Package Details: slack-desktop 4.27.156-1

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Package Base: slack-desktop
Description: Slack Desktop (Beta) for Linux
Upstream URL:
Licenses: custom
Submitter: ogarcia
Maintainer: ogarcia
Last Packager: ogarcia
Votes: 552
Popularity: 6.65
First Submitted: 2015-10-19 09:59 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-07-06 06:39 (UTC)

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ogarcia commented on 2020-02-06 11:44 (UTC) (edited on 2020-02-06 11:44 (UTC) by ogarcia)

Please, don't ask for add lsb-release as dependency. In Arch Linux this package is not needed to run Slack Desktop.

And before asking for any other dependency as make or patch or whatever, please read the wiki.

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shieldwed commented on 2022-08-09 21:01 (UTC)

I made the following changes to get screensharing running on wayland:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index af27b76..74c710b 100644
@@ -13,14 +13,19 @@ depends=('gtk3' 'libsecret' 'libxss' 'nss' 'xdg-utils')
 optdepends=('libappindicator-gtk3: Systray indicator support'
             'org.freedesktop.secrets: Keyring password store support')
+        ""
+        'd39bba7db4e1854dbba2afefa5cc108ff698befaef65539a7f5b09581e81f753bdbdd091ed0df9470b99f2aa0eda0985874f01628b8974a458eef0df774ec404'

 package() {
     bsdtar -O -xf "slack-desktop-${pkgver}"*.deb data.tar.xz | bsdtar -C "${pkgdir}" -xJf -

+    # Fix screensharing on wayland
+    install -D "" "$pkgdir/usr/bin/slack"
     # Fix hardcoded icon path in .desktop file
     patch -d "${pkgdir}" -p1 <"${pkgname}".patch

diff --git a/ b/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..a402971
--- /dev/null
+++ b/
@@ -0,0 +1,2 @@
+exec /usr/lib/slack/slack --enable-features=WebRTCPipeWireCapturer "$@"

ogarcia commented on 2022-06-30 06:24 (UTC) (edited on 2022-06-30 06:28 (UTC) by ogarcia)

@andy44 did you read the pinned comment? have you bothered to check if your system complies the prerequisites?

andy44 commented on 2022-06-30 01:11 (UTC)

Need patch to run this PKGBUILD

$ makepkg -sri                                                                                                                                                               
==> Making package: slack-desktop 4.27.154-1 (Thu 30 Jun 2022 11:07:28)
==> Checking runtime dependencies...
==> Checking buildtime dependencies...
==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Found slack-desktop-4.27.154-amd64.deb
  -> Found slack-desktop.patch
==> Validating source files with b2sums...
    slack-desktop-4.27.154-amd64.deb ... Passed
    slack-desktop.patch ... Passed
==> Extracting sources...
==> Removing existing $pkgdir/ directory...
==> Entering fakeroot environment...
==> Starting package()...
/home/<user>/aur-programs/slack-desktop/PKGBUILD: line 25: patch: command not found
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().

KaibutsuX commented on 2022-06-22 14:31 (UTC)

Anyone else experiencing tray/notification issues?

When the app is minimized to the tray and I get a message, I get a desktop notification with the "View Msg" "link" and when I click it, it does bring the app to the foreground, but it also bring the next app in the tray (in this case qbittorrent) to the foreground.

I haven't looked at code, but I would imagine there's probably 2 code paths doing the same thing to bring the app to the front, but in 1 path there's an off-by-one error?

steadfasterX commented on 2022-06-01 12:35 (UTC)

@lostpolaris thanks you saved my day :) I was not able to add another workspace otherwise.

pujianto commented on 2022-04-10 12:37 (UTC)

Opening multiple workplaces at the same time works for me.

lostpolaris commented on 2022-04-08 00:42 (UTC)

For anyone who is using KDE as their environment, here is a solution to help you log in through the desktop app

GC268DM commented on 2022-03-15 14:36 (UTC)


leaving this here since it bummed me out for a longer time:

With 4.23 and even 4.24 Google SSO did not work for me anymore as @33Fraise33 suggested on another thread, what works is opening the SSO link in Firefox instead of Chrome.

joseph-jones commented on 2022-02-22 17:54 (UTC)

I also noticed 4.23.0 not working with my companies SSO. I had to downgrade back to 4.21.1 to get slack working again.

brieck commented on 2022-02-09 16:13 (UTC)

Can confirm issue with current upstream version (4.23.0-1). Logging in to workspaces is, at best, flaky. Downgrading to 4.21.1-1 solves the issue (0829f7d72650).

ayhomaru commented on 2022-01-14 09:19 (UTC)

Version 4.23.0-1 does not allow me to login via Google SSO from the browser. Downgraded to 4.21 and it worked there.

blau commented on 2022-01-05 09:38 (UTC)

@rgcv same here... but for me it never launches when I use the "Ozone Platform" options

rgcv commented on 2021-12-24 06:43 (UTC)

@fardog appreciate the feedback. my solution was to downgrade it, 4.22 seems... decent enough, and I need screensharing in general to work on wayland, for one (daily driving sway).

fardog commented on 2021-12-21 17:23 (UTC)

@rgcv i can confirm the same unfortunately, segfault under wayland; works fine when running via xwayland though, so i'm just falling back to that for now. i don't have a fix, just a confirmation that you're not alone in the issue.

Initializing local storage instance
(electron) Sending uncompressed crash reports is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Electron. Set { compress: true } to opt-in to the new behavior. Crash reports will be uploaded gzipped, which most crash reporting servers support.
[3902:1221/] Passthrough is not supported, GL is egl, ANGLE is
[3902:1221/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.
[12/21/21, 09:16:52:663] info:
║      Slack 4.23.0, linux 5.15.10-arch1-1 on x64      ║
[12/21/21, 09:16:52:664] info: Configured logger via
  "enableConsoleTransport": true,
  "identifierOverride": "webapp-service-worker-console",
  "shouldUseNewBackend": false,
  "loggerInstanceCount": 2
[12/21/21, 09:16:52:664] info: Predefined values for process
  "NODE_ENV": "production",
  "platform": "linux",
  "type": "browser",
  "timeZone": "America/Los_Angeles",
  "PACKAGE_MANIFEST.productName": "Slack",
  "PACKAGE_MANIFEST.version": "4.23.0",
  "PACKAGE_MANIFEST.commit": "8c4b013",
[3860:1221/] Gtk: gtk_widget_add_accelerator: assertion 'GTK_IS_ACCEL_GROUP (accel_group)' failed
[3860:1221/] Gtk: gtk_widget_add_accelerator: assertion 'GTK_IS_ACCEL_GROUP (accel_group)' failed
/home/<redacted>/.dotfiles/bin/slack: line 3:  3860 Segmentation fault      (core dumped) /usr/bin/slack --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland $@

wooque commented on 2021-12-21 13:08 (UTC)

Electron packaging guidelines say that if packages comes with prebuilt Electron it should go to /opt

schard commented on 2021-12-21 12:38 (UTC)

@wooque No. Read the FHS.

wooque commented on 2021-12-21 12:20 (UTC)

Shouldn't AUR packages go to /opt, I noticed that all packages I installed are in /opt except Slack

yonson commented on 2021-12-16 22:01 (UTC)

@rgcv isn't the electron version bundled in this package?

rgcv commented on 2021-12-16 19:22 (UTC)

Consider using a downgraded version of electron (say electron 15, haven't had many issues with it). With the most recent version of electron (16 at time of writing), I am now only having issues if I enable the WebRTCPipeWireCapturer feature :\ Guess I can't have screensharing

yonson commented on 2021-12-16 17:36 (UTC)

I am also seeing the segmentation fault trying to run on wayland with 4.23.0

rgcv commented on 2021-12-15 10:53 (UTC) (edited on 2021-12-15 11:40 (UTC) by rgcv)

Most recent update (4.23.0) breaks if trying to run it in pure wayland mode (with WebRTC enabled).

$ slack --enable-features=UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland
Initializing local storage instance
(electron) Sending uncompressed crash reports is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Electron. Set { compress: true } to opt-in to the new behavior. Crash reports will be uploaded gzipped, which most crash reporting servers support.
[2167056:1215/] Failed to call method: org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Get: object_path= /org/freedesktop/portal/desktop: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.InvalidArgs: No such interface “org.freedesktop.portal.FileChooser”
[2167056:1215/] Failed to read portal version property
[2167110:1215/] Passthrough is not supported, GL is egl, ANGLE is
[2167110:1215/] InitializeSandbox() called with multiple threads in process gpu-process.
[2167056:1215/] Gtk: gtk_widget_add_accelerator: assertion 'GTK_IS_ACCEL_GROUP (accel_group)' failed
[2167056:1215/] Gtk: gtk_widget_add_accelerator: assertion 'GTK_IS_ACCEL_GROUP (accel_group)' failed
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  slack --enable-features=WebRTCPipeWireCapturer,UseOzonePlatform --ozone-platform=wayland

edit: might have been an inconsistent state in my system, it seems it launches okay... albeit only sometimes. If anyone else runs into something, do tell.

leledumbo commented on 2021-11-25 01:33 (UTC) (edited on 2021-11-25 02:02 (UTC) by leledumbo)

Got this upon start of 4.22.0-1:

$ slack
[3324:1125/] readlink failed: Not a directory (20)
[3324:1125/] readlink(~/.config/Slack/SingletonLock) failed: Not a directory (20)
[3324:1125/] readlink(~/.config/Slack/SingletonLock) failed: Not a directory (20)
[3324:1125/] Failed to create ~/.config/Slack/SingletonLock: Not a directory (20)
[3324:1125/] readlink failed: Not a directory (20)
[3324:1125/] readlink(~/.config/Slack/SingletonLock) failed: Not a directory (20)

I only see ~/.config/Slack which is a file instead of a directory. Deleting that file allows starting, though. Sounds like an improper migration to me.

Tilley commented on 2021-10-21 18:27 (UTC)

@FizzyGalacticus, I can't reproduce this error, but I have a ~/$USER/.config/Slack. Maybe try manually making ~/$USER/.config/Slack/local-settings.json. My version of that file just contains {"lastElectronVersionLaunched":"14.0.0","electronFeatureOverrides":[]}, but I would try it with an empty file first. If that doesn't work, try the slack-electron package instead.

FizzyGalacticus commented on 2021-10-21 18:05 (UTC)

Ever since I updated to the lastest version, I'm receiving the following errors:

Initializing local storage instance
(electron) Sending uncompressed crash reports is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Electron. Set { compress: true } to opt-in to the new behavior. Crash reports will be uploaded gzipped, which most crash reporting servers support.
Couldn't save to /$USER/.config/Slack/local-settings.json: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open '/$USER/.config/Slack/local-settings.json.24822100'
Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, mkdir '/$USER/.config/Slack/storage'
    at Object.mkdirSync (node:fs:1324:3)
    at w._init (/usr/lib/slack/app.asar/dist/main.bundle.js:342:4874)
    at new w (/usr/lib/slack/app.asar/dist/main.bundle.js:342:4188)
    at new b (/usr/lib/slack/app.asar/dist/main.bundle.js:342:34641)
    at Tx (/usr/lib/slack/app.asar/dist/main.bundle.js:188:26694)
    at configureStore (/usr/lib/slack/app.asar/dist/main.bundle.js:188:27177)
    at U2 (/usr/lib/slack/app.asar/dist/main.bundle.js:188:50506)
    at B2 (/usr/lib/slack/app.asar/dist/main.bundle.js:188:51419) {
  errno: -2,
  syscall: 'mkdir',
  code: 'ENOENT',
  path: '/$USER/.config/Slack/storage'
[85690:0100/] vaQuerySurfaceAttributes failed, VA error: invalid parameter
[85690:0100/] FillProfileInfo_Locked failed for va_profile VAProfileH264Main and entrypoint VAEntrypointVLD
[85690:0100/] vaQuerySurfaceAttributes failed, VA error: invalid parameter
[85690:0100/] FillProfileInfo_Locked failed for va_profile VAProfileH264High and entrypoint VAEntrypointVLD

Note: I replaced my actual username with $USER

It looks like it's trying to create files/directories at the root of the filesystem instead of in my home directory.

Searching for these errors has lead me absolutely nowhere, and I'm hoping someone may have a solution? I looked at the main.bundle.js file in hopes I could manually update to just put in my home dir, but since it's minified js, it's very difficult to follow.

gunslingerfry commented on 2021-09-30 16:38 (UTC) (edited on 2021-09-30 16:39 (UTC) by gunslingerfry)

There's a 4.20 update and they seem to have decided it is no longer beta (at least in their url).
New pkgver: 4.20.0
New sha256: b08207389246837536ea769425d458411c08dc6802ffaae9249092e387461ce5
New url:{pkgver}/prod/x64 /${pkgname}-${pkgver}-amd64.deb"

skolind commented on 2021-09-07 09:18 (UTC)

Hi. I am having an issue with the font on code blocks - it looks like I am missing a font, but I am not sure which one. Does anyone know?

