Package Details: synology-drive 3.2.0_13258-1

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Package Base: synology-drive
Description: Drive for PC, the desktop utility of the DSM add-on package, Drive, allows you to sync and share files owned by you or shared by others between a centralized Synology NAS and multiple client computers.
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Keywords: synology
Licenses: custom
Submitter: fmartingr
Maintainer: fmartingr
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First Submitted: 2018-01-03 10:34 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2022-11-27 18:29 (UTC)

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oysstu commented on 2022-11-25 17:32 (UTC)

The certificate thing seems to be fixed in 3.2.0-13258

Panzki commented on 2022-11-19 09:28 (UTC)

I encountered the same issue, and I was able to resolve it by manually adding the needed root CAs certificate the ~/.SynologyDrive/data/certs.pem file.

I'm using a certificate issued by Let's Encrypt and the root certificate for my certificate was ISRG Root X1. I copied the the root certificate by running:

cat /etc/ca-certificates/extracted/cadir/ISRG_Root_X1.pem > ~/.SynologyDrive/data/certs.pem

After restarting the Synology Drive client HTTPS is working again.

ZEBofx commented on 2022-11-01 20:24 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-01 20:27 (UTC) by ZEBofx)

I have the same thing : ~/.SynologyDrive/data/certs.pem is empty after the error or after restarting the client. I tried to delete the files, but it recreated it empty.

I just recreated it "by hand" (cat all my CAs > certs.pem), and then "chmod u-w ~/.SynologyDrive/data/certs.pem". Seems to work for now.

fmartingr commented on 2022-11-01 19:53 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-01 19:57 (UTC) by fmartingr)

I use my linux machine mostly headless now, so I have not been using Synology Drive lately from there. I just upgraded my entire system (including synology drive which is still there) and connected to my synology without problems, using a self-signed certificate but ignoring the warning. Files are syncing both ways just fine. Where are you getting this errors from?

My synology drive server version is 3.0.3-12689.

Edit: ~/.SynologyDrive/data/certs.pem is populated on my case. Maybe deleting it will make the client restore it?

Edit2: Just moved my certs.pem file to somewhere else, closed drive and opening it again create the file again, poppulated.

rlees85 commented on 2022-11-01 19:45 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-01 19:50 (UTC) by rlees85)

Spoke too soon - still broken after downgrade suggesting its local config issue that gets broken by the new version.

edit: after downgrading I had to:

rm ~/.SynologyDrive/

edit again: turns out its something to do with: ~/.SynologyDrive/data/certs.pem. On 3.2.0 its empty and 3.1.0 its populated.

rlees85 commented on 2022-11-01 19:40 (UTC)

Its not just you - same issue with TLS secured diskstation. I confirmed my cert is still good and rolling back to previous version (3.1.0) fixes it

ZEBofx commented on 2022-11-01 18:00 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-01 18:01 (UTC) by ZEBofx)


Since the last update, I cannot sync with my Diskstation, from my Manjaro latest version.

I am having SSL errors, and even unable to login if I check not to verify the certificates. Am I the only one ? If not, somebody has a solution ?

Here is what I have :

2022-11-01T18:43:41 ( 2729:14272) [ERROR] protocol-ui.cpp(299): ProDSQuerySSLSignature: code: -201, reason: channel error while converting SSL channel.

2022-11-01T18:43:41 ( 2729:14272) [ERROR] pc-error-handler.cpp(571): Get signature fail. not in quickconnect mode. Failed to pass sign auth.

2022-11-01T18:44:28 ( 2729:72512) [ERROR] protocol-ui.cpp(669): ProDSGetListViewBySession: channel error while converting SSL channel

Anyway, thank you for your work !

Regards, ZEBofx

philippe commented on 2022-04-29 19:33 (UTC)

Here is a patch if it can help:

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index f59a322..b134ac0 100644
@@ -1,7 +1,7 @@
 # Maintainer: Felipe Martin <>

 pkgdesc="Drive for PC, the desktop utility of the DSM add-on package, Drive, allows you to sync and share files owned by you or shared by others between a centralized Synology NAS and multiple client computers."
 arch=('i686' 'x86_64')
@@ -13,11 +13,11 @@ conflicts=()



 package() {
    cd "${srcdir}"

shilka commented on 2022-01-19 04:39 (UTC)

I got a strange problem that synology-driver does not sync any file from server to my local folder. I installed synology-driver with no error no warning, I start it and looks pretty well -- everything seems normal, the software prompt me enter the login information and then proceed to some config steps. After that, the system tray menu told me it's "up-to-date" but with a blank "recently changed" list and my local folder is still empty. Does anybody know what the problem is? Thanks!