Package Details: blueman-git 2.2.1.r40.g361046f1-1

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Package Base: blueman-git
Description: A GTK+ Bluetooth Manager (BlueZ 5) - git
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Keywords: bluetooth network
Licenses: GPL
Conflicts: blueman, blueman-bzr
Provides: blueman
Submitter: flexiondotorg
Maintainer: silvio
Last Packager: silvio
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First Submitted: 2014-09-09 13:53 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-02-09 12:39 (UTC)

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silvio commented on 2021-06-16 06:55 (UTC)

Thanks @whynothugo!

whynothugo commented on 2021-06-14 14:06 (UTC) (edited on 2021-06-14 14:08 (UTC) by whynothugo)

gconf is no longer a dependency for this package.

I've tried removing it locally and everything works fine.

MrHritik commented on 2017-11-17 12:29 (UTC)

PKGBUILD: line 36: ./configure: No such file or directory

txus commented on 2015-10-28 13:17 (UTC)

Blueman doesn't start per default at least with newer git versions. You should add glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas at the end of the install file. Thanks!

whynothugo commented on 2015-05-15 23:54 (UTC)

Please update the package, upstream has supported python3 for some time now.

whynothugo commented on 2015-04-12 18:54 (UTC)

The latest code from upstream merges python3 support: I'd advise that we now use python3 for this package: 1) Make the PKGBUILD simpler. 2) It'll use our default python. 3) Help upstream find any undetected issues.

morgenstern commented on 2015-03-07 08:51 (UTC)

If blueman-manager fails to run and does a core dump because one of the settings schemas is not loaded, run the following as root to compile the appropriate settings schema, then run blueman-manager again. # /usr/bin/glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/ Note that glib-2.0/ may be located in a different folder on your system, such as /usr/local, for example.

whynothugo commented on 2015-03-05 10:42 (UTC)

==> Starting prepare()... installing './compile' installing './config.guess' installing './config.sub' installing './install-sh' installing './missing' error: required file 'blueman/plugins/config/' not found Anyone else having this issue?

JP-Ellis commented on 2015-01-26 23:50 (UTC)

The pkgver() function uses the current date which is causing makepkg to identify a new version every single day (even with no changes to the code). It should be updated to track more accurately the repository. Taken from the Arch Wiki, this should work: ``` pkgver() { git describe --long --tags 2>/dev/null | sed 's/\([^-]*-g\)/r\1/;s/-/./g' } ``` At the time of writing this, this will produce version `1.99.alpha1.r94.g4797888`.

flexiondotorg commented on 2014-11-04 10:10 (UTC)

@dot - python2-cairo has been added.

dot commented on 2014-11-03 07:00 (UTC)

I think it requires python2-cairo. After installing this package I've seen this backtrace gone.

erkexzcx commented on 2014-10-27 12:53 (UTC)

this is what I have got when started: [erikas@HELPME ~]$ blueman-manager Loading configuration plugins Using GConf config backend Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/blueman-manager", line 22, in <module> from blueman.gui.manager.ManagerDeviceList import ManagerDeviceList File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/blueman/gui/manager/", line 25, in <module> from blueman.gui.manager.ManagerDeviceMenu import ManagerDeviceMenu File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/blueman/gui/manager/", line 9, in <module> from blueman.gui.MessageArea import MessageArea File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/blueman/gui/", line 23, in <module> from blueman.gui.GtkAnimation import WidgetFade File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/blueman/gui/", line 21, in <module> import cairo ImportError: No module named cairo solved when installed "python" package.

whynothugo commented on 2014-09-15 14:02 (UTC)

I'm requesting that this be merged into blueman-git, since development has officialy moved to github.

flexiondotorg commented on 2014-09-09 13:56 (UTC)

Updateed to reflect the version bump to 1.9.9. Builds in a chroot which already has `obex-data-server` installed and builds using several AUR helpers.

schmidtbag commented on 2014-09-02 23:42 (UTC)

I'm unable to install this - has a problem locating aclocal. I have autogen 5.18.2 installed from extra. I have /usr/share/aclocal/ too if that matters.

allen875 commented on 2014-08-31 01:37 (UTC)

missing dependency from AUR is obex-data-server

stevenhoneyman commented on 2014-08-27 22:43 (UTC)

The version is now 1.9.9 (alpha), rather than 1.2.3

flexiondotorg commented on 2014-07-30 16:51 (UTC)

I've made the required changes to support Cython.

commented on 2014-07-30 01:50 (UTC)

The PKGBUILD needs 'CYTHONEXEC=/usr/bin/cython2' prefixed to the configure command to actually find cython2.

stevenhoneyman commented on 2014-07-18 15:33 (UTC)

The makedeps have changed: It's using cython instead of pyrex now

johnhamelink commented on 2014-07-12 13:26 (UTC)

I'm having the same problem as Yardie and fenexomega: everthing works fine but I get that error message on startup.

jro commented on 2014-07-09 13:12 (UTC)

For me, it isn't working. BlueZ works, hcitool scan yields results, but Blueman claims the devices is down. When trying to initiate a search from Blueman, I see the following error: Resource Not Ready Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/blueman-manager", line 224, in inquiry self.List.DiscoverDevices() File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/blueman/gui/", line 394, in DiscoverDevices self.Adapter.start_discovery() File "/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/blueman/bluez/", line 143, in warp raise parse_dbus_error(exception) DBusNotReadyError: Resource Not Ready

Yardie commented on 2014-07-05 06:50 (UTC)

I am getting the same error as fenexomega Failed to apply network settings I will try to track it down. Thanks

fenexomega commented on 2014-06-29 02:25 (UTC)