Jaq commented on 2021-07-20 21:21 (UTC)

Hi, when I start or receive a slack call, the audio settings don't pick up an input (tried multiple microphones). Other applications don't run into this issue (zoom, google meet, chime, to name a few). Has anyone seen this issue before and resolved it? I'm wondering if I need to configure pulseaudio in anyway for this specific application to work with my audio inputs?

zapling commented on 2021-06-28 09:00 (UTC)

Unicode input (ctrl + shift + u) does not seem to work anymore. It could be a change at the Slack side, but just thought I give a heads up to anyone else looking

nhumrich commented on 2021-04-20 16:51 (UTC) (edited on 2021-04-20 16:51 (UTC) by nhumrich)

@alecmev I had the same issue. It appears to be an issue with firefox, not electron. Setting the environment variable GDK_BACKEND=wayland for firefox when I launch it seemed to fix the issue for me.

alecmev commented on 2021-03-31 14:09 (UTC)

Can't open links as of a week or two ago. Discord works, so this isn't an Electron and/or Wayland issue. My default browser is Firefox, and I have $BROWSER set to firefox, and xdg-open works fine by itself. Every time I click on a link in Slack, a new sh /usr/bin/xdg-open process is spawned, and they all stay there even after terminating Slack. Any pointers?

jbmorgado commented on 2020-11-30 11:06 (UTC)

Is missing a dependency: libappindicator-gtk3

Without this, it doesn't show the notification indicator in the status bar on Gnome.

yubo56 commented on 2020-11-18 00:19 (UTC) (edited on 2020-11-18 00:27 (UTC) by yubo56)

I figured out the problem with the browser issue, Slack tries to xdg-open but the xdg-mime query (L827 of /usr/bin/xdg-open on my system) returns

/bin/sh: warning: setlocale: LC_ALL: cannot change locale (en-US) brave-browser.desktop

Seems like some dingus at Slack decided to set the locale to "en-US" instead of "en_US" like all our locale.gen's support

The workaround is the same, just set the BROWSER manually, since xdg-open falls back to BROWSER if it can't find the correct *.desktop file to open the file (and it can't because the "warning" in the message above is part of the desktop filename returned, which obviously will fail to parse). xdg-open by default falls back to a few default web browsers if it can't find an app, L928-930 on my system:

    if has_display; then

This also explains why everybody saw firefox being used instead of their default browsers, or google-chrome. Not sure why this doesn't affect slack-electron...

alexz commented on 2020-11-17 23:32 (UTC)

Why is it called Beta ? So confusing, really sounds like the nightly-build, where in fact is the latest stable build ... confusing

Tilley commented on 2020-11-17 19:36 (UTC)

Setting the browser environment variable to fix the Firefox link bug didn't work for me. The links still opened in Firefox and caused Firefox to crash for some reason. Uninstalling Firefox made Slack unable to open links at all. So I tried the slack-electron package thinking that maybe the Slack team just borked their bundled electron build. Sure enough, slack-electron opens links in google-chrome just like I wanted it to. Hope this helps someone else.

lira commented on 2020-11-13 23:05 (UTC) (edited on 2020-11-13 23:11 (UTC) by lira)

@goddva, thanks for the reply and workaround.

For someone who might need:

vim /usr/share/applications/slack.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=env BROWSER=brave /usr/bin/slack -s %U

goddva commented on 2020-11-13 18:23 (UTC)

@victortrac @Thornycrackers @lira - I had the same issue with Slack not using my default browser. A quick look of processing spawning, I do see that it uses xdg-open <URL>. But all my settings are correct, so it should open in Chrome... but no luck.

However, Slack do use the BROWSER environment variable if its set, so a BROWSER=google-chrome slack would be my workaround until it gets fixed, or I do have more time to see what really happens...

crystal_pepsi commented on 2020-11-13 11:04 (UTC) (edited on 2020-11-13 11:11 (UTC) by crystal_pepsi)

After the install, slack doesn't seem to launch at all - I'm not really sure how to proceed here. I tried installing 4.10.3, but that didn't launch on my system either!

EDIT: Deleted my ~/.config/slack then tried again - slack now launches

lira commented on 2020-11-13 00:14 (UTC)

4.11.x broke the default browser for me too. I have the brave as my default and it was opening all the links in firefox. I downgraded to 4.10.3 and everything is working again.

Thornycrackers commented on 2020-11-12 23:08 (UTC)

@victortrac 4.11.x broke the default browser for me. I have Firefox as my default and it was opening all the links in chrome. I downgraded to 4.10.3 and everything is working again.

victortrac commented on 2020-11-12 16:48 (UTC)

@doctorcolossus - I've had similar issues upgrading slack in the past. Wiping out ~/.config/Slack fixed it for me.

victortrac commented on 2020-11-12 16:47 (UTC)

Did 4.11.x break the default browser for anyone? My default browser is brave, but after upgrading to slack 4.11.x, all links started opening in Firefox. All other applications are obeying the mime apps file properly, but slack-dekstop 4.11 completely ignores it. Downgrading to slack-desktop 4.10.x fixes the issue.

doctorcolossus commented on 2020-11-11 19:31 (UTC)

Thanks for verifying, @je-vv. Weird though. My system is also fully up-to-date.

je-vv commented on 2020-11-11 18:03 (UTC) (edited on 2020-11-11 18:04 (UTC) by je-vv)

@doctorcolossus, it's working as it used to, at least for me, no issues with the upgrade. Though I have a pretty up to date system though.

@skolind, I use LXQt, and the slack icon shows normal, as it has been doing so, on the tray. Though it's been several releases back it doesn't show up on the legacy tray, but rather in what's called now a days notification area, and some years back was called modern tray.

All electron apps have icon misbehaving since quite a while back though, not just slack. Clicking on the tray icon no longer shows/hides the app, one has to right click on the tray icon and then select show/hide or their equivalents for the app. But that's electrons' fault I believe.

doctorcolossus commented on 2020-11-11 16:41 (UTC)

I got a segmentation fault trying to run slack after upgrading to this latest release (4.11.0-1). I tried reinstalling a couple of times and rebooting and reinstalling, but it persisted in segfaulting. Did nobody else experience that? I've downgraded back to 4.10.3-1 for now...

skolind commented on 2020-10-29 09:01 (UTC)

I installed and it's working like a charm, but the icon for the tray output no i3(bar) does not show. The app shows up (i can right click etc) but the icon is not showing - it's transparent. Have anyone else experienced this?

friartuck commented on 2020-09-22 14:34 (UTC) (edited on 2020-09-22 14:35 (UTC) by friartuck)

@B2Pi I had the same issue with the generic icon with KDE. Installing libappindicator-gtk3 from the community repo resolved the issue for me.

victortrac commented on 2020-09-21 14:18 (UTC)

@greenisagoodcolo and anyone else having the JS appTeams error - I had to delete my ~/.config/Slack directory, which allowed Slack to start normally. I then had to re-login to all of my workspaces and re-set some of my preferences.

greenisagoodcolo commented on 2020-09-15 12:10 (UTC)


I started getting an error about "appTeams" on open as of last week. I tried removing and reinstalling, didn't work without patch, tried copying patch (but the patch in the repo had git history which when removed failed shasum test), then tried removing the patch from the makepkg and reinstalling.

I'm still getting the error on open, preventing use of app.

A javascript error occured in the main process

Uncaught exception: TypeError: cannot read property 'appTeams' of undefined at validateTeamsState (/usr/lib/slack/resources/app.asar/dist-main.bundle.js:2:1930329) at reduce (/usr/lib/slack/resources/app.asar/dist/main.bundle.js:2-1930925"...

and onwards. Full pic of error message here - can't copy it from this weird electron window (

Is anyone else encounterign this error on the "appTeams" property preventing use of the applications?

brsvh commented on 2020-08-13 01:39 (UTC)

@valentjedi It works fine, thx :)

valentjedi commented on 2020-08-10 20:00 (UTC)

@brsvh I had the same thing. Upon looking at logs it seems that slack assumes lsb-release installed and doesn't handle its absense. Installing lsb-release fixed the issue for me.

to1ne commented on 2020-08-10 17:59 (UTC)

It seems to depend on wget as well. I had a segmentation fault (so far not sure why), but this is what I've got:

Cannot upload crash dump: cannot exec /usr/bin/wget

Unexpected crash report id length
Failed to get crash dump id.
Report Id: 
zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped)  slack

brsvh commented on 2020-07-21 02:30 (UTC) (edited on 2020-07-21 02:31 (UTC) by brsvh)

After I installed and run it, I get some electron and node error, then the slack will freeze and don't have GUI window too.

Initializing local storage instance at path: /home/brs/.config/Slack/local-settings.json
Failed to get path for key, this may be expected: /home/brs/.config/autostart
(node:244863) [DEP0005] DeprecationWarning: Buffer() is deprecated due to security and usability issues. Please use the Buffer.alloc(), Buffer.allocUnsafe(), or Buffer.from() methods instead.
(electron) 'BrowserWindow.getDevToolsExtensions' is deprecated and will be removed. Please use 'session.getAllExtensions' instead.

B2Pi commented on 2020-07-13 20:35 (UTC)

Installed, and working fine, but the icon in my task switcher is the generic one. Perhaps someone knows how to fix this (I'm using LXQT, and, concomitantly, lxqt-app-switcher)?

Marcel_K commented on 2020-06-22 11:41 (UTC)

@maverick1: Please read the pinned comment, especially the Prerequisites part of the linked wiki page.

maverick1 commented on 2020-06-22 08:07 (UTC)

I got an error while installing it from yay

==> Starting package()...
/home/maverick/.cache/yay/slack-desktop/PKGBUILD: line 24: patch: command not found
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package().
error making: %!s(func() string=0x55b9433c2880)

nglgzz commented on 2020-06-01 13:00 (UTC)

Without a notification daemon running, Slack will freeze when trying to send a notification.

This issue shows up in other Electron apps too

To fix this install and launch dunst (or any other notification daemon).

life_elixir commented on 2020-05-15 11:43 (UTC)

Same for me - it hangs all the time, becoming non-interactive, if i wait for couple minutes - it works, but after a while - same problem. What interesting is that the same happens with mailspring app. Probably connected to electron or other library which is used in both apps.

hendry commented on 2020-05-05 03:40 (UTC)

Slack becomes non-interactive for me after a few minutes.

Any ideas how to fix this? Using 4.4.2-1.

Thank you in advance!

hpstg commented on 2020-04-21 10:25 (UTC)

For anyone having issues with Slack crashing in Gnome-Shell, make sure that you don't include it in any Auto Move Windows rule. When it initiates a call it spawns a separate window which will crash the whole of Gnome-Shell.

je-vv commented on 2020-04-06 20:38 (UTC)

Hi, when I close slack, and it get minimized on the tray, "clicking" on the tray doesn't bring it up at all. I have noticed this for the last 2 versions, and I seem to remember it did work. What I don't remember ever working is that the slack window is up, then there's no way to make it minimize in the tray, by "clicking" the tray. The only way to minimize it the tray was to close window through the WM close button, but that's not doing anything anymore...

Is there a way to work around any of the mentioned issues, or at least the one related to minimizing to tray? Thanks !

ogarcia commented on 2020-04-06 07:03 (UTC)

@leinher done

leinher commented on 2020-04-03 15:39 (UTC)

Hey Guys, slack logged about 2 million lines in 8 work days. When I open journalctl the only thing I see is info: [DESKTOP-SIDE-EFFECT] Update from desktop for keys ["windows"]. (I use GDM 3.34.1)

I changed the slack.desktop file: Exec=/usr/bin/slack -s %U to mute slacks info/debug log to the journal. Could you please set that as a default?

ElijahLynn commented on 2020-03-18 21:36 (UTC) (edited on 2020-03-18 21:37 (UTC) by ElijahLynn)

New release coming > (2020-03-18)

Not yet available for those wondering > (latest 4.3.2 was released on 2020-01-30)

wooque commented on 2020-02-06 11:45 (UTC)

@laulicus slack works fine here without lsb-release

ogarcia commented on 2020-02-06 11:44 (UTC) (edited on 2020-02-06 11:44 (UTC) by ogarcia)

Please, don't ask for add lsb-release as dependency. In Arch Linux this package is not needed to run Slack Desktop.

