

And btw: I tried it on 3 diffrent machines. Everyone with a freshly installed arch. Always the same error.

DonHansDampf commented on 2015-02-16 13:01

Also can't build it. Doesnt matter if i choose makepkg or yaourt, LANG=C or LC_ALL=C, ...

Always the same error. When i build perl-wx with makepkg and nocheck, i cant start a package which needs perl-wx (unix-runescape-client).

Running Mkbootstrap for Wx ()
chmod 644
PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-MTest::Harness" "-e" "undef *Test::Harness::Switches; test_harness(0, 'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
t/01_load.t ........... Failed 5/6 subtests
t/02_inheritance.t .... ok
t/03_event.t .......... ok
t/04_userdata.t ....... ok
t/05_timer.t .......... ok
t/06_loadxpm.t ........ ok
t/07_overload.t ....... ok
t/08_ovl_func.t ....... ok
t/09_create_delete.t .. ok
t/10_oor.t ............ ok
t/11_twostage.t ....... ok
t/12_pod.t ............ skipped: Author tests
t/13_nbksizer.t ....... ok
t/14_eh_die.t ......... ok
t/15_threads.t ........ 01:59:46 PM: Debug: Failed to connect to session manager: SESSION_MANAGER environment variable not defined
t/15_threads.t ........ ok
t/16_stream.t ......... ok
t/17_thread_evt.t ..... ok
t/18_unicode.t ........ Use of the encoding pragma is deprecated at t/18_unicode.t line 8.
t/18_unicode.t ........ ok
t/19_overlay.t ........ ok
t/20_ctx_threads.t .... ok
t/21_locale.t ......... ok
t/22_interface.t ...... ok
t/zz_distrib.t ........ skipped: Author tests

Test Summary Report
t/01_load.t (Wstat: 139 Tests: 1 Failed: 0)
Non-zero wait status: 139
Parse errors: Bad plan. You planned 6 tests but ran 1.
t/04_userdata.t (Wstat: 0 Tests: 65 Failed: 0)
TODO passed: 25, 49, 57
Files=23, Tests=784, 8 wallclock secs ( 0.16 usr 0.02 sys + 2.72 cusr 0.25 csys = 3.15 CPU)
Result: FAIL
Failed 1/23 test programs. 0/784 subtests failed.
Makefile:1274: recipe for target 'test_dynamic' failed
make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 255
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in check().

swiftgeek commented on 2015-01-20 09:32

Just to be clear, you did that from makepkg, without use of helpers, under X11?

nejsem commented on 2015-01-20 09:28

It is failing for me consistently with these messages:
(19_overlay.t:15192): Gdk-CRITICAL **: IA__gdk_gc_set_clip_rectangle: assertion 'GDK_IS_GC (gc)' failed

(19_overlay.t:15192): Gdk-CRITICAL **: IA__gdk_gc_set_clip_rectangle: assertion 'GDK_IS_GC (gc)' failed

(19_overlay.t:15192): Gdk-CRITICAL **: IA__gdk_gc_set_clip_rectangle: assertion 'GDK_IS_GC (gc)' failed
t/19_overlay.t ........ ok
t/20_ctx_threads.t .... 1/9
(20_ctx_threads.t:15196): Gdk-CRITICAL **: IA__gdk_cairo_create: assertion 'GDK_IS_DRAWABLE (drawable)' failed
t/20_ctx_threads.t .... Failed 8/9 subtests
t/21_locale.t ......... ok
t/22_interface.t ...... ok
t/zz_distrib.t ........ skipped: Author tests

Test Summary Report
t/01_load.t (Wstat: 139 Tests: 1 Failed: 0)
Non-zero wait status: 139
Parse errors: Bad plan. You planned 6 tests but ran 1.
t/04_userdata.t (Wstat: 0 Tests: 65 Failed: 0)
TODO passed: 25, 49, 57
t/20_ctx_threads.t (Wstat: 139 Tests: 1 Failed: 0)
Non-zero wait status: 139
Parse errors: Bad plan. You planned 9 tests but ran 1.
Files=23, Tests=776, 7 wallclock secs ( 0.14 usr 0.02 sys + 2.01 cusr 0.26 csys = 2.43 CPU)
Result: FAIL
Failed 2/23 test programs. 0/776 subtests failed.
Makefile:1277: recipe for target 'test_dynamic' failed
make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 255

I've exported both LANG and LC_ALL to "C" as suggested but no progress.

swiftgeek commented on 2015-01-04 05:23

After patching perl-alien-wx (debian does it since summer) package can be compiled successfully (and packages depending on this package) with recent wxgtk

lonemangx commented on 2014-08-01 16:50

error: target not found: perl-alien-wxwidgets
error: target not found: perl-extutils-xspp
==> ERROR: 'pacman' failed to install missing dependencies.

