Package Details: pulseaudio-git v12.0.309.geadd987a6-2

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Package Base: pulseaudio-git
Description: A featureful, general-purpose sound server (development version)
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Licenses: GPL, LGPL
Conflicts: libpulse, pulseaudio, pulseaudio-bluetooth, pulseaudio-equalizer, pulseaudio-jack, pulseaudio-lirc, pulseaudio-zeroconf
Provides: libpulse, pulseaudio, pulseaudio-bluetooth, pulseaudio-equalizer, pulseaudio-jack, pulseaudio-lirc, pulseaudio-zeroconf
Submitter: None
Maintainer: quequotion
Last Packager: quequotion
Votes: 40
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First Submitted: 2009-02-09 14:33
Last Updated: 2019-08-31 14:42

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quequotion commented on 2020-05-12 07:29

@gdonval Thanks for the heads up. I'll get on this as soon as I can.

gdonval commented on 2020-04-30 13:47

Installation does not work anymore on Gnome-based systems because of constraints:

:: removing libpulse breaks dependency '' required by fluidsynth
:: removing libpulse breaks dependency '' required by freerdp
:: removing libpulse breaks dependency '' required by pipewire-pulse

(and if you try to remove those, it's going all the way up to gstreamer and gnome-control-center, through dependencies).

Installation works if you modify:

provides=(pulseaudio{,-{zeroconf,lirc,jack,bluetooth,equalizer}} "libpulse" libpulse{,-simple,-mainloop-glib}.so) #"pulseaudio-xen" "pulseaudio-gconf"

(note the 3 added files before the comment.

gdonval commented on 2020-04-30 13:29

You might want to revisit your patchset: flat volume is disabled by default now for instance. It could be that other things are as well.

Marc.2377 commented on 2020-03-31 05:57

(with apologies for going offtopic) - stuartiannaylor: check the 'restore_bluetooth_profile=true' parameter for module-card-restore, as outlined at It used to cause a segfault (still does in pulseaudio 13) but I fixed it.

quequotion commented on 2020-03-03 14:08

stuartiannaylor, having survived the initial collapse of bluetooth support in pulseaudio a few years back, I feel your pain, however this is not a very useful place to discuss this. These comments are for issues with this packaging, not the software itself.

These days it is actually possible to contact the pulseaudio community; ie via IRC or using their mailing list.

Have you tried pavucontrol? It can't do everything that pacmd or pactl can do, but it can do a lot. If all three profiles are supported, you should be able to select them for your headset in pavucontrol's "Configuration" tab. Your selection should be remembered.

Another way would be to specify a manual configuration in /etc/pulse/, but that's a whole rabbit hole unto itself.

stuartiannaylor commented on 2020-03-02 04:44

With the constant changes to AD2P and HSP/HFP I am struggling. In PA12 they changed the prority as HSP/HFP would always autoconnect Now it seems impossible to change profile as AD2P always autoconnects

1 card(s) available.
    index: 0
        name: <bluez_card.9B_FD_D5_6E_01_CA>
        driver: <module-bluez5-device.c>
        owner module: 24
                device.description = "A10"
                device.string = "9B:FD:D5:6E:01:CA"
                device.api = "bluez"
                device.class = "sound"
                device.bus = "bluetooth"
                device.form_factor = "headset"
                bluez.path = "/org/bluez/hci0/dev_9B_FD_D5_6E_01_CA"
                bluez.class = "0x240404"
                bluez.alias = "A10"
                device.icon_name = "audio-headset-bluetooth"
                device.intended_roles = "phone"
                a2dp_sink: High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink) (priority 40, available: unknown)
                headset_head_unit: Headset Head Unit (HSP/HFP) (priority 30, available: no)
                off: Off (priority 0, available: yes)
        active profile: <a2dp_sink>
                bluez_sink.9B_FD_D5_6E_01_CA.a2dp_sink/#1: A10
                bluez_sink.9B_FD_D5_6E_01_CA.a2dp_sink.monitor/#1: Monitor of A1                                                                   0
                headset-output: Headset (priority 0, latency offset 0 usec, available: unknown)

                headset-input: Headset (priority 0, latency offset 0 usec, available: no)

Anyone got any info on how to use HSP/HFP profiles with PA12? Gone through multiple configs also with ofono but firstly it will always default to AD2P and state the HSP/HFP profile is not available.

Same dongle, same headset on android or windows works and also use HSP/HFP because it has a mic rather than just headphones.

Anyone any ideas or some urls you can point me to as so many devices still use HSP/HFP 1.6+

quequotion commented on 2019-08-31 14:43

jack2 now replaces() jack2-dbus.

Would be handy if jack2-dbus were also listed in both its conflicts() and provides(); but the appropriateness of doing so may depend on your interpretation of "deprecated".

AlexWayfer commented on 2019-08-20 10:05

:: Searching AUR for updates...
 -> Missing AUR Packages:  jack2-dbus
:: Starting full system upgrade...
:: Replace jack2-dbus with community/jack2? [Y/n] 
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: removing jack2-dbus breaks dependency 'jack2-dbus' required by pulseaudio-git

quequotion commented on 2019-07-14 00:12

@Haystack, @AlexWayfer

Hey, my bad. I removed an unnecessary source file but forgot to updpkgsums before uploading. I will fix this later tonight, as soon as I get home. In the meantime, you can remove the hash sum on line 34:

From this:


To this:


Haystack commented on 2019-07-09 17:03

I'm having the same problem as @AlexWayfer