And before asking for any other dependency as make or patch or whatever, please read the wiki.

laulicus commented on 2020-02-06 11:33 (UTC)

Please add lsb-release package as dependency. Without that package, slack doesn't start.

silenced_v2 commented on 2020-01-29 06:22 (UTC)

Hey Guys, Slack is behaving weirdly. It's got rendering issues. I use awesome window manager. Whenever I move out of slack and open the window again, all I see is my desktop wallpaper and just the window of slack. Any ideas about how to fix it?

starkers commented on 2020-01-16 15:44 (UTC)

you need to include patch as a build dep please

aknudsen commented on 2020-01-15 10:18 (UTC) (edited on 2020-01-28 10:05 (UTC) by aknudsen)

Actually, never mind, I was able to sign in. Just didn't realize that the sign-in page opened in another workspace of my window manager (Sway) :)

dupondje commented on 2020-01-06 10:41 (UTC)


Please remove the dependency on libcurl-compat and the preload. Slack works fine with libcurl4 :)

nomorsad commented on 2019-12-24 08:13 (UTC)

Building with rua, I get this error

./usr/bin/slack: Can't set user=0/group=0 for usr/bin/slack bsdtar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.

I had to add --no-same-owner to bsdtar to make it extract. Is it only me?

mccartnel commented on 2019-12-15 20:13 (UTC)

I tried it again randomly and It's decided to work.

mccartnel commented on 2019-12-15 17:47 (UTC) (edited on 2019-12-15 20:13 (UTC) by mccartnel)

Problem: After launching, clicking "Sign In" or "get started" does nothing.

Version: 4.2.0

Desktop Environment: KDE

Comments: Running from the terminal, nothing particularly concerning can be found. I do get the below warning on start

warn: (T00000000) UnknownFetchManager requested 1 objects but received 0. Missing objects: T00000000

and on clicking sign-in, the below is printed which seems normal fine

info: Got with URL: /ssb/signin

I've tried modifying settings in ~/.config/Slack/local-settings.json to change the log level or redirect to console (I believe the error may be in the web console it's probably using). I also tried deleting this directory.

I'm actually guessing this is a problem with the desktop client itself or my system, but I'm not sure.

0xBAD0DD5 commented on 2019-12-09 08:48 (UTC)

I was having the same problem with a blank screen running on XFCE. Seems to have gone away with the update on 12/06.

jmacdonald commented on 2019-11-27 14:11 (UTC)

Anyone else getting a blank screen on recent builds when running in Sway?

alsetema commented on 2019-11-16 11:22 (UTC)

@ogarcia That's fair enough tbh, would you be against the idea of adding it as an optional dependency? Also @msenol I think your addition to the arch wiki broke the wiki page for slack

ogarcia commented on 2019-11-16 11:07 (UTC)

Sorry @circleous and @alsetema, but this is AUR (Arch Linux User Repository). I cannot add dependencies to this package that Arch don't need.

msenol commented on 2019-11-15 18:06 (UTC)

I have added information into wiki

circleous commented on 2019-11-15 16:28 (UTC)

@ogarcia, I think this only happens on Archlinux based distros derivative, the problem occured on my laptop running artix linux and It's not happening on vanilla arch linux.

alsetema commented on 2019-11-13 21:49 (UTC)

@ogarcia I experienced this error both in Manjaro and Artix Linux at the time. I got the slack support team involved as well, concluding this was the issue; it might not be a bad idea to add it as a dependency just to be sure


ogarcia commented on 2019-11-13 14:22 (UTC)

@circleous I don't have installed lsb-release and Slack works without problem

circleous commented on 2019-11-13 13:29 (UTC)

please add lsb-release to dependecy, Slack window won't show up according to this error by @alsetema,

warn: Couldn't get Linux distro info from lsb_release, trying fallback to get L inux distro info { "error": { "stack": "Error: Command failed: lsb_release -a --short\n/bin/sh: lsb_release: command not found\n\n at ChildProcess.exithandler (child_process.js:299:12)\n at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:182:13)\n at ChildProcess.EventEmitter.emit (domain.js:442:20)\n at maybeClose (internal/child_process.js:9 62:16)\n at (internal/child_process.js:381:11)\n at Socket.emit (events.js :182:13)\n at Socket.EventEmitter.emit (domain.js:442:20)\n at Pipe._handle.close (net.js:606:12)" , "message": "Command failed: lsb_release -a --short\n/bin/sh: lsb_release: command not found\n", "killed": false, "code": 127, "signal": null, "cmd": "lsb_release -a --short", "stdout": "", "stderr": "/bin/sh: lsb_release: command not found\n" },

msenol commented on 2019-11-12 18:56 (UTC) (edited on 2019-11-12 18:57 (UTC) by msenol)

ok @ogarcia. My linux is Manjaro / Gnome. It may be related to the Manjaro.

ogarcia commented on 2019-11-12 07:45 (UTC) (edited on 2019-11-12 07:45 (UTC) by ogarcia)

@msenol NO. There is a lot of issues caused by install libappindicator-gtk3. If you want install it, you do, but I don't recommend.

msenol commented on 2019-10-31 17:42 (UTC) (edited on 2019-10-31 17:43 (UTC) by msenol)

pacman -Sy libappindicator-gtk3

solves the issue with tray icon. Can we add this add a dependency?

ogarcia commented on 2019-10-21 08:43 (UTC)

@ewhitestone Minor version ahead? The latest version is 4.1.1 that match with package version. If you consider that the package is outdated you can use the button Flag package out-of-date and provide the URL of latest version.

ewhitestone commented on 2019-10-21 01:34 (UTC)

How can I help keep this up to date? The current version seemed to have a memory leak, but I upgraded to the latest pretty easily by modifying the version number and hash in the PKGBUILD file.

Is this something that I can contribute back? Slack is a minor version ahead now.

diogobaeder commented on 2019-09-20 02:10 (UTC)

Hey guys, in my computer the tray icon is not always showing up that blue ball anymore when there are new messages - sometimes not even the red one for messages directed to me. Is anybody else experiencing this issue?

marcosdsanchez commented on 2019-09-19 13:35 (UTC)

To fix the very small tray icon in HiDPI displays, you can add


To your desktop file. It'd be good to include the fix in the AUR package unless it breaks non-HiDPI displays.

nit commented on 2019-09-12 17:33 (UTC)

@raul dark mode works for me on the current version 4.0.2-2

raul commented on 2019-09-12 17:13 (UTC)

is there a channel besides git where we can get this version?

alsetema commented on 2019-09-10 10:36 (UTC) (edited on 2019-09-10 10:40 (UTC) by alsetema)

I have to add that the packet lsb-release is a dependency of slack. I recently had a problem where Slack's window would not launch at all because it was failing to run the command "lsb-release -a" (see the log below). After installing it the program finally managed to launch.

The logs:

warn: Couldn't get Linux distro info from lsb_release, trying fallback to get L inux distro info { "error": { "stack": "Error: Command failed: lsb_release -a --short\n/bin/sh: lsb_release: command not found\n\n at ChildProcess.exithandler (child_process.js:299:12)\n at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:182:13)\n at ChildProcess.EventEmitter.emit (domain.js:442:20)\n at maybeClose (internal/child_process.js:9 62:16)\n at (internal/child_process.js:381:11)\n at Socket.emit (events.js :182:13)\n at Socket.EventEmitter.emit (domain.js:442:20)\n at Pipe._handle.close (net.js:606:12)" , "message": "Command failed: lsb_release -a --short\n/bin/sh: lsb_release: command not found\n", "killed": false, "code": 127, "signal": null, "cmd": "lsb_release -a --short", "stdout": "", "stderr": "/bin/sh: lsb_release: command not found\n" },

Hope it helps

quicks1lver commented on 2019-08-29 08:00 (UTC)

@bakgwailo This fixed it for me, too. I'm also on a reasonably fresh Arch install, so I'm not sure how this got into my local.conf

bakgwailo commented on 2019-08-28 18:45 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-28 18:47 (UTC) by bakgwailo)

So, just as a last follow up - I had a bunch of 'junk' in my /etc/fonts/local.conf config file:

<?xml version="1.0"?> <!DOCTYPE fontconfig SYSTEM "fonts.dtd"> <fontconfig> <match> <edit mode="prepend" name="family"><string>Noto Sans</string></edit> </match> <match target="pattern"> <test qual="any" name="family"><string>serif</string></test> <edit name="family" mode="assign" binding="same"><string>Noto Serif</string></edit> </match> <match target="pattern"> <test qual="any" name="family"><string>sans-serif</string></test> <edit name="family" mode="assign" binding="same"><string>Noto Sans</string></edit> </match> <match target="pattern"> <test qual="any" name="family"><string>monospace</string></test> <edit name="family" mode="assign" binding="same"><string>Noto Mono</string></edit> </match> </fontconfig>

Moving this file (mv /etc/fonts/local.conf /etc/fonts/local.conf.bak) solved all of my font issues, including the latest version of Slack. Clean install, don't really remember touching it, but it definitely was forcing everything into the Noto world.

bakgwailo commented on 2019-08-27 21:01 (UTC)

I was able to "fix" the font issue by downgrading to 3.4.2-1 (no ttf-loto installed or anything else, noto-fonts still installed), if that helps anyone else.

bakgwailo commented on 2019-08-27 04:46 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-27 04:47 (UTC) by bakgwailo)

@pauliokas Where did you end up putting that? Can't get it to work under /etc/fonts/conf.d/ or ~/.config/fonconfig/fonts.conf

My fc-match Slack-Lato stays as:

NotoSans-Regular.ttf: "Noto Sans" "Regular"

even with an fc-cache -f

ogarcia commented on 2019-08-23 06:50 (UTC)

@klusark is true, removed gconf dependency

klusark commented on 2019-08-23 02:00 (UTC)

@ogarcia gconf is not needed as a dependency

p90 commented on 2019-08-16 12:23 (UTC)


anyone also having problems with slack starting today? The moment I start it it just freezes my desktop so you cannot even move the cursor anymore. Have to switch to another tty and kill the process. No clue why.

pauliokas commented on 2019-08-12 09:02 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-12 09:03 (UTC) by pauliokas)

So I fixed the bold fonts by installing ttf-lato and adding the following to my fontconfig:

  <family>Slack Lato</family>

This is not a proper fix, though -- it just makes Slack usable. The problem is that Slack doesn't use the fonts that are packaged with it. Does anyone know why?

lordchaos commented on 2019-08-07 12:55 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-07 12:56 (UTC) by lordchaos)

I get the following output:

x1carbon6 :: ~ » fc-match Slack-Lato

Vera.ttf: "Bitstream Vera Sans" "Roman"

pbnsilva commented on 2019-08-07 12:48 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-07 12:48 (UTC) by pbnsilva)

@lordchaos If you do:

fc-match Slack-Lato

do you see any bold fonts?

I only get:

NotoSans-Regular.ttf: "Noto Sans" "Regular"

lordchaos commented on 2019-08-07 12:15 (UTC) (edited on 2019-08-09 10:33 (UTC) by lordchaos)

I have the following packages installed, but the 'bold font' issue doesn't seem to affect me. I can see bold typefaces fine in Slack.

slack-desktop 4.0.1-1

noto-fonts 20190111-2

ttf-lato 2.015-3

quicks1lver commented on 2019-08-06 07:53 (UTC)

Same issue with the fonts here, but removing noto-fonts is not really a viable solution. Anyone got any other suggestions?

invidian commented on 2019-07-30 14:28 (UTC)

It seems that removing "noto-fonts" package fixed the bold issue for me.

pbnsilva commented on 2019-07-30 09:51 (UTC)

The bold issue is due to conflicting fonts. In my case the set of Noto fonts I'm using (required by Brave) are interfering with Slack Lato fonts.

lgrn commented on 2019-07-30 08:38 (UTC)

Bold fonts work fine for me with package 4.0.0-1, as well as in Slack's web app using google-chrome-beta 71.0.3578.30. I'm on Manjaro 18.0.4 with i3.

pbnsilva commented on 2019-07-29 10:07 (UTC)

No bold fonts here either. Same if I use slack on a Chromium-based browser. On Firefox the bold fonts are there.

jordanconway commented on 2019-07-22 18:55 (UTC)

I'm also no longer seeing bold fonts, is there a new dep that's not being pulled in?

bigcajun826 commented on 2019-07-22 16:13 (UTC)

Bold font seems to work for me. I didn't do anything special outside of pulling the latest PKGBUILD and rebuilding and installing.