Hi, everytime I start blueman-applet, I get this popup dialog showing this error: ======== Failed to apply network settings org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildSignaled: Process org.blueman.Mechanism received signal 5 You might not be able to connect to the Bluetooth network via this machine ======== Besides this, everything works normally. Any help to make this disappear?

mikekuehn commented on 2014-06-14 18:10 (UTC)

PKGBUILD works now, no need to edit

Corax commented on 2014-05-25 14:08 (UTC)

prepare() fails with the latest version (the patch fails), it looks like and the makefiles were modified 4h ago (commit 188c0b40513451810599664c837a3db95e864524). Removing PKGBUILD lines 30 through 34 (patch and sed's) solves the problem, now that python-config has been replaced with pkg-config they are no longer useful (the patch should be removed as well, obviously).

dennis123123 commented on 2014-05-17 20:13 (UTC)

gconf is no longer required, can you please remove it as a dependancy? See the list here: also the configure parameter "--with-gtk=3.0" doesn't seem to exist anymore Thanks

flexiondotorg commented on 2014-05-01 10:03 (UTC)

I've added `pulseaudio` to `optdepends`.

cucullus commented on 2014-04-23 22:31 (UTC)

It seems that pulseaudio could be moved to optdeps

Chazza commented on 2014-04-23 17:09 (UTC)

Well that's coincidental :) Just to warn folks, I'm having significant issues with this (I guess that's to be expected with development software.) The root of the issues seems to be with obex-data-server. Without it installed, if I click on send file it comes up with a pop up telling me to install obex-data-server. What's more, all the Transfer settings in Local Services are greyed out. When I install obex-data-server, file transfers hang and then time out and the transfer settings disappear altogether. I'm left with a blank grey box.

flexiondotorg commented on 2014-04-23 16:29 (UTC)

Chazza, curiously I am working on an updated PKGBUILD right now too. I new version will land shortly :-)

Chazza commented on 2014-04-23 16:26 (UTC)

This build section worked for me:

Chazza commented on 2014-04-23 16:18 (UTC) doesn't seem to be producing a makefile. I get this: ==> Starting build()... installing './compile' installing './config.guess' installing './config.sub' installing './install-sh' installing './missing' blueman/ installing './py-compile' module/ installing './depcomp' make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.

devil666 commented on 2014-04-19 16:35 (UTC)

Error on fresh Arch installation while launching blueman-applet: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/bin/blueman-applet", line 10, in <module> import gi ImportError: No module named gi Same error appears in blueman-manager.

cucullus commented on 2014-04-17 23:28 (UTC)

python2-gobject is needed

Chazza commented on 2014-03-17 08:19 (UTC)

I think gnome-python has been listed as dep twice.

someoneelse123 commented on 2014-03-06 22:31 (UTC)

Sorry about delay, my Arch systemd'd itself recently and I didn't had time to fix it. Both problems should be fixed now.

uberGeek commented on 2014-03-04 01:27 (UTC)

I was getting an annoying pop-up when running blueman-applet: "Failed to apply network settings org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ChildExited: Launch helper exited with unknown return code 1 You might not be able to connect to the Bluetooth network via this machine" I fixed it with a single character. In /usr/libexec/blueman-mechanism, I changed "#!/usr/bin/python" to "#!/usr/bin/python2" Strange that no one else has noticed this. I run a stripped down system with openbox, lxpanel and bbpager. Thanks to kozec for this package.

Chazza commented on 2014-02-17 12:55 (UTC)

I'd recommend changing upstream url to the following:

mpan commented on 2014-02-04 23:53 (UTC)

The URL provided as upstream points to a link farm.

someoneelse123 commented on 2013-10-19 17:53 (UTC)

tachy: Ok, briefly tested & updated.

tachy commented on 2013-10-18 10:59 (UTC)

It seems that libbtctl is no longer required. That package has been orphaned and no longer builds. Could you please remove the dependency?

alucryd commented on 2013-08-28 09:36 (UTC)

Github repo has been discontinued. Merging into blueman-bzr.

someoneelse123 commented on 2013-04-27 21:56 (UTC)

Ok, fixed.

dkasak commented on 2013-04-27 13:23 (UTC)

This is because of the use of $startdir, which has been deprecated. Instead of $startdir/pkg, use $pkgdir.

dkasak commented on 2013-04-27 13:20 (UTC)

Build fails with: /home/dkasak/build/packages/blueman-bzr/PKGBUILD: line 61: cd: /home/dkasak/build/packages/blueman-bzr/pkg/blueman-bzr/usr/bin: No such file or directory ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package(). Aborting...

someoneelse123 commented on 2012-10-19 08:12 (UTC)


dkasak commented on 2012-10-18 09:03 (UTC)

Please change the python-notify dependency to python2-notify and python-pybluez to python2-pybluez (the new names). Patch:

someoneelse123 commented on 2012-08-22 11:52 (UTC)

So, what can be out of date on -bzr package?

archman commented on 2012-01-17 14:11 (UTC)

When installing: ==> Patching... patching file patching file module/ patching file sendto/ patching file blueman/plugins/applet/ Hunk #1 FAILED at 6. 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file blueman/plugins/applet/ ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build(). Aborting...

someoneelse123 commented on 2011-04-09 10:10 (UTC)

Adopted and updated for python2

killajoe commented on 2011-02-27 16:20 (UTC)

Build Error some with python ...

krevedko commented on 2010-08-12 09:55 (UTC)

$> makepkg ERROR: bad syntax for optdepend : 'gnome-vfs-obexftp, nautilus: To view OBEX ftp shares'

killajoe commented on 2010-07-18 09:27 (UTC)

"gnome-vfs-obexftp, nautilus: To view OBEX ftp shares" need to be like that: "gnome-vfs-obexftp: To view OBEX ftp shares inside nautilus" + btsco: For bluetooth audio does ... does not work anymore as far as i know...