Package Details: plasma5-runners-vscode-git r5.7c6bc0c-4

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Package Base: plasma5-runners-vscode-git
Description: KRunner plugin for quickly opening recent VSCode workspaces
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Keywords: krunner
Licenses: GPL3
Submitter: Jigsaw
Maintainer: None
Last Packager: Jigsaw
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First Submitted: 2022-03-28 10:10 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-07-30 06:25 (UTC)

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Jigsaw commented on 2023-11-11 07:31 (UTC) (edited on 2023-11-11 07:31 (UTC) by Jigsaw)

I'm sorry for dropped it because I don't use VSCode for a long time.

zany130 commented on 2023-10-26 18:55 (UTC)

why does this depend on git KDE packages?

paru plasma5-runners-vs
error: unknown option 'FileManager' in section [options]
1 aur/plasma5-runners-vscode-git r5.7c6bc0c-4 [+0 ~0.00]
    KRunner plugin for quickly opening recent VSCode workspaces
:: Packages to install (eg: 1 2 3, 1-3):
:: 1
:: Resolving dependencies...
:: Calculating conflicts...
:: Calculating inner conflicts...

:: Conflicts found:
    kirigami2-git: kirigami2

:: Conflicting packages will have to be confirmed manually
:: marked out of date: kcmutils-git  kdbusaddons-git  kguiaddons-git  kiconthemes-git  kirigami2-git
    kjobwidgets-git  kparts-git  kwindowsystem-git  plasma-framework-git  plasma-wayland-protocols-git
:: orphans: plasma-framework-git  threadweaver-git

Repo (8)                          Old Version  New Version                 Make Only
extra/boost                                    1.83.0-2                    Yes
extra/doxygen                                  1.9.8-1                     Yes
extra/gperf                                    3.1-5                       Yes
extra/libdbusmenu-qt6                          0.9.3+16.04.20160218-6      No
extra/qca-qt6                                  2.3.7-2                     No
extra/qt6-5compat                              6.6.0-1                     No
extra/qt6-shadertools                          6.6.0-1                     Yes
extra/sip                                      6.7.12-1                    Yes

Aur (43)                          Old Version  New Version                 Make Only
aur/ki18n-git                                  5.240.0_r666.ge91d3e7-1     No
aur/karchive-git                               5.240.0_r612.g3c179ae-1     No
aur/kdoctools-git                              5.240.0_r716.gb3e5202-1     Yes
aur/plasma-wayland-protocols-git               r1019.314fb1c-1             Yes
aur/kwayland-git                               5.240.0_r1215.gb1d2718-1    Yes
aur/solid-git                                  5.240.0_r866.gb865f92-1     No
aur/kcoreaddons-git                            5.240.0_r1871.g9a8845d4-1   No
aur/kwidgetsaddons-git                         5.240.0_r1166.g649c8b2f-1   No
aur/kjobwidgets-git                            5.240.0_r499.gdf6715a-1     No
aur/kdbusaddons-git                            5.240.0_r498.gd15677a-1     No
aur/kconfig-git                                5.240.0_r1151.g925c4955-1   No
aur/kwindowsystem-git                          5.240.0_r764.g132ec70-1     No
aur/kcrash-git                                 5.240.0_r474.g33df047-1     No
aur/kglobalaccel-git                           5.240.0_r635.g4bf729c-1     No
aur/polkit-qt6-git                             v0.114.0.r13.g590e710-1     No
aur/kauth-git                                  5.240.0_r584.g50836db-1     No
aur/kcodecs-git                                5.240.0_r491.g49a2729-1     No
aur/kguiaddons-git                             5.240.0_r562.gc5ed05d-1     No
aur/kcolorscheme-git                           5.240.0_r121.g1fba09a-1     No
aur/kconfigwidgets-git                         5.240.0_r945.ga78029ca-1    No
aur/kitemviews-git                             5.240.0_r453.gbfaecd8-1     No
aur/kiconthemes-git                            5.240.0_r687.g707d386-1     No
aur/attica-git                                 v5.102.0.r9.g2bab489-1      No
aur/kxmlgui-git                                5.240.0_r1004.gd27a8a92-1   No
aur/kbookmarks-git                             5.240.0_r511.g563e17a-1     No
aur/knotifications-git                         5.240.0_r811.gd0655e7-1     No
aur/kservice-git                               5.240.0_r1101.gf3bfda91-1   No
aur/kwallet-git                                r1241.45f1018-1             No
aur/kcompletion-git                            5.240.0_r582.g9fe1c0d-1     No
aur/sonnet-git                                 5.240.0_r773.ge64d774-1     No
aur/ktextwidgets-git                           5.240.0_r508.g00796e7-1     No
aur/kded-git                                   5.240.0_r500.g7f36c3d-1     No
aur/kio-git                                    5.240.0_r6124.g46a1d6df2-1  No
aur/kpackage-git                               5.240.0_r822.g77e31fa-1     No
aur/kdeclarative-git                           5.240.0_r1112.g834d8a0-1    No
aur/kactivities-git                            5.240.0_r1428.geb621d60-1   No
aur/kcmutils-git                               5.240.0_r731.g029d52a-1     No
aur/kparts-git                                 5.240.0_r670.gd948e32-1     No
aur/kirigami2-git                              5.240.0_r3671.g5774a174-2   No
aur/plasma-framework-git                       r13831.0ffd768-2            No
aur/threadweaver-git                           r454.abe37fe-1              No
aur/krunner-git                                5.240.0_r862.g15bcf5b-1     No
aur/plasma5-runners-vscode-git                 r5.7c6bc0c-4                No