FiX commented on 2019-07-22 09:31 (UTC)

After 4.0.0 update there is no bold font in app anymore. Is it an upstream bug?

lordchaos commented on 2019-07-18 18:52 (UTC)

Never mind, apparently I no longer can use Slack behind the corporate firewall at one of my client's locations. It works fine from home.

lordchaos commented on 2019-07-18 09:37 (UTC) (edited on 2019-07-18 09:37 (UTC) by lordchaos)

@ogarcia: yes, I uninstalled slack-desktop and removed the ~/.config/Slack directory. I re-installed the application but with the same results. I'm using KDE 5.16.3 by the way.

ogarcia commented on 2019-07-18 09:21 (UTC)

@lordchaos do you try removing the ~/.config/Slack directory and restarting? (take note that you lose your configuration)

lordchaos commented on 2019-07-18 09:16 (UTC)

Version 4 no longer works for me; I starts without error (I no longer see a splash screen though). I get an empty, white window with a menu on top.

Smoolak commented on 2019-07-08 19:18 (UTC) (edited on 2019-07-08 19:18 (UTC) by Smoolak)

Hi, I got a " not found" and was able to solve it with: sudo chmod 644 /usr/lib/slack/

It might be worth looking at.

Marcel_K commented on 2019-06-24 11:25 (UTC)

You should have installed the base-devel group when building from AUR:

Ukreskowane commented on 2019-06-24 11:21 (UTC)

Missing patch in Dependencies PKGBUILD: line 25: patch: command not found

bigcajun826 commented on 2019-05-30 17:30 (UTC) (edited on 2019-05-30 17:30 (UTC) by bigcajun826)

Looks like there is a bug fix in Xfwm that may address this:

And a workaround posted here (using xprop):

So we have to wait for the Xfwm fix to get into Arch or use the workaround until then. Or rebuild Xfwm with the patch yourself...

Bobko commented on 2019-05-23 11:43 (UTC)

Slack icon is missed in list of opened apps. Using Xfce. Does anyone have suggestion?

klusark commented on 2019-05-21 04:05 (UTC)

Is gconf still needed? I removed it locally, and slack still seems to work fine

lybin commented on 2019-04-22 16:53 (UTC)

warning: could not get file information for usr/lib/slack/src/static/.gitkeep warning: could not get file information for usr/lib/slack/ui_resources_200_percent.pak warning: could not get file information for usr/lib/slack/v8_context_snapshot.bin warning: could not get file information for usr/lib/slack/version warning: could not get file information for usr/lib/slack/views_resources_200_percent.pak warning: could not get file information for usr/share/applications/slack.desktop warning: could not get file information for usr/share/licenses/slack-desktop/LICENSE warning: could not get file information for usr/share/pixmaps/slack.png

nburley commented on 2019-04-18 15:53 (UTC)

+1 for xdg-utils as a dependency, 3.3.8 moved the sign-in as a browser re-direct.

evanstucker commented on 2019-04-16 19:21 (UTC)

+1 to adding xdg-utils to dependencies for sign-in

dsifford commented on 2019-04-10 19:33 (UTC)


I was able to resolve the crash issue by deleting the ~/.config/Slack directory and restarting.

Ping: @Pauligrinder @paulequilibrio

dsifford commented on 2019-04-07 15:27 (UTC)

Having the same issue as @Pauligrinder & @paulequilibrio.

Pauligrinder commented on 2019-04-05 07:24 (UTC)

I have the same problem as paulequilibrio, any idea on how to fix that?

eblau commented on 2019-04-02 19:17 (UTC)

I have an issue with slack-desktop 3.3.8-1 where the mouse scroll wheel stops working after a few hours. Quitting and restarting fixes the problem until it reoccurs. Is anyone else hitting this?

I've looked around and I don't see where to report the bug upstream. Can someone please point me to where I can do so? In the meantime, I've reverted back to 3.3.7-1 and the problem has not occurred since.

iam commented on 2019-03-17 06:18 (UTC)

Have a strange issue with slack. After time of using slack it window became white and even slack reboot doesn't help. Reboot of system helps, but is not good.

olekthunder commented on 2019-03-16 20:06 (UTC)

Had issues with signing in, login url won't open. Please, add xdg-utils to dependencies, installing it resolved my issue.

paulequilibrio commented on 2019-03-16 14:30 (UTC) (edited on 2019-03-16 14:32 (UTC) by paulequilibrio)

Not working for me anymore...

I always get the error:

(electron) 'app.makeSingleInstance(cb)' is deprecated. Use 'app.requestSingleInstanceLock() and app.on('second-instance', cb)' instead.

Does anyone know how to solve it?

nelsonmestevao commented on 2019-02-18 11:31 (UTC)

I am using the community edition of Manjaro with the i3wm. Every time I open slack, it asks me for the password of my computer. Anyone knows why?

je-vv commented on 2019-01-25 21:39 (UTC)

Honestly not sure why, but Today phone calls and desktop sharing is working for me... Not sure if a logout or reboot was required after 1st install (I shut the laptop down last night)...

je-vv commented on 2019-01-24 23:18 (UTC)

Just in case:

% ldd /usr/bin/slack ... => not found ... => not found ...

Not sure if that has anything to do with the disability to receive/make calls

je-vv commented on 2019-01-24 21:48 (UTC)

Hello, the phone calls are not working for me, however my co-workers are telling me, on ubuntu is works fine. So I'm wondering why this AUR package doesn't allow me to use phone calls. Is there a missing dependency not requested either as optional?

MirandaStreeter commented on 2019-01-22 02:43 (UTC)


Adding that prefix (XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity) to the .desktop command field didn't stick until a reboot, but it worked, thank you.

mat250 commented on 2019-01-21 13:16 (UTC) (edited on 2019-01-21 14:05 (UTC) by mat250)

@MirandaStreeter I have the same problem. I fix it following this :

The notification icon is too large (the old one too) so the "red point" notification on slack's icon wasn't displayed

MirandaStreeter commented on 2019-01-21 02:13 (UTC) (edited on 2019-01-21 02:14 (UTC) by MirandaStreeter)

Since the latest update (3.3.7-1) with their logo change, the tray icon in my KDE/Plasma looks to be glitched out. It looks entirely white with a black plus sign covering the entire thing.

My libappindicator is up to date, and no other icons looks to be effected. I'm not entirely sure what's causing this. Trying to troubleshoot to no avail. Anyone else facing this issue?

Everything else about Slack is working just fine.

valentjedi commented on 2019-01-11 13:06 (UTC)

@1ouis with 3.3.4-1 it's all fixed for me even with gpu acceleration enabled.

louisl commented on 2018-11-15 06:36 (UTC)

I'm seeing slack coredumps when my screen goes into suspend and slack is in a different workspace on i3wm/x11.

You can reproduce using xset dpms force suspend while viewing another workspace.

alias slack='slack --disable-gpu' works for now I guess.

ogarcia commented on 2018-11-06 07:41 (UTC) (edited on 2018-11-06 07:45 (UTC) by ogarcia)

@christianmtr I have same problem as you with all electron apps. Seems that electron doesn't work well in wayland and have several screen issues (flickers, black windows, etc), the best workaround is use X11.

UPDATE: Try adding --disable-gpu as option in command line. Maybe this bug is related:

christianmtr commented on 2018-11-05 17:46 (UTC)

I have some probles with this package. I'm running it in gnome-shell over wayland, some times the application window becomes to black (not all window). Do you have this problem?

marceljoseph commented on 2018-10-24 17:44 (UTC)

I can't get the icon (the application icon shown in xprop, tint2, and alt-tab) working. I am using openbox. Has anyone else had this problem?

nepoxx commented on 2018-10-15 14:56 (UTC)

Has anyone found a way to get the tray indicator working on Gnome 3.30? I'm using and tried setting XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity but to no avail.

krakenfury commented on 2018-10-05 15:47 (UTC) (edited on 2018-10-05 21:41 (UTC) by krakenfury)

Was getting libnotify errors "cannot connect to proxy" that were crashing it. Installed notification-daemon and added it to startup and looks like it fixed that error, but now it's crashing without output. Probably an upstream problem.

dvyjns commented on 2018-09-18 01:59 (UTC)

Is there a way to start minimized? I want it to auto start + load into the polybar tray but not load the window every time I log in. Arch Linux/i3-gaps/polybar. Thanks

ogarcia commented on 2018-09-05 09:24 (UTC)

@adrianmo No, patch should not be added as dependency. You need to have base-devel installed:

adrianmo commented on 2018-09-05 07:38 (UTC)

@ogarcia patch needs to be added as a dependency. Thanks for the package :)

goetzc commented on 2018-08-22 01:46 (UTC)

@kunda for me Flatpak was working (except audio) until the last update, where it doesn't open and starts consuming lots of RAM :\

Kunda commented on 2018-08-17 10:55 (UTC)

From the Manjaro forums: maybe the flatpack is the way to go?

ogarcia commented on 2018-08-17 09:56 (UTC)

@sispus I don't know why you have packages on hold, but holded packages never update and that is the problem.

sispus commented on 2018-08-17 09:42 (UTC)

I already did it. "there is nothing to do" I saw this line in my pacman.conf file: HoldPkg = pacman glibc manjaro-system

ogarcia commented on 2018-08-17 09:31 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-17 09:31 (UTC) by ogarcia)

@sispus please, use pacman -Syyu to update your system. Current version of glibc is 2.28-4. -> ->

sispus commented on 2018-08-17 09:25 (UTC)

Hi, Pamac didn't show me any glibc 2.28 update. There is a lock symbol on glibc 2.27.3 package installed from regular repositories on pamac, I think it means I cannot remove the package. I cannot install glibc-git AUR package also, says:

could not satisfy dependencies: removing glibc breaks dependency 'glibc=2.27' required by lib32-glibc

I refreshed mirror list and cleaned package caches using pamac, no help.

ogarcia commented on 2018-08-17 08:43 (UTC)

@marmotz I think that your AUR helper is not working well. Current version of glibc stable is 2.28-4, and you can install it from pacman.

marmotz commented on 2018-08-17 08:33 (UTC)

@ogarcia Impossible to install glibc>=2.28-4

Please fix dependencies. It's working if I remove ">=2.28-4" but I dont know if it's a good solution.

ogarcia commented on 2018-08-17 06:53 (UTC)

@taolin96 hack dropped! Thanks for report!

taolin96 commented on 2018-08-17 00:21 (UTC)

the problematic glibc 2.28 commit is now reverted in the arch glibc package, so I think you can drop the glibc 2.27 hack for this package

prosoitos commented on 2018-08-16 19:31 (UTC)

Everything is working fine for me, but I noticed a series of these in my logfiles, so I thought that I would report, in case:

Aug 16 10:20:05 prosoitos systemd-coredump[11074]: Process 11059 (slack) of user 1000 dumped core.

follows a series of stack trace, then

-- Subject: Process 11059 (slack) dumped core
-- Defined-By: systemd
-- Support:
-- Documentation: man:core(5)
-- Process 11059 (slack) crashed and dumped core.
-- This usually indicates a programming error in the crashing program and
-- should be reported to its vendor as a bug.

Noah-Huppert commented on 2018-08-16 03:02 (UTC)

@Marcel_K you were right! A simple git clone ... and makepkg, makepkg --install ... did the trick.

Thank you

Marcel_K commented on 2018-08-15 22:34 (UTC)

@Noah-Huppert: you're probably using an AUR helper, aren't you? Please try using the default method by running makepkg yourself.

Noah-Huppert commented on 2018-08-13 23:23 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-13 23:23 (UTC) by Noah-Huppert)

I got the following error installing:

aura >>= Building `slack-desktop`...
loading packages...
warning: downgrading package glibc (2.28-1 => 2.27-3)
resolving dependencies...
looking for conflicting packages...
error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing glibc (2.27-3) breaks dependency 'glibc=2.28' required by lib32-glibc

just1602 commented on 2018-08-13 19:37 (UTC)

Could you check if it's now working with glibc-2.28 because a new version of electron have been shipped, and since the last update, slack is working but microphone didn't work anymore when I call someone.

sterg commented on 2018-08-13 17:18 (UTC)

I am having the same issue as tnto. For the time being you can install snapd, via the aur. Then following the instructions here Make sure to sudo systemctl start snapd and to uninstall previous slack installations.

tnto commented on 2018-08-10 09:44 (UTC)

I've update slack and the error message change.