should the dependencies be updated?

tfla commented on 2014-07-06 22:23

Yeah, it works now... Strange. Well, I'll leave the alternative url there if people experience issues with the one.

dracorp commented on 2014-07-06 08:38

$ LC_ALL=C wget
--2014-07-06 10:36:38--
Resolving (,
Connecting to (||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 302 Found
Location: [following]
--2014-07-06 10:36:39--
Resolving (, 2607:f238:3::91:1
Connecting to (||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 484651 (473K) [application/x-gzip]
Saving to: 'Wx-0.9923.tar.gz'

tfla commented on 2014-07-05 15:12

The url seems to work better for me (the one in the PKGBUILD doesn't download anything at all).

ivan_p commented on 2014-06-06 13:44

Final update && solution.

If anybody will have similar issue:
$ export LANG=C
fixes the problem :)

swiftgeek commented on 2014-06-06 13:36

I can just tell that it works fine for me :]
Issues with perl are weird and i just keep on reinstalling aur/perl¹ packages until everything works

¹ pacman -Qsqm "^perl-" | tr '\n' ' '

ivan_p commented on 2014-06-06 13:33

Udpate - minimal example:
$ perl -e "use Wx;"

It boils down to 'use 5.006_001;' line in Tie::Handle:
Invalid version format (non-numeric data) at /usr/share/perl5/core_perl/Tie/ line 3.

Looks like this is a bug in perl itself:

ivan_p commented on 2014-06-06 12:23

Hello, I have problem building this package after perl update.
It fails during check() stage:

If I skip the check, and install it anyways, then I get this from other perl script:
WARNING: Wx module not found, API calls using WxWidgets will not work
I do not know perl, so I can't tell if the problem is with the package or with the script that uses it.

Any advice?

dracorp commented on 2014-04-01 19:29

@swiftgeek That is correct.

jnbek commented on 2014-03-31 22:25

0.9923 was uploaded to the CPAN not long ago and should be propagated to all the mirrors shortly.

swiftgeek commented on 2014-03-29 13:31

wxgtk exists both within depends and makedepends

dracorp commented on 2014-03-17 08:10

Removed a versions from makedepends.

mpan commented on 2014-03-16 00:00

In build dependencies:
1602 is much bigger than 18 (the current version) and I doubt there will be 1602 in our lifetime. Please fix this, as it prevents perl-wx from building.

dracorp commented on 2013-06-16 10:24


swiftgeek commented on 2013-06-16 09:40

Or orphan ;)

nickoe commented on 2013-06-16 09:36

By the way, this is also out of date, since there is a newver release:

nickoe commented on 2013-03-08 17:35

Or use the template provided,

nickoe commented on 2013-03-08 17:16

Replacin the build section with the following snippet, will make the install to dissapear. Please update.

cd "$srcdir/$_perlmod-$pkgver"

PERL_MB_OPT="--installdirs vendor --destdir '$pkgdir'"

perl Makefile.PL

nickoe commented on 2013-03-08 16:58

Does this also install to ~ for you?
pacman -Ql perl-wx

dracorp commented on 2013-01-19 10:51

Not necessary but you could edit /etc/makepkg.conf and modify BUILDENV=(... !check ...).

smls commented on 2013-01-19 10:09

Is it really necessary to run automated GUI tests during compilation?
It causes empty windows to pop up and disappear again, which is irritating if you're doing something else on the computer while the compilation is running.

swiftgeek commented on 2012-06-23 13:50

Dracorp or anyone else:
Say when are You be ready to take over the package ;)

dracorp commented on 2012-06-09 13:24

dracorp commented on 2012-06-08 15:47

perl-padre needs newer version otherwise:
Error: Perl API version v5.14.0 of Wx does not match v5.16.0 ...

Anonymous comment on 2011-11-21 21:37

New version out, which new Padre needs.

Anonymous comment on 2011-08-30 10:24

I've got a same problem as jceasless, all deps seem to be installed. Can anyone help?

