Package Details: syncthing-relaysrv-git 1.19.1.rc.2.r4.gbd0acd04b-1

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Package Base: syncthing-git
Description: Open Source Continuous Replication / Cluster Synchronization Thing
Upstream URL:
Licenses: MPL
Conflicts: syncthing-relaysrv
Provides: syncthing-relaysrv
Submitter: sauyon
Maintainer: FabioLolix
Last Packager: FabioLolix
Votes: 17
Popularity: 0.070766
First Submitted: 2014-05-21 07:39 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-02-28 20:55 (UTC)

Latest Comments

FabioLolix commented on 2022-02-28 20:56 (UTC)

@funcrab thanks for reminding, I had made the modification but forgot to commit and upload

funcrab commented on 2022-02-28 15:41 (UTC)

If I remove -version v${pkgver} from PKGBUILD and rebuild it, syncthing runs fine. Could you consider remove them?

@FabioLolix I'm sorry to trouble you, but please take care of this.

yan12125 commented on 2021-07-04 18:13 (UTC)

I got the following error with syncthing-git-1.18.0.rc.2.r13.g1921533c4-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.zst built from this PKGBUILD:

syncthing[49536]: 2021/07/05 02:03:02 Invalid version string "v1.18.0.rc.2.r13.g1921533c4";                                                      
syncthing[49536]:         does not match regexp ^v\d+\.\d+\.\d+(-[a-z0-9]+)*(\.\d+)*(\+\d+-g[0-9a-f]+)?(-[^\s]+)?$

If I remove -version v${pkgver} from PKGBUILD and rebuild it, syncthing runs fine. Could you consider remove them?

mohe commented on 2020-05-20 20:04 (UTC)

@savagezen May you update this package with the changes from please? If you didn't have the time yet it's fine - I just want to make sure you didn't forget.

savagezen commented on 2020-04-23 12:17 (UTC)

@mohe thanks for letting me know!

mohe commented on 2020-04-23 12:10 (UTC)

As this is a -git package you don't need to update the version every time a new one comes out. This just creates unnecessary notifications for people watching this package.

savagezen commented on 2020-04-07 13:31 (UTC)

Sorry for the delay guys. The patch has been added. The package was building fine for me before so I had forgotten to add it. For future reference you can give me a holla on Telegram and all my PKGBUILDs are on GitHub in case I miss something here.

mohe commented on 2020-04-07 12:47 (UTC)

Please apply @grandchild's patch - otherwise everybody has to apply it. Also please check if a package builds before pushing.

CyberGhost commented on 2018-04-09 17:04 (UTC)

Thank you @grandchild for the diff

grandchild commented on 2018-01-08 20:32 (UTC) (edited on 2018-01-08 20:32 (UTC) by grandchild)

Package only builds after these changes:

@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ makedepends=('git' 'go' 'godep' 'inetutils')
 arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ prepare() {

 pkgver() {
-   cd "${pkgname}-${pkgver}"
+   cd "${pkgname}"
    git describe --long | sed -E 's/^v//;s/([^-]*-g)/r\1/;s/-/./g'

@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ build() {
    export GOPATH="${srcdir}"
    cd "${srcdir}"
    mkdir -p "src/"
-   mv "${pkgname}-${pkgver}" "src/${_name}"
+   mv "${pkgname}" "src/${_name}"
    cd "src/${_name}"
    if [ ${CARCH}" == "i686" ] ; then
            go run build.go -no-upgrade -goarch 386 build

sauyon commented on 2017-02-18 21:34 (UTC)

can somebody inform me why this was flagged out of date?

diggit commented on 2016-07-28 09:41 (UTC)

prepare() moves sources and the pkgver() can't get correct version. Also, I can't see the reason to pull sources to folder with version in name.

rumpelsepp commented on 2015-06-11 20:48 (UTC)

This package is quite old: - There are official manpages now: - There are official systemd files now: - The License is MPL now: - Please update the SRCINFO. It does not match the PKGBUILD

xuhdev commented on 2015-05-30 21:36 (UTC)

Syncthing is now licensed under MPLv2. Can you update the PKGBUILD file?