Now is: stack smashing detected : <unknown> terminated</unknown>

Marcel_K commented on 2018-08-09 21:42 (UTC)

Why would you remove glibc 2.28 from your system? The workaround just lets you use the new glibc version, which is needed for many other packages, and the previous version only for this application.

borisb commented on 2018-08-09 08:14 (UTC)

After installing this glibc-patched slack my system fails to boot into GDM. Had to do init=/bin/bash to even access the machine. journalctl -r reported a lot of errors about glibc during gdm startup. Removing slack-desktop and reinstalling glibc 2.28 returned my system back to normal.

mani.zaeim commented on 2018-08-09 03:07 (UTC)

I am using KDE Plasma, and I cant run it after update, I get "[1] 17092 segmentation fault (core dumped) slack".

prosoitos commented on 2018-08-08 08:45 (UTC)

Thank you for the very quick patch!

ogarcia commented on 2018-08-08 07:42 (UTC)

Package patched to work with upgraded glibc! Take note that now the package takes up more space because have glibc-2.27-3 inside!

anemo commented on 2018-08-08 07:37 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-08 07:38 (UTC) by anemo)

I had the same issue launching Slack. Downgrading glibc and lib32-glibc solved the issue.

# pacman -U /var/cache/pacman/pkg/lib32-glibc-2.27-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz /var/cache/pacman/pkg/glibc-2.27-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

MuffinTroll commented on 2018-08-08 07:07 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-08 07:07 (UTC) by MuffinTroll)

The problem that @archelaus is describing is related to glibc-2.28, most electron apps are affected. see the following threads:

getaceres commented on 2018-08-08 06:24 (UTC)

Skype AUR has included the workaround described by wbdana and now it works. Maybe you could do the same so the package works automatically while this bug is solved upstream.

devourerOfBits80 commented on 2018-08-08 05:10 (UTC)

I have the same issue as @archelaus. I don't have a solution for it, but I see that the problem is not quite new and you can find something about it in the Google.

alkersan commented on 2018-08-08 04:54 (UTC)

Another temporary solution would be to install slack from a snap package.

archelaus commented on 2018-08-07 20:18 (UTC)

Running slack returns : Segmentation fault (core dumped)

lira commented on 2018-08-07 17:56 (UTC)

@wbdana thank you very much. It worked!

wbdana commented on 2018-08-07 17:34 (UTC)

@lira I also had the same problem. @hashstat 's solution (with @andris 's edit) worked for me (thanks you two!).

So what I did was:

mkdir /opt/glibc-2.27
sudo bsdtar xf /var/cache/pacman/pkg/glibc-2.27-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz --cd /opt/glibc-2.27

sudo patchelf --set-interpreter /opt/glibc-2.27/usr/lib/ --set-rpath \$ORIGIN:\$ORIGIN/lib/:/opt/glibc-2.27/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/slack

Then I could run slack normally.

lira commented on 2018-08-07 17:15 (UTC)

I cannot start the slack. I have the same problem of @bararchy. How can I resolve it?

andris commented on 2018-08-07 15:20 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-07 16:00 (UTC) by andris)

One can avoid need to specify LD_LIBRARY_PATH by setting also -rpath with patchelf

patchelf --set-interpreter /opt/glibc-2.27/usr/lib/ \
    --set-rpath \$ORIGIN:\$ORIGIN/lib/:/opt/glibc-2.27/usr/lib/ \

Note that slack-desktop already uses -rpath and /opt/glibc-2.27/usr/lib/ must be added to it as in command above

van51 commented on 2018-08-07 14:38 (UTC)

Thanks @hashstat! I am also facing a problem with links not opening on the browser.

@bararchy Are you launching slack with the modified LD_LIBRARY_PATH as in @hashstat's comment in the end? Because I had the same issue, before I did that.

tonkku107 commented on 2018-08-07 14:23 (UTC)

Thanks @hashstat. There's only one more problem: Clicking links doesn't seem to open the browser.

knt commented on 2018-08-07 12:57 (UTC) (edited on 2018-08-07 13:06 (UTC) by knt)

Thanx @hashstat. It is work for me.

bararchy commented on 2018-08-07 11:39 (UTC)

Seems slack-desktop fails to find libffmpeg for me:

also libnode.

Going to /usr/lib/slack i can see both libs.

dief commented on 2018-08-07 08:14 (UTC)

@polo tyvm! I also was given the URL on freenode - should have asked there first. Thanks again

polo commented on 2018-08-07 07:38 (UTC)

Arch package archive

dief commented on 2018-08-07 07:30 (UTC)

@hashstat N00b question here, but how do I get my hands on glibc-2.27-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz? I don't have it in my cache?

hashstat commented on 2018-08-06 18:45 (UTC)

I found a workaround that allows slack to use the previous version of glibc without downgrading.

Do the following as root:

# Extract glibc 2.27-3
mkdir /opt/glibc-2.27
bsdtar xf /var/cache/pacman/pkg/glibc-2.27-3-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz --cd /opt/glibc-2.27

# Patch the slack binary to point to glibc-2.27
pacman -S patchelf
patchelf --set-interpreter /opt/glibc-2.27/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/slack

Now you can launch slack as any user: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/glibc-2.27/usr/lib/ slack &>/dev/null &

kalopsian commented on 2018-08-06 18:25 (UTC)

@raul Downgrading glibc and lib32-glibc worked for me -- thanks! @jardragon901 Here's how I did it (I had a dependency of lib32-glibc, likely for steam):

jardragon901 commented on 2018-08-06 15:13 (UTC)

seems i can't downgrade my glibc because of a dependency, hopefully this can be fixed without having to wait for slack to put out a new release

raul commented on 2018-08-06 11:11 (UTC)

@Svenstaro, found the breaking change: glibc 2.28-1 downgrading to 2.27-3 fixes slack

raul commented on 2018-08-06 11:03 (UTC)

@Svenstaro yep, seems to be related to a recent gcc update and /usr/lib/slack/

Svenstaro commented on 2018-08-06 01:24 (UTC)

Can't start slack. Basically it just segfaults right at the start. Due to missing symbols, gdb is pretty much useless. I'm running full [testing]. Anybody else getting this?

Pastafarianist commented on 2018-07-30 16:58 (UTC)

I've hit As suggested in the comments, adding the extra --disable-gpu-driver-bug-workarounds --enable-native-gpu-memory-buffers parameters into the .desktop file fixed the issue for me.

ogarcia commented on 2018-07-03 07:12 (UTC)

@petr.nehez you can override the desktop file with your own copy. Do the following.

# Copy to your .local folder
cp /usr/share/applications/slack.desktop ~/.local/share/applications

# Edit it
vim ~/.local/share/applications/slack.desktop

Now you can set the Exec entry to anything you want:

Exec=env XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/slack %U

petr.nehez commented on 2018-07-03 03:46 (UTC)

It might worth to consider also a patch for Plasma tray icon by adding XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP=Unity prefix.

b0o commented on 2018-06-30 08:17 (UTC) (edited on 2018-06-30 08:20 (UTC) by b0o)

I'm having issues with launching slack-desktop after quitting it via my WM.

Basically, slack launches successfully on my system after a reboot. If I select file -> quit from the menubar, I can launch slack again and it still works just fine.

The problem seems to be that if I kill slack using my WM bindings (XMonad in this case), it fails to launch again until I reboot my system. The error I get is as follows:

$ slack
Creating Slack Application
dbus[19291]: dbus message iterator has already been closed, or is uninitialized or corrupt
  D-Bus not built with -rdynamic so unable to print a backtrace
Failed to get crash dump id.
Report Id: 5b373b889ed27
[1]    19291 abort (core dumped)  slack

Downgrading to 3.1.1 fixes this - not sure if this is an upstream issue or what.

Archange commented on 2018-06-20 20:35 (UTC)

Of course, it does not work…

My PKGBUILD attempt is here in case anyone is interested:

To (fail to) run it, you have to type electron /usr/lib/slack/app.asar in a terminal (providing a slack in /usr/bin is of course doable, but there is no point yet).

Archange commented on 2018-06-20 13:43 (UTC)

I’m going to propose a very different way of packaging this, because in the end I believe this is just yet another electron app. If I succeed, this will land in [community].

mayowa commented on 2018-06-20 10:32 (UTC)

I am having issues with time messages are sent. Any message i send has the sent time set to GMT+0, instead of GMT+1. However the recipient recieves it in the normal time. The recipient is running a windows client. Running on KDE Plasma. Issue not fixed with the last upgrade.

Quatro commented on 2018-06-13 11:39 (UTC)

Also seeing the same issue as mheese and codedmart

codedmart commented on 2018-06-12 14:56 (UTC)

Also seeing the same issues as mheese. Downgraded for now.

mheese commented on 2018-06-12 05:36 (UTC)

The 3.2.1-3 version starts up fine for me, but freezes after half a minute around. The log files have not been very helpful so far. I have no issues when I downgrade to 3.1.1-1.

Any suggestions on how to debug this?

z3ntu commented on 2018-06-11 22:47 (UTC) (edited on 2018-06-11 22:47 (UTC) by z3ntu)

@WorMzy What system do you use without gtk3 actually? :D

@ulgens Works for me on KDE Plasma. Do you have libappindicator-gtk3 installed? That breaks the tray icon for riot-desktop

ogarcia commented on 2018-06-11 10:59 (UTC)

@WorMzy Done. Added missing gtk3 dependency. ;-)

WorMzy commented on 2018-06-11 09:00 (UTC)

The gtk2 dependency should've been replaced with gtk3.

slack: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory


Back to the web client for me.

ulgens commented on 2018-06-10 16:59 (UTC)

KDE system tray got broken with latest release. It tries to bigger image than it should be, it doesn't fit in the area and gets cropped. Also, clicking on system icon doesn't open the application window anymore.

ogarcia commented on 2018-06-09 10:06 (UTC)

@z3ntu Yes, you're right. Done!

z3ntu commented on 2018-06-09 09:32 (UTC) (edited on 2018-06-09 09:32 (UTC) by z3ntu)

gtk2 dependency can be removed (and gtk3 added) with the newest version ("ldd /usr/lib/slack/slack | grep gtk")

teohhanhui commented on 2018-05-26 15:05 (UTC) (edited on 2018-05-26 15:10 (UTC) by teohhanhui)

Please don't send out-of-date requests with current 3.2.0-beta.2 version. Wait for 3.2.0 final.

Perhaps you need to change the package description if that's the case.

Slack Desktop (Beta) for Linux

Edit: Uhh, I see now. It's a beta for a beta. How meta...

phaazon commented on 2018-05-15 15:04 (UTC)

I have the same error with the weird freezes. It does the exact same thing with gitter, maybe it’s a third-party lib.

cruisemaniac commented on 2018-03-20 14:42 (UTC)

The app freezes everytime there's a notification. This is really annoying and I have to wait for the window manager to throw the Force quit dialogue and then close the app...

Is there a way I can help debug and identify this issue? I am on Manjaro if that helps.

FryDay commented on 2018-02-07 04:10 (UTC)

I am also having an issue with spellcheck no longer working.

Tkd-Alex commented on 2018-01-31 08:43 (UTC)

Hi, anyone have idea how to start up minimized?

lisu_ml commented on 2018-01-29 09:24 (UTC)

Since 3.0.5 update, my spellchecker stopped to work. Is there any solution for it?

fsimon commented on 2018-01-10 15:08 (UTC)

Had an issue with some emojis not working. Installing an emoji font resolved it:

ClawOfLight commented on 2017-11-18 20:04 (UTC)

No, patch should not be added as dependency. You need to have base-devel installed:

aoz commented on 2017-11-18 20:01 (UTC)

Can you add "patch" as a dependency? I installed by hand and was able to install slack-desktop after that, but before I installed manually I kept getting this: ==> Entering fakeroot environment... ==> Starting package()... /home/ave/.cache/pacaur/slack-desktop/PKGBUILD: line 23: patch: command not found ==> ERROR: A failure occurred in package(). Aborting... :: failed to build slack-desktop package(s)

r79 commented on 2017-11-13 11:04 (UTC)

Anyone else having problems with screensharing? When I start it there's a white overlay over my entire screen with the typical green borders, but I can't see anything on my desktop.

diogobaeder commented on 2017-11-06 22:55 (UTC)

Hi guys, My Slack here (2.8.2-3) is not tab-completing anymore if I start typing a name without the "@" symbol. Is anybody else having this problem? Cheers!

borisb commented on 2017-11-01 22:11 (UTC)

Please note that the launcher contains a `--disable-gpu` flag. If you notice poor performance or glitches (parts of screen disappearing on hover) remove the flag, you can also launch `slack &` from terminal to test first without modifying the launcher. The `Hardware Acceleration` checkbox in settings apparently has no effect.

jair commented on 2017-10-29 13:46 (UTC)

If somebody wants a dark theme (instead of the light one), then please: 1. Open `/usr/lib/slack/resources/app.asar.unpacked/src/static/ssb-interop.js` 2. Append the following code: document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { $.ajax({ url: '', success: function(css) { $("<style></style>").appendTo('head').html(css); } }); }); Source:

WorMzy commented on 2017-10-19 14:46 (UTC)

Thanks. :)

ogarcia commented on 2017-10-19 14:18 (UTC)

@WorMzy You are right, I forgot the libcurl-compat. Fixed and quoted all variables. ;)

WorMzy commented on 2017-10-19 13:57 (UTC)

Great, thanks! A couple of things though: * you should still depend on libcurl-compat, since you patch the desktop file to preload it * you forgot to fix the pkgdir quoting (any instances of either $srcdir or $pkgdir should be enclosed in doublequotes, since they can contain spaces)

ogarcia commented on 2017-10-19 11:26 (UTC)

@WorMzy sorry, I had not had time to check depends in a clean install. I fix it, and now we have the minimal set of depends for make it work.

