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Package Base: vapoursynth-plugin-svpflow1
Description: Plugin for Vapoursynth: svpflow1
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Keywords: vapoursynth
Licenses: GPL
Submitter: sl1pkn07
Maintainer: sl1pkn07
Last Packager: sl1pkn07
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First Submitted: 2016-02-28 13:08 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-05-03 16:00 (UTC)

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dreieck commented on 2023-02-14 13:17 (UTC)

Fails to verify checksum:

==> Retrieving sources...
  -> Found
==> Validating source files with sha256sums... ... FAILED
==> ERROR: One or more files did not pass the validity check!

Thanks for maintaining!

AvianaCruz commented on 2023-01-16 08:37 (UTC)

@sl1pkn07 Maybe you can consider moving to qmake6.

eggz commented on 2022-03-17 21:09 (UTC)

Hello, Yep, the update works here! Thank you!!

sl1pkn07 commented on 2022-03-17 16:27 (UTC) (edited on 2022-03-17 16:27 (UTC) by sl1pkn07)

seems the problem is with not compatible with the system copy of jsoncpp

use the bundled copy seems work (tested with this script)

import vapoursynth as vs
core = vs.core

clip = core.std.BlankClip()
clip = clip.resize.Bicubic(format=vs.YUV420P8, matrix_s="709")

super = core.svp1.Super(clip, "{gpu:1}")
vectors = core.svp1.Analyse(super['clip'],super['data'],clip,"{}")
smooth = core.svp2.SmoothFps(clip,super['clip'],super['data'],vectors['clip'],vectors['data'],"{}")
smooth = core.std.AssumeFPS(smooth,fpsnum=smooth.fps_num,fpsden=smooth.fps_den)


and vspipe

can you backup the working library and test the new pkgrel?


eggz commented on 2022-03-17 15:40 (UTC)

well, instead of guessing about it I could just ask the binary

[ !95490 ] eggz@eggzpc ~ $ strings -a /usr/lib/vapoursynth/ | grep GCC
GCC: (Arch Linux 9.3.0-1) 9.3.0

I hope this helps.

eggz commented on 2022-03-17 15:35 (UTC) (edited on 2022-03-17 15:37 (UTC) by eggz)

to respond to: "for search the version of gcc in that time"

Since I do not even have a backup of the previous package, it has to be at least from BEFORE middle 2018. because that is my oldest backup of any pkg I ever downloaded. So I bet we are talking gcc10.x here.

EDIT: im not sure on the 2018 date, it could be a little bit later since im missing alot of packages from back then. I am just guessing here, but I bet gcc10.x is still on the table

eggz commented on 2022-03-17 15:32 (UTC)

I did not have a copy of the vapoursynth-plugin-svpflow1 (previous one) ANYWHERE. I had to rely on my filesystem backups I had lying around. My working copy of the lib is about a couple of weeks old, prolly a file from vapoursynth-plugin-svpflow1

sl1pkn07 commented on 2022-03-17 15:09 (UTC)

same here :/ but Unfortunately i'm not sure wat you mean with rollback version

you mean the lib before add the last commit in the packagebuild (only adds the option='debug' so is rebuilded with the last gcc in the system)? or the old

what is the date of the your working copy? for search the version of gcc in that time

eggz commented on 2022-03-17 14:03 (UTC) (edited on 2022-03-17 14:03 (UTC) by eggz)

To me somehow this updates breaks vapoursynth, and so svp:

[vapoursynth] Script evaluation failed:
[vapoursynth] Python exception: SVSuper: invalid 'params' syntax: * Line 1, Column 2
[vapoursynth]   Missing '}' or object member name
[vapoursynth] Traceback (most recent call last):
[vapoursynth]   File "src/cython/vapoursynth.pyx", line 2832, in vapoursynth._vpy_evaluate
[vapoursynth]   File "src/cython/vapoursynth.pyx", line 2833, in vapoursynth._vpy_evaluate
[vapoursynth]   File "/home/eggz/.local/share/SVP4/scripts/", line 59, in <module>
[vapoursynth]     smooth =  interpolate(clip)
[vapoursynth]   File "/home/eggz/.local/share/SVP4/scripts/", line 40, in interpolate
[vapoursynth]     super   = core.svp1.Super(input_m8,super_params)
[vapoursynth]   File "src/cython/vapoursynth.pyx", line 2580, in vapoursynth.Function.__call__
[vapoursynth] vapoursynth.Error: SVSuper: invalid 'params' syntax: * Line 1, Column 2
[vapoursynth]   Missing '}' or object member name
[vapoursynth] could not init VS
Disabling filter vapoursynth.00 because it has failed.

I had to rollback this file to a previous version and everything started to work again:


I am unsure why this is the case. Am I the only one?

sl1pkn07 commented on 2018-01-05 21:36 (UTC)