Anonymous comment on 2011-07-05 14:41

perl-extutils-makemaker is included with perl, btw

Anonymous comment on 2011-01-16 23:01

Missed dependencies:
perl-extutils-xspp (please read comments carefully)

Anonymous comment on 2010-09-10 13:48

I get the following error when trying to install perl-wx:

Writing 'cpp/ovl_const.cpp'.
touch wxt_overload
make[1]: Entering directory `/tmp/bauerbill/build/aur/perl-wx/src/Wx-0.98/ext'
make[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/bauerbill/build/aur/perl-wx/src/Wx-0.98/ext/richtext'
cp lib/Wx/ ../../blib/lib/Wx/
/usr/bin/perl /usr/share/perl5/core_perl/ExtUtils/xsubpp -noprototypes -nolinenumbers -typemap /usr/share/perl5/core_perl/ExtUtils/typemap -typemap ../../typemap -typemap typemap RichText.xs > RichText.xsc && mv RichText.xsc RichText.c
Error: Function definition too short 'INCLUDE_COMMAND: $^X -MExtUtils::XSpp::Cmd -e xspp -- -t typemap.xsp -t ../../typemap.xsp XS/RichTextCtrl.xsp' in RichText.xs, line 65
Error: Function definition too short 'INCLUDE_COMMAND: $^X -MExtUtils::XSpp::Cmd -e xspp -- -t typemap.xsp -t ../../typemap.xsp XS/RichTextAttr.xsp' in RichText.xs, line 67
Error: Function definition too short 'INCLUDE_COMMAND: $^X -MExtUtils::XSpp::Cmd -e xspp -- -t typemap.xsp -t ../../typemap.xsp XS/RichTextStyle.xsp' in RichText.xs, line 69
Error: Function definition too short 'INCLUDE_COMMAND: $^X -MExtUtils::XSpp::Cmd -e xspp -- -t typemap.xsp -t ../../typemap.xsp XS/RichTextStyleCtrl.xsp' in RichText.xs, line 71
Error: Function definition too short 'INCLUDE_COMMAND: $^X -MExtUtils::XSpp::Cmd -e xspp -- -t typemap.xsp -t ../../typemap.xsp XS/RichTextFormattingDialog.xsp' in RichText.xs, line 73
Error: Function definition too short 'INCLUDE_COMMAND: $^X -MExtUtils::XSpp::Cmd -e xspp -- -t typemap.xsp -t ../../typemap.xsp XS/RichTextFileHandler.xsp' in RichText.xs, line 75
Error: Function definition too short 'INCLUDE_COMMAND: $^X -MExtUtils::XSpp::Cmd -e xspp -- -t typemap.xsp -t ../../typemap.xsp XS/RichTextBuffer.xsp' in RichText.xs, line 77
Error: Function definition too short 'INCLUDE_COMMAND: $^X -MExtUtils::XSpp::Cmd -e xspp -- -t typemap.xsp -t ../../typemap.xsp XS/SymbolPickerDialog.xsp' in RichText.xs, line 79
Error: Function definition too short 'INCLUDE_COMMAND: $^X -MExtUtils::XSpp::Cmd -e xspp -- -t typemap.xsp -t ../../typemap.xsp XS/RichTextStyleOrganiserDialog.xsp' in RichText.xs, line 81
Error: Function definition too short 'INCLUDE_COMMAND: $^X -MExtUtils::XSpp::Cmd -e xspp -- -t typemap.xsp -t ../../typemap.xsp XS/RichTextPrinting.xsp' in RichText.xs, line 83
make[2]: *** [RichText.c] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/bauerbill/build/aur/perl-wx/src/Wx-0.98/ext/richtext'
make[1]: *** [subdirs] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/bauerbill/build/aur/perl-wx/src/Wx-0.98/ext'
make: *** [subdirs] Error 2

xenoterracide commented on 2010-08-21 02:35

@Athaba if you want maintainership email the maintainer, if he doesn't respond in a week mail the aur mailing list and ask them to orphan it, then you adopt.

Athaba commented on 2010-06-12 11:40

If you don't want to maintain it anymore.
Please give up maintainership!

Athaba commented on 2010-05-26 14:49

Please update to 0.9702 and fix your package.

==> Install or build missing dependencies for perl-wx:
==> Building and installing package

==> perl-wx dependencies:
- perl (already installed)
- wxgtk (already installed)
- perl-alien-wxwidgets (already installed)
- perl-data-dumper (package that provides perl-data-dumper already installed)
- perl-extutils-parsexs (package that provides perl-extutils-parsexs already installed)
- perl-extutils-xspp (already installed)
- perl-extutils-makemaker (package that provides perl-extutils-makemaker already installed)
- wxgtk (already installed)
==> Making package: perl-wx 0.9701-1 i686 (Wed May 26 16:47:30 CEST 2010)
==> Checking Runtime Dependencies...
==> Checking Buildtime Dependencies...
==> Installing missing dependencies...
perl-extutils-parsexs>=2.2202 package not found, searching for group...
error: 'perl-extutils-parsexs>=2.2202': not found in sync db
==> ERROR: Pacman failed to install missing dependencies.
Error: Makepkg was unable to build perl-wx package.