WorMzy commented on 2017-10-19 08:29 (UTC)

@ogarcia: I'm not sure if you missed my comment from the start of September, but the gvfs and libgnome-keyring dependences are definitely not needed to run the application. Even if you have determined that they are necessary for some features, they should be optdepends with explanations on what they are actually needed for. Also, the unquoted pkgdir instances should still be fixed in any case.

bin_bash commented on 2017-10-18 19:34 (UTC) (edited on 2017-10-18 19:37 (UTC) by bin_bash)

I can't close notifications using esc, or entering a new message. I have to physically click on the 'x' to do so. I know, that's probably not an issue with this particular package, but god this program sucks. Edit: Still have a blank icon in Openbox...

valandil commented on 2017-10-18 15:37 (UTC)

I switched the notification engine from xfce4-notifyd to notify-osd-customizable. This fixed Slack, and other issues I had with notifications.

khau commented on 2017-10-13 21:42 (UTC)

@shioyama @valandil @speedle Could you post it here - I have the issue as well and it might be useful down the line for future visitors to see what solution is.

gabesullice commented on 2017-09-14 15:55 (UTC)

Is anyone else having issues getting video chat to work? For me, a new window opens and the loading icon spins forever. If so, did you find a fix?

andych1314 commented on 2017-09-02 18:58 (UTC)

Thanks to @WorMzy for the contribution

WorMzy commented on 2017-09-01 08:47 (UTC)

Are gvfs and libgnome-keyring still needed? I removed them (and added libsecret, nss and libxkbfile, which namcap reported as missing dependencies), and the application seems to work fine without all the gtk3 junk. As a side note, the PKGBUILD has unquoted pkgdir references. Here is a fixed up PKGBUILD:

askl56 commented on 2017-08-23 08:41 (UTC)

Getting a weird error since upgrading the kernel:: Anyone else getting this?

speedle commented on 2017-08-21 09:04 (UTC)

@valandil, @shioyama - I'm experiencing the same issue. Let me know if you solve it.

valandil commented on 2017-08-18 13:32 (UTC)

@shioyama If you figure this out, send me a message. I have the same issue. The notifications seem to be the issue.

shioyama commented on 2017-08-18 07:23 (UTC)

Never mind, it's not a slack issue.

shioyama commented on 2017-08-18 07:21 (UTC)

I'm noticing that when I get an audio notification (knock-knock) slack seems to freeze for me, and I have to kill it and restart. Anyone else having this issue?

ogarcia commented on 2017-08-16 06:48 (UTC)

@maximbaz The original package provided by Slack have '--disable-gpu' flag, that is the reason why is set here. Anyway if you want change it, you can copy the desktop file in your ~/.local/share/applications and make the changes that you need.

maximbaz commented on 2017-08-15 09:38 (UTC)

Hello, I noticed that the flag '--disable-gpu' is used, what is the reason to have it? I just tried to remove the flag, and everything runs so much smoother! Scrolling, redrawal of Ctrl+K popup, ... Could you consider removing the flag from the *.desktop file?

ogarcia commented on 2017-08-05 20:44 (UTC)

@epidings the main problem with this is that if the 'hunspell-en' is not installed, slack desktop doesn't run :(

epidings commented on 2017-08-05 12:14 (UTC)

I would suggest to make dependency 'hunspell-en' optional. Some people prefer to have only one variant of the English dictionary (like 'hunspell-en_GB') or no English dictionary at all.

terminat0r commented on 2017-08-03 14:49 (UTC)

@smstromb I'm having the same issue. Infinite spinner when trying to make or connect to calls. I'm not able to get debug logging to work either.

smstromb commented on 2017-08-02 19:36 (UTC)

LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/slack did not get slack voice calls to work for me. I still get an infinite loading spinner.

speedle commented on 2017-07-24 09:58 (UTC)

@sepf - I'm experiencing the same on both Slack and Skype (both Electron apps).

sepf commented on 2017-07-18 23:42 (UTC)

The GUI will (seemingly) randomly lock up during regular usage. Example: when clicking a button, something happens behind the scenes (a message is sent or a channel is switched) but there are no visual changes. I'm on the latest version of slack-desktop with the latest kernel, and have not made any changes to the installation or configuration files.

ogarcia commented on 2017-06-20 12:05 (UTC)

@kolombo the package has not a install file and I will not add one to simply warn how to launch Slack, maxime considering that you can see it in desktop file.

kolombo commented on 2017-06-20 10:59 (UTC)

Please add this to post install message """ if you run slack from console please use next command to enable calls support # LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/slack --disable-gpu %U """

VileLasagna commented on 2017-06-14 01:33 (UTC) (edited on 2017-06-14 01:44 (UTC) by VileLasagna)

So I've just updated this(to 2.6.3-1) and suddenly layout seems really messed up. Is this an actual thing or am I just that unlucky? EDIT: Hitting "reload" seemed to fix the layout. But tray icon won't bring up window any more... at least it's much more usable and should be no biggie if it's just this. Just a bit annoying for the moment

ogarcia commented on 2017-05-24 06:45 (UTC) (edited on 2017-05-24 06:46 (UTC) by ogarcia)

@silvrax this is fixed in 2.6.2, you can see it in the changelog [1]. [1]:

silvrax commented on 2017-05-23 08:08 (UTC)

Hi, I noticed spell check wasn't working for a while. So today I downgraded from 2.6.0-1 to 2.5.2-1, and spell check works again. Any ideas, or would that be an upstream issue?

sargath commented on 2017-05-22 10:39 (UTC)

@IlyaGulya yeap, I just noticed this today :)

IlyaGulya commented on 2017-05-22 03:31 (UTC)

@sargath i was wrong. It works only for a while(

sargath commented on 2017-05-19 13:21 (UTC)

@IlyaGulya seems that it works right, thx

IlyaGulya commented on 2017-05-19 06:42 (UTC)

If anyone experiences the problem with marking messages as read, you should clear Slack cache simply removing the ~/.config/Slack/Cache directory

IlyaGulya commented on 2017-05-19 06:13 (UTC)

@sargath i'm experiencing the same problem after upgrade to 2.6.0 :(

ClawOfLight commented on 2017-05-17 11:15 (UTC)

@derblub: patch is in base-devel. Anyone building packages from source, including AUR users, is assumed to have installed base-devel.

derblub commented on 2017-05-17 11:12 (UTC)

`patch` is a missing dependency

sargath commented on 2017-05-15 11:03 (UTC)

Hello, are you guys having an issue with marking "Read" messages? I've meant that earlier I was able to press ESC or just enter the channel to mark messages as read. Now I have to click on "read message dialog" on top every time. BR

ogarcia commented on 2017-05-06 09:51 (UTC)

@cronin "" symlink is available ON installation cause is installed by "libcurl-compat" dependency. You MUST use "" because this: /usr/lib/ -> /usr/lib/ ->

ogarcia commented on 2017-05-04 09:14 (UTC) (edited on 2017-05-04 09:14 (UTC) by ogarcia)

@vith This package is based in official .deb provided by Slack people. But, fell free to make another one using packaged electron, you can name it slack-desktop-electron (for example)

vith commented on 2017-05-04 08:40 (UTC)

Would it be possible to use the packaged electron instead of installing yet another chromium binary?

cronin commented on 2017-04-27 15:25 (UTC)

I was not able to install the package, until I changed the patch file this way: babjak@goldencut][~/temp/AUR/slack-desktop]<master *>[17:23:08] git diff diff --git a/slack-desktop.patch b/slack-desktop.patch index 72bdf57..96b09ce 100644 --- a/slack-desktop.patch +++ b/slack-desktop.patch @@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ Comment=Slack Desktop GenericName=Slack Client for Linux -Exec=/usr/bin/slack --disable-gpu %U -+Exec=env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/slack --disable-gpu %U ++Exec=env LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/slack --disable-gpu %U -Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/slack.png +Icon=slack Type=Application In another words, I had to bump-up the version of libcurl. Anyhow, it seems that "" symlink is available AFTER installation.

karamorf commented on 2017-03-24 16:01 (UTC)

`patch` is not listed as a dependency yet it is required during the build process. Or are these only run time dependencies?

taylorthurlow commented on 2017-03-06 08:39 (UTC)

I have no issues copying or pasting into or out of Slack.

benjstephenson commented on 2017-03-01 17:20 (UTC)

@lembang I've also lost the ability to copy/paste on this version

lembang commented on 2017-03-01 17:10 (UTC)

I lost an ability to paste into slack is anyone has the same issue on the new version?

CapSel commented on 2017-01-18 00:01 (UTC)

The new version came out.

ogarcia commented on 2017-01-11 08:05 (UTC)

@hcorion welcome to electron applications....

hcorion commented on 2017-01-10 21:40 (UTC)

Just wanted to note that the slack application is (comparatively ) massive, larger than python3 and the jvm (including jdk and jre) in the /usr/lib/ directory, coming in at 149.7MB

ogarcia commented on 2017-01-10 17:04 (UTC)

@CapSel DONE!

CapSel commented on 2017-01-10 15:41 (UTC)

To receive and make calls run slack in this way: LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/slack after installing community/libcurl-compat Can maintainer add dependency on this package and add some wrapper script?

mpz commented on 2016-12-19 21:58 (UTC)

Can't receive calls, also. Stuck on "Loading..."

FryDay commented on 2016-12-19 16:13 (UTC)

Also getting the infinite loading on calls. The browser version on Chrome works fine.

stoatally commented on 2016-12-15 09:44 (UTC)

@Naypam also experiencing the indefinite 'Loading' screen while waiting for a call.

film42 commented on 2016-12-14 02:52 (UTC)

Last reported about a year ago, but I'm also experiencing the UI going blank after accidentally refreshing the page (ctrl + r). I'm guessing there isn't much we can do here, but just giving a heads up to people looking to install.

ogarcia commented on 2016-12-10 11:10 (UTC)

@evilgnome The issue with hardcoded path went from source .deb package. I make a small fix with a patch file ;)

andykluger commented on 2016-12-08 18:27 (UTC)

Please don't hardcode the icon path in the .desktop file.

lgatica commented on 2016-12-01 23:00 (UTC) (edited on 2016-12-01 23:02 (UTC) by lgatica)

Already the latest version v2.3.3

Brottweiler commented on 2016-10-26 14:33 (UTC)

@Naypam I am unable to call, aswell. It only shows Loading window.

Naypam commented on 2016-10-26 14:32 (UTC)

Anybody else unable to use the call functionality with Pulseaudio? If I call, or somebody else calls me and I answer I'm just greeted with an indefinite "Loading…" window.

ogarcia commented on 2016-10-14 10:36 (UTC)

Finally I update the PKGBUILD and add a warning to i686 users. But if Slack people don't provide an update to i686 in the next release, I drop support to this architecture.

walfire commented on 2016-10-13 08:11 (UTC)

I say drop for now at least. Or keep installing the old one for 32bit (add a warning) in the meantime.

ogarcia commented on 2016-10-13 08:08 (UTC)

Hello again. We have a small problem with this package. The 64bit version is updated but 32bit not. I ask to Slack people but they say that the 32bit is in "the works". But I think that they are abandoning 32bit version. What do us? Drop 32bit version of package or wait to possible future update?

ogarcia commented on 2016-10-05 11:58 (UTC) (edited on 2016-10-06 14:21 (UTC) by ogarcia)

Hello all. The package is outdated cause the new version is only available for 64bit. When source package be available for both versions I'll update it. UPDATE: Seems the 32bit version is in oven (

ogarcia commented on 2016-08-29 10:10 (UTC)

@joelpet For now works as but I take note to change it in next version. Thanks for the hint!

joelpet commented on 2016-08-27 16:32 (UTC)

It seems the download location as specified on Slack's download page ( has changed to:${pkgver}-amd64.deb and -i386.deb.

skuda commented on 2016-08-27 09:23 (UTC)

The last versions fixes for me the problem with RAM, I am not able to do calls yet though.

Brottweiler commented on 2016-08-11 13:21 (UTC)

@Glaeqen, That's just Slack apparently, it should use same amount of RAM just having the tab open in the browser.

