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Description: The industry standard for running multiple operating systems as virtual machines on a single Linux PC.
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Conflicts: vmware-modules-dkms, vmware-ovftool, vmware-patch, vmware-systemd-services
Provides: vmware-ovftool
Submitter: Synthead
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First Submitted: 2017-02-10 19:04
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jihem commented on 2017-10-22 09:29

After the first installation, please:

1) reboot or load vmw_vmci and vmmon kernel modules (modprobe -a vmw_vmci vmmon)

2) Enable the services you need:

  • vmware-networks.service: to have network access in VMs

  • vmware-usbarbitrator.service: to connect USB devices inside VMs

  • vmware-hostd.service: to share VMs on the network

For people who would stay on VMware 12, you can switch to vmware-workstation12 package.

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jihem commented on 2018-02-22 19:09

@joelteixeira: I confirm, I also have this bug. Thanks for your detailed informations, I will investigate when I will have time.

joelteixeira commented on 2018-02-21 21:21

Hello there, when using this package I can't copy a file from any guest (tried windows 10, kali, ubuntu) because it uses a wrong path. For instance, when trying to copy "test.mkv" from guest to host it will show a message saying:

The file or folder /WlgTof/test.mkv does not exist.

But the reference should be "/tmp/VMwareDnD/WlgTof/test.mkv" that is a symlink to default user folder as shown below.

myhost /tmp/VMwareDnD $ ls -lh lrwxrwxrwx 1 username users 48 fev 21 17:51 WlgTof -> /home/username/.cache/vmware/drag_and_drop/WlgTof

So, the file was indeed transferred from guest to host but only the reference was wrong. I could reproduce in two machines (different hardware, DE, WM) and after uninstalling the package and using the standard bundle it works. So I believe its related with some of the patches, services, etc. Anyone else facing the same issue?

Thank you

alexei commented on 2018-02-11 01:11

For multiple monitors feature with Awesome WM, see this workaround:

joelteixeira commented on 2018-02-09 23:20

@jihem you're absolutely right. I thought headers was a requirement and didn't checked as I should. Thank you a lot.

jihem commented on 2018-02-09 18:56

Hi joelteixeira,

This package should work with Linux 4.15. If it's a fresh installation you have probably forgotten to install the linux-headers package.

joelteixeira commented on 2018-02-09 15:32

Hi all, 4.15 had broke something? I was using normally on a 4.14 machine but on a fresh installed system I got:

Could not open /dev/vmmon: No such file or directory. Please make sure that the kernel module 'vmmon' is loaded.

And trying to load vmmon:

modprobe vmmon <br> modprobe: FATAL: Module vmmon not found in directory /lib/modules/4.15.1-2-ARCH

uname -a Linux hostname 4.15.1-2-ARCH #1 SMP Sun Feb 4 22:27:45 UTC 2018 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Are you guys facing something similar?

jihem commented on 2018-01-31 16:04

@ailick: I don't have any problem with this version on the kernel on Arch, I think it's more probably a problem with Manjaro.

I don't have time to investigate your problem and I don't really know Manjaro, but my idea is that the version of GCC used to compile the kernel is more recent than the version of GCC installed on your system which doesn't already include the patch retpoline. If I'm right (not sure at all), you have 2 solutions: downgrade your kernel on the previous version until a new version of GCC, or use a more recent version of GCC (for example from testing repo if there is a testing repo in Manjaro).

Edit: I just discovered a tip that can help you: after the startup, loading vmmon module with: modprobe --force-vermagic vmmon

ailick commented on 2018-01-31 05:40

Something is not going well on 'kernel 4.14.15'

[ 7.885870] vmmon: version magic '4.14.15-1-MANJARO SMP preempt mod_unload modversions retpoline ' should be '4.14.15-1-MANJARO SMP preempt mod_unload modversions '

[ 14.081850] vmmon: version magic '4.14.15-1-MANJARO SMP preempt mod_unload modversions retpoline ' should be '4.14.15-1-MANJARO SMP preempt mod_unload modversions '

jmp commented on 2018-01-19 22:57

Hey jihem, thanks for the work on this package!

For anyone who might get the following error... On a clean, minimal install of Arch, after installing this AUR package, modprobe -a vmmon came back with: WARNING: Module vmmon not found in directory /lib/modules/4.14.13-1-ARCH

pacman -S linux-headers solved this for me. It runs dkms install vmware-workstation/14.1.1_7528167 -k 4.14.13-1-ARCH and you should be able to run modprobe -a vmmon, afterward.

jihem commented on 2018-01-11 18:58

Hi all,

I finally changed my mind concerning VMware 12. It seems that a lot of people cannot upgrade to VMware 14 (because of the license or an incompatible processor) and VMware continue to provide security updates. Also, vmware-patch package is clearly not as convenient to use as this package.

That's why I created the package vmware-workstation12 and I will try to maintain it for the next kernel versions. It should not be a big work for me, but I will be able to make only very limited tests (my single machine already run VMware 14).

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