Nothing4You commented on 2014-09-15 14:10 (UTC)

@Profpatsch as long as there are no changes that make the PKGBUILD no longer working there's no need to update the pkgver. This is a -git package, including the pkgver() function to update to the latest version locally on your machine and it fetches the latest source from git anyway

Profpatsch commented on 2014-08-28 13:28 (UTC)

0.9.9 is out.

sauyon commented on 2014-08-14 20:08 (UTC)


rafi commented on 2014-08-14 19:32 (UTC)

Upgraded Go 1.3.1, had an issue that was solved by and it successfully installed.

sauyon commented on 2014-08-11 08:28 (UTC)

That should have been really obvious to see... It's fixed now, but I'm still seeing errors. It doesn't look like it's a packaging issue, but I'll look into it when I have time tomorrow.

rafi commented on 2014-08-10 12:58 (UTC)

Looks like the repository has changed to 'syncthing' instead of 'calmh', i.e.

sauyon commented on 2014-08-08 16:46 (UTC)

Ah, feel free. I thought it was working when I ran the tests manually, but I guess not :P

commented on 2014-08-08 09:06 (UTC)

Are you going to report this problem upstream? If not i can do this.

sauyon commented on 2014-08-08 05:09 (UTC)

I'm getting it too, and I have no clue why it's happening :/

commented on 2014-08-07 18:08 (UTC)

I have got this error:

sauyon commented on 2014-07-15 16:36 (UTC)

@rafi looks like an upstream error - you should submit an issue to the repository (or I can, if you would like). You could comment out the check() portion of the PKGBUILD for now, but syncthing may not work as you would expect.

rafi commented on 2014-07-15 14:08 (UTC)

I'm getting "godep: go exit status 2" on check(), full log:

sauyon commented on 2014-07-14 16:13 (UTC)

@imraro Thanks for letting me know, all fixed up :)

imraro commented on 2014-07-14 14:18 (UTC)

Please change "./" to "./ -tags noupgrade"

prurigro commented on 2014-05-26 03:01 (UTC)

@sauyon: This was definitely one of those situations where it'd be nice to have split packages in the aur so the sources didn't need to be downloaded twice, but you're probably right that most people wouldn't be using their own discovery server. I updated the source package to the latest version btw, so grab for the manpage now if you don't already have it.

sauyon commented on 2014-05-25 09:00 (UTC)

@prurigo I feel like the discovery server should be a separate package because it's not used by most people. I'll add the manpage, and maybe create a separate package for the server at some point.

prurigro commented on 2014-05-24 20:31 (UTC)

@sauyon: In case you already checked what I posted last night, I updated again to have it create a syncthing user/group and use it when running the discovery server. I also decided to say screw it and added the daemon-reload call because I just can't picture this scenario I was warned against re: best practices, and like you say, the service is sitting there useless until you run the command :). Anyway, same story; feel free to pull what you'd like, and I'll leave my package up until you can get the same differences from the syncthing package (and no pressure, of course, if you'd rather not)

prurigro commented on 2014-05-24 10:30 (UTC)

@sauyon: In case you don't check the syncthing repo as often, I added the discovery server and associated service to -- feel free to include it in your package if you think it's worthwhile. I've tested it and it seems to work correctly (announce server shows "online" after replacing with my own server and restarting the syncthing service)- Cheers!

prurigro commented on 2014-05-24 09:07 (UTC)

@sauyon: I added a manpage to that modification to the synthing package I whipped up using info from the readme, a few spots on their site and added an explanation of the systemd service (you'd probably want to remove the bit about the daemon-reload if you were going to use it), and I thought it might make more sense to add that to your package than copying the, which is mostly links and info about binary upgrades? If you're interested, you can find it (syncthing.1) in here

vinadoros commented on 2014-05-23 19:50 (UTC)

@sauyon Looks like it is building fine now, must have been something in the repo or something earlier today. In any case, thanks alot for this.

sauyon commented on 2014-05-23 19:20 (UTC)

@vinadoros It seems to be working for me at the moment, Could you try again and email me debug information if it fails again?

vinadoros commented on 2014-05-23 13:36 (UTC)

Hey sauyon, thanks for this pkgbuild. I am getting build errors though for syncthing, is it building cleanly for you? Seems to fail at Not sure if it is me or if the syncthing git repo itself is just not buildable right now.