Glaeqen commented on 2016-08-10 20:16 (UTC)

Why does Slack eat so much RAM? It's really strange. Working app consists of 4 processes which in summary take more than 700 MB of RAM! Additionally, app icon in Window Button panel in XFCE isn't working.

Razrael commented on 2016-07-14 11:20 (UTC)

Exactly the same behaviour for me as for Ghul. There is no helpful CLI output and the Slack support is not able to help because they do not support Arch. Also they couldn't give me a hint how to debug this.

Ghul commented on 2016-07-06 09:53 (UTC)

white screen for me also when I start a call. But when I receive calls I see the popup, I can answer, and nothing more happens.

Patcher56 commented on 2016-07-03 06:43 (UTC)

@johann they don't work for me as well. Just a white screen. Any suggestions?

johann commented on 2016-06-29 13:38 (UTC)

Voice calls dose not seem to work for me. Is there some dependency I'm missing? I have pulseaudio installed and the alsa-lib-noassertion but not much more.

kotrfa commented on 2016-06-06 09:33 (UTC)

@Brottweiler: Thanks, it helped, my bad.

Brottweiler commented on 2016-05-24 20:08 (UTC) (edited on 2016-05-24 20:09 (UTC) by Brottweiler)

@kotrfa, libnotify is just a library, you need to have a notification server like "dunst" or "Xfce Notification Daemon" or something to display the notification. The sound, as far as I know, comes from the Slack application, not from notifcation.

kotrfa commented on 2016-05-24 20:06 (UTC)

For some reason, I haven't managed to make notification popups work. The sound is there, but I don't see a popup window as I do when running from Chromium. libnotify is installed.

msmol commented on 2016-05-13 15:27 (UTC)

@lcartercondon: I'm also on latest KDE (Plasma) with as few gnome dependencies as I can get away with. Just note that gnome-keyring and libgnome-keyring are two separate packages. Installing the latter solves the crash-on-startup, whereas the former seems to be optional. telepathy-kde-auth-handler has libgnome-keyring as a dependency, so if you have that installed, it makes sense you're not seeing the problem.

lcartercondon commented on 2016-05-13 14:39 (UTC)

Putting in my two cents here - I'm on KDE and awesomewm (but on Arch, not Manjaro), do not have gnome-keyring installed (but have kwallet, kwallet-pam, kwalletmanager, ksshaskpass, signon-kwallet-extension, and telepath-kde-auth-handler installed). I do not see the same error that @Supereg encountered. Half of my dependencies are handled by a normal install of the plasma and kf5 groups, which I'd call a pretty standard install of KDE. The other half are in the kde-applications group, which is fairly standard as well (though not included by default in the plasma or kf5 groups). I'm not sure yet which of these is the true dependency and will test to figure it out soon.

ogarcia commented on 2016-05-13 14:27 (UTC)

Change made, added 'libgnome-keyring' as dependency.

Brottweiler commented on 2016-05-13 13:31 (UTC) (edited on 2016-05-13 13:34 (UTC) by Brottweiler)

@privong, I didn't think I had it installed, but I do have it installed, because I have gksu installed, which I *think* I might use with Thunar. So yes, it would probably be good idea to add it as dependency.

privong commented on 2016-05-13 13:24 (UTC)

I was having the same issue (slack crashing on start) with 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 (2.0.5 did _not_ solve the issue for me). As with @msmol, installing 'libgnome-keyring' solved the issue. Should this be added as a dependency?

Supereg commented on 2016-05-12 15:26 (UTC)

thanks @msmol installing `libgnome-keyring` solved the issue for me too. Maybe it's fixed in 2.0.5 since this version got released today.

msmol commented on 2016-05-12 13:02 (UTC)

@Supereg I was having the same issue. Installing `libgnome-keyring` resolved the issue for me.

mathieu commented on 2016-05-11 14:03 (UTC)

@Brottweiler and to those still having the connection issue, try resetting your app data by help > reset app data. You'll then have to sign in again to your teams but this worked for me on arch XFCE

lcartercondon commented on 2016-05-11 13:31 (UTC)

confirming the bug has been fixed as of new version on Arch KDE and awesomewm

Brottweiler commented on 2016-05-11 12:19 (UTC)

@Supereg, first of all try to backup your ~/.config/Slack and generate a fresh one and see if it still doesn't work.

Supereg commented on 2016-05-11 12:18 (UTC)

Hello, i cannot start the latest version. With version 2.0.3 everything worked finde. In the latest 2.0.4 Slack crashes on start. When i launch the app over the terminal the only error i get is "[Error: Failed to get path]". I'm using KDE with Manjaro 15.12. I hope you can find something out with this information. By the way, thanks for proving that package <3

ogarcia commented on 2016-05-11 11:46 (UTC) (edited on 2016-05-11 11:47 (UTC) by ogarcia)

Updated! Sorry for delay. Too much work... :'(

Brottweiler commented on 2016-05-11 10:11 (UTC)

@HanFox, I am using XFCE and I have the same "problem". It uses the default icon for a program that does not have an icon. I don't know if it's related to XFCE, just thought I'd mention it.

fx101 commented on 2016-05-11 00:27 (UTC)

Hey guys, slack support got back to me and v2.0.4 now fixes the UncaughtTypeError that caused the application to get stuck on "connecting" while burning CPU. I can confirm it's working now. Since the maintainer hasn't gotten around to it yet, here's a working PKGBUILD for v2.0.4:

HanFox commented on 2016-05-11 00:13 (UTC) (edited on 2016-05-11 00:31 (UTC) by HanFox)

I see back in January bin_bash stated he was having issues with the "taskbar" icon not working, but instead showing the default "Window icon" ( I've already installed v2.0.4 to see if it fixed the issue, but to no avail. I reported it upstream, but wondering if it's just myself and bin_bash with the issue? I'm on Xfce.

Brottweiler commented on 2016-05-10 22:01 (UTC)

Slack support got back to me: "The connectivity issues you were seeing should be fixed in the latest version of the Linux app that was released yesterday afternoon." 2.0.4 is out, but I've not tested it yet, waiting for this to update.

fx101 commented on 2016-05-03 19:35 (UTC)

Just FYI I reached out to slack support a few weeks ago with this issue (our team's on their plus plan). They've confirmed plenty of reports with the same issue in the logs and are actively working on it.

wiltonsr commented on 2016-04-29 13:00 (UTC)

confirming the same bug in ApricityOS

mathieu commented on 2016-04-28 21:42 (UTC)

confirming same bug as sellerie but on Arch XFCE

lcartercondon commented on 2016-04-28 17:44 (UTC)

Confirming the same bug as sellerie, but on Arch KDE.

sellerie commented on 2016-04-24 12:00 (UTC)

I'm experiencing a bug with Antergos KDE and slack-desktop: Slack doesnt connect to the slack team, even though it seems like it does connect to the server, because it does request the login credentials for it... Terminal output gives me this: "Creating Slack Application (electron) submitUrl is deprecated. Use submitURL instead. (electron) ipc module is deprecated. Use require("electron").ipcMain instead. [Error: Failed to get path] (electron) loadUrl is deprecated. Use loadURL instead. (electron) 'clicked' event is deprecated. Use 'click' event instead."

skogsmaskin commented on 2016-04-17 18:47 (UTC) (edited on 2016-04-17 20:16 (UTC) by skogsmaskin)

The bug is very similar to what I get in Epiphany too. It starts to load and then hangs with the spinner before going anywhere. The only console error I can see is: "Unrecognized Content-Security-Policy directive 'referrer'." Sometimes Epiphany will load Slack, and this error is showing up at a later point. So my guess is whenever the JS-engine is trying to deal this faulty named directive, it will give up on executing the rest of the code (for logging in etc). However it may be unrelated too. There is no stacktrace on the error. I've given this feedback to Slack, but not sure how serious they take the /feedback function in Slack as actual bug reports.

ogarcia commented on 2016-04-16 11:01 (UTC)

@Brottweiler, then let's see if Slack Support can give some feedback cause I don't have idea that can be failing.

Brottweiler commented on 2016-04-16 10:53 (UTC)

@ogarcia, It is strange. This issue started happening for people some versions ago, too, and me who runs Infinality did not have the issue then. Now I have the issue, though. We have same freetype2-infinality version, yet it works for you and does not work for me. It does not work for me regardless if I delete the slack config directory or not. I also have 64bit version.

ogarcia commented on 2016-04-16 10:51 (UTC)

@Brottweiler, is strange. I have Infinality (freetype2-infinality-ultimate 2.6.3-2) and for me works well. :? It works with old config or deleting ~/.config/Slack and do login again... I have the 64bit version.

Brottweiler commented on 2016-04-16 10:44 (UTC) (edited on 2016-04-16 10:45 (UTC) by Brottweiler)

@ogarcia, False, I use freetype2-infinality-ultimate 2.6.3-2 and I have the issue. I've emailed slack support about the issue and have provided logs and whatnot on their request, they are currently investigating this issue. Adding freetype2-2.6.2-1 as depend is bad idea.

ogarcia commented on 2016-04-16 10:42 (UTC)

Hi. I could add freetype2-2.6.2-1 as depend, but this can have a lot of problems with system updates and with Infinality. I can confirm you that if you use Infinality you don't have any issue. Greetings.

tjaart commented on 2016-04-14 15:40 (UTC)

I can confirm that downgrading to freetype2-2.6.2-1 worked for me

JustinTime4Tea commented on 2016-04-10 04:34 (UTC) (edited on 2016-04-10 17:18 (UTC) by JustinTime4Tea)

Fresh full system update as of yesterday and Slack didn't work but I solved with below. I had freetype2 2.6.3-1 and clearing my ~/.config/Slack folder did not work. What did work was downgrading freetype2 as suggested by quest to: freetype2-2.6.2-1 May still need to clear ~/.config/Slack after package downgrade and may want to add to ignore list unless have dependencies for newer freetype2.

frenchie4111 commented on 2016-04-07 17:18 (UTC)

My UI fails to load and I am getting the following error message in ~/.config/Slack/logs/renderer-*.log Uncaught TypeError: is not a function

arash-m commented on 2016-04-02 07:22 (UTC)

I'm getting "“slack” terminated by signal SIGSEGV (Address boundary error)" error after updating to 2.0.3-1.

Brottweiler commented on 2016-04-02 06:49 (UTC)

I removed the Slack config folder, and this time I got to the 2FA screen. Typed it in, continued... still get stuck at "Connecting..."

jleal commented on 2016-03-31 17:22 (UTC)

Mine is working right now. I have freetype2 2.6.3-1 and just removed the ~/.config/Slack folder to make it work again.

Brottweiler commented on 2016-03-31 08:22 (UTC)

@quest I've never had this issue before, not even when the other people had the freetype problem. I am using freetype2-infinality-ultimate anyway, and it's always worked, only this update it stopped working. I won't downgrade, I'll just use the web for now.

quest commented on 2016-03-31 02:10 (UTC)

The issue is with freetype. There are details in the thread below your comments. The best way to fix this is to get the old freetype package and downgrade it. Just edit your /etc/pacman.conf and add: IgnorePkg = freetype2 Then download the old freetype package and run: sudo pacman -U freetype2-2.6.2-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

ogarcia commented on 2016-03-30 10:20 (UTC)

@jeroni @Brottweiler @marmotz Seems a problem with Slack itself not the package. You can try read logs into ~/.config/Slack/logs and send to Slack Team (

marmotz commented on 2016-03-30 09:51 (UTC)

Same problem here and remove ~/.config/Slack did not fix it.

Brottweiler commented on 2016-03-30 09:10 (UTC)

I did that, then I started slack, typed in team, typed in email, pressed "type password", typed in password, press sign in. Now I should get 2FA, but I get a white screen, then I am back to the "type email address" screen and I lost keyboard input. I have to restart slack to regain keyboard input, but problem repeats itself.

jeroni commented on 2016-03-30 09:08 (UTC)

@ogarcia I had already tried it and I have the same issue. Electron warns about some deprecated methods and an error trying to get a path: Creating Slack Application (electron) submitUrl is deprecated. Use submitURL instead. (electron) ipc module is deprecated. Use require("electron").ipcMain instead. [Error: Failed to get path] (electron) loadUrl is deprecated. Use loadURL instead.

ogarcia commented on 2016-03-30 09:03 (UTC)

@jeroni, @Brottweiler I no have any problem in my tests. Try to remove the ~/.config/Slack directory to force a "clean install"

Brottweiler commented on 2016-03-30 08:54 (UTC)

Same problem as @jeroni, it gets stuck at "Connecting" and just uses a lot of CPU while doing it.

jeroni commented on 2016-03-30 08:53 (UTC) (edited on 2016-03-30 08:58 (UTC) by jeroni)

@ogarcia, slack is not connecting at all now.

ogarcia commented on 2016-03-30 07:31 (UTC)

@TrollStation fixed dependency and updated!

TrollStation commented on 2016-03-23 19:06 (UTC)

@ogarcia Excuse me, please, i've just confused with the name of packages. is a part of "alsa-lib" package! Package "alsa-utils" depends on "alsa-lib", and installs with them. alsa-lib should be added to dependencies list. I really ssory for my mistake!

ogarcia commented on 2016-03-18 09:38 (UTC)

@TrollStation Are you sure of these dependency? I have installed Slack without alsa-utils and works perfectly.

ananasr commented on 2016-03-18 09:33 (UTC)

it seems like we can't to connect an other team .. Can you fix that ? Thank you !

TrollStation commented on 2016-03-17 19:30 (UTC)

Please, add alsa-utils to the dependecies list. Without it slack crashes: slack: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Thank you for a great job!

ClawOfLight commented on 2016-03-05 13:53 (UTC)

Seems like the electron and freetype people are working on a fix. I can confirm that 2.6.2 works for now.

spapanik21 commented on 2016-03-03 13:12 (UTC)

Downgrading to freetype-2.6.2 works, but all the rendering of pictures is messed up.

quest commented on 2016-02-25 19:01 (UTC)

Found it -

quest commented on 2016-02-25 18:53 (UTC)

@subjectdenied do you have a link to someone describing the issue in detail? Would like to know the "why". =)

ogarcia commented on 2016-02-25 11:38 (UTC)

@subjectdenied, it's a strange behaviour that you need the lines `source` and `sha256sums` cause in PKGBUILD guidelines says that you can use `source` or `source_architecture`. I'm using `yaourt` and don't give me any problems. Even if I download the PKGBUILD and do `makepkg` it works well. What AUR helper are you using?

subjectdenied commented on 2016-02-25 10:56 (UTC)

the infinity reloading problem comes from freetype-2.6.3, downgrade to the version before, and the bug is gone. this seems to be a bug with electron apps at the moment, gitkraken has this problem too (and is also fixed by downgroading freetype) beside of that, i have a problem with this pkgbuild, it can be installed only after adding these two lines: source=() sha256sums=() if this lines are missing, i get errors of "xyz should be an array", and the installation fails

ogarcia commented on 2016-02-25 09:33 (UTC)

@quest the Acknowledgements don't work in the original package for same problem. But I'll fix it.

quest commented on 2016-02-24 22:44 (UTC)

Also noticed that in Help the Acknowledgements don't work. There is a missing LICENSE file in the resources directory.

quest commented on 2016-02-24 22:13 (UTC) (edited on 2016-02-24 22:29 (UTC) by quest)

Here is the output I see when starting slack... ``` Creating Slack Application (electron) submitUrl is deprecated. Use submitURL instead. (electron) ipc module is deprecated. Use require("electron").ipcMain instead. [Error: Failed to get path] (electron) loadUrl is deprecated. Use loadURL instead. ``` If you need an strace I can provide that as well.

quest commented on 2016-02-24 18:13 (UTC)

I have the same issue. The new version just infinitely loads. I even zapped ~/.config/Slack and it didn't help.

ogarcia commented on 2016-02-24 14:06 (UTC)

@actionless I make several tests and work well. Can you try to remove (or move) your config directry located in `~/.config/Slack`?

Brottweiler commented on 2016-02-24 12:27 (UTC)

@actionless Works for me, maybe try resetting your config directory.

actionless commented on 2016-02-24 12:16 (UTC)

after update to 2.0 application is reloading infinitely

ogarcia commented on 2016-02-19 14:12 (UTC)

@grossws, not really. The software is based in different packages each one with its license. For these reason cannot set only "Apache" license and must have a custom license. :(

grossws commented on 2016-02-19 12:36 (UTC)

It seems that license is Apache (at least in 1.2.6) for slack-desktop itself. M.b. you can set license=('Apache') and move all from `$pkgdir/usr/share/slack/LICENSE` to `$pkgdir/usr/share/slack/NOTICE`?

ogarcia commented on 2016-01-27 07:35 (UTC)

@freaxtux You must add it "by hand". In Gnome you can use the gnome-tweak-tool to do the work in the easy way.

EuphoricCatface commented on 2016-01-27 05:14 (UTC)

Does anyone know how this program handles "Launch app on login"? Do you need to add it manually?

applebloom commented on 2016-01-13 12:49 (UTC)

After building $pkgdir/usr/bin/slack links to /usr/share/slack/slack Also, there are binaries and libraries in /usr/share...

bin_bash commented on 2016-01-08 18:44 (UTC)

I have this installed, but I can't get the icon to display in the tint2 taskbar. I have the tray icon, but just a blank icon in tint, which is really annoying. I noticed there wasn't an icon in pixmaps, so I added slack.png but it's just not pulling that. Any ideas?

vodik commented on 2015-11-02 05:04 (UTC)

Disowning because I'm not running this and I'm just not available enough to keep up on top of things independently. I guess that leaves things in @justin8 hands. Sorry I couldn't do a better job.

dangra commented on 2015-10-28 14:36 (UTC)

hi guys, I think it is time to accept this package is hanging behind so I want to point everyone else to instead. I am not involved with slack-desktop package but promoting it anyway because it is kept up-to-date. thanks.

sargath commented on 2015-10-27 19:37 (UTC)

gr8 thx! :)

ogarcia commented on 2015-10-27 15:50 (UTC)

@sargath updated! Thanks for notify!

sargath commented on 2015-10-27 14:23 (UTC)

Hi @ogarcia Please update package to v1.2.5 it was updated. Thx

dangra commented on 2015-10-20 20:22 (UTC)

@justin8 are you going to take care of updating this package to latest version? I am a heavy Slack user so I can offer my help you maintain slack-chat too.

faergeek commented on 2015-10-19 08:49 (UTC)

@ahel: Thanks, it works now!

dangra commented on 2015-10-08 03:29 (UTC)

Hi guys, not sure who mantains this package now, in case you are interested the following commit upgrades to 1.2.4 and address hunspell-en issue.

lhl commented on 2015-10-06 00:32 (UTC)

If you want to install 1.2.4, update the pkgver to 1.2.4 and replace the md5sums w/ the sha256sums from the slack-bin PKGBUILD (also, I got a blank screen w/ hunspell and needed to install hunspell-en) I'm a bit of an Arch noob, but I couldn't find any way to submit a pull request/update.

ajorpheus commented on 2015-10-04 19:14 (UTC)

I can confirm that after installing hunspell-en slack-chat works fine. Thank you Sanya_M!

amezin commented on 2015-10-01 08:52 (UTC)

well, it works with hunspell-en from [extra] too

amezin commented on 2015-10-01 08:42 (UTC)

then hunspell-en-base should be in depends, I think...

ahel commented on 2015-09-30 09:46 (UTC)

@faergeek: had the same problem: install hunspell-en-base from AUR

faergeek commented on 2015-09-29 08:33 (UTC)

I've got just white modal with semi-transparent black overlay. Is anyone have similar issue? What I'm missing?

vodik commented on 2015-09-28 13:36 (UTC)

Ah, yes, verified. And looks like expat is also missing.

vith commented on 2015-09-28 00:58 (UTC)

I had to install libxss in addition to the previously mentioned hunspell-en

vodik commented on 2015-09-25 12:45 (UTC)

@justin8 yeah, still want to take it over? I saw your request, sorry, on vacation. Yeah, we didn't end up paying for slack, so I'll forever just be reacting to other people telling me its out of date.

vodik commented on 2015-09-25 12:43 (UTC)

Yeah, I don't know how I should tackle that, since I don't want to force a dependency on English. But I'm assuming its just dictionary in general that is necessary.

yochaigal commented on 2015-09-25 11:36 (UTC)

I had to install hunspell-en-base from AUR before it work.

ttux commented on 2015-09-25 08:25 (UTC)

Never mind, I should have read all the comments first. After installing hunspell-en it works.

ttux commented on 2015-09-25 08:19 (UTC)

Same here, the window is just white for me.

krionux commented on 2015-09-24 09:09 (UTC)

Hi guys Doesn't quite run on my desktop. Is this the same version as the one announced on ? Regards,

vodik commented on 2015-09-23 00:30 (UTC)

Updated, thanks.

esiqveland commented on 2015-09-20 21:06 (UTC)

PKGBUILD: Updated to 1.2.1

frandieguez commented on 2015-09-16 22:02 (UTC)

Please find attached the diff to update this package diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD index 6be4516..c99dbdd 100644 --- a/PKGBUILD +++ b/PKGBUILD @@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ # Contributor: Kyle Manna <kyle(at)kylemanna(dot)com> pkgname=slack-chat -pkgver=1.1.7 +pkgver=1.2.0 pkgrel=2 pkgdesc="Slack Chat (Beta) for Linux" arch=('i686' 'x86_64') @@ -14,8 +14,8 @@ optdepends=('gnome-keyring') source_x86_64=("${pkgver}-amd64.deb") source_i686=("${pkgver}-i386.deb") -sha256sums_x86_64=('4934d682d5fcac4ba1aa30fa1b8ee0ff98b4ec8b6dbbf433c6f08cd2543f1f19') -sha256sums_i686=('ec361c5a264912f5fc1ab6f95aeb8978732022530324432b4a96f929b79b9f1a') +sha256sums_x86_64=('17a17add83de0793c207571ba542a5c7b6adfff08792d8b01cc64159c354126b') +sha256sums_i686=('2c0c4b7a9a11cf7e4cbb97eb1add1799bc21709aa63311fc66e6918ea6b07c73') package() { bsdtar -O -xf "slack-${pkgver}"*.deb data.tar.xz | bsdtar -C "$pkgdir" -xJf -

frandieguez commented on 2015-09-16 15:57 (UTC)

Could you update this package to 1.2.0 version? (x86_64) (i686)

justin8 commented on 2015-09-15 19:32 (UTC)

@vodik I've got a new job where slack is in heavy use. I can look after this if you want?

vodik commented on 2015-08-24 15:53 (UTC)

Yeah? I guess I should add hunspell as a dependency then, but I don't know how pacman can enforce a dictionary is installed.

paulcbetts commented on 2015-08-24 02:23 (UTC)

Hey all, you can most likely workaround the crash at the moment by installing hunspell-en (or whatever hunspell corresponds to your language).

vodik commented on 2015-08-23 17:57 (UTC)

@jinal yeah, the previous build of it worked a lot better for me, but my workplace ultimately didn't choose to move to slack. If someone using this more regularly wants to adopt this package from me, speak up, I'll hand it over. I'm not following releases anymore.

jinal commented on 2015-08-21 18:39 (UTC)

Does not seem to work perfectly on my system. The contents of the window go blank (white screen) and then refresh (expected GUI comes back again). Similar error messagaes as described by @2bluesc when ran from console. Would using an older version help?

vodik commented on 2015-08-21 00:17 (UTC)

@marmotz thanks for the catch

marmotz commented on 2015-08-17 09:35 (UTC)

I use the 64 bits version and all is working, thank you :) But there is a hard coded "slack-1.1.7-amd64.deb" in line 21 in the PKGBUILD. So the 32 bits version should not work.

vodik commented on 2015-08-09 17:02 (UTC)

Yeah, I see the crashes too, not sure whats up here. Also looks like crap on a high dpi screen. Thanks for the fixes though.

vodik commented on 2015-08-09 16:15 (UTC)

Let me update this, but I may consider orphaning it because my workplace ended up choosing to move of to slack for the moment, so I may not be ontop of new realses.

2bluesc commented on 2015-08-07 00:56 (UTC)

Update to slack 1.1.7 with cleaned-up multi-arch sources and cruft removal. It keeps crashing for me with: [16674:0806/175118:INFO:CONSOLE(49)] "[web-view-ctx.js] - Timed out trying to run TS.refreshTeams() on", source: /usr/ share/slack/resources/app.asar/src/browser/logger.js (49) [16674:0806/175138:INFO:CONSOLE(41)] "[web-view-ctx.js] - Took too long to load, going to issue a refresh", source: /usr/share/slack/resources/a pp.asar/src/browser/logger.js (41) [16674:0806/175138:INFO:CONSOLE(49)] "[teams-view-controller.js] - Load timeout crash occurred in webView for team: undefined", source: /usr/sha re/slack/resources/app.asar/src/browser/logger.js (49) [slack-application.js] - Reloading window with ID: undefined [16674:0806/175138:INFO:CONSOLE(33)] "[teams-view-controller.js] - Disposing TeamsViewController", source: /usr/share/slack/resources/app.asar/s rc/browser/logger.js (33)