AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysFix sha256sumsJean-Marc Lenoir
11 daysRemove debug option.Jean-Marc Lenoir
2024-02-27Update to 17.5.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2023-11-09Attempt to fix a bug with kernel 6.6.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2023-10-21Update to 17.5.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2023-08-12Compatibility with Linux 6.4.10 and 6.5-rc5Jean-Marc Lenoir
2023-04-25Update to 17.0.2Jean-Marc Lenoir
2023-03-19Fix a potential crash when loading vmnet moduleJean-Marc Lenoir
2023-02-25Fix a regression with sqlite 3.41Jean-Marc Lenoir
2023-02-05Update to 17.0.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2023-01-12Update makedependsJean-Marc Lenoir
2023-01-04Fix vmnet on Linux 6.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2022-11-26Change the config file to fix the launch of VMPlayer without licenseJean-Marc Lenoir
2022-11-19Update to 17.0.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2022-07-23Update to 16.2.4Jean-Marc Lenoir
2022-06-09Compatibility with Linux 5.19-rc1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2022-04-09Compatibility with Linux 5.18-rc1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2022-04-09Fix for uefipatchJean-Marc Lenoir
2022-03-12Include unlocker filesJean-Marc Lenoir
2022-03-12Update to 16.2.3Jean-Marc Lenoir
2022-02-25Add missing dependency for ovftoolJean-Marc Lenoir
2021-11-24Compatibility with Linux 5.16-rc1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2021-11-15Fixing VMWare Player on Linux when using DHCP addressesJean-Marc Lenoir
2021-11-09Update to 16.2.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2021-10-15Change dependency uefitool-git to uefitoolJean-Marc Lenoir
2021-10-15Update to 16.2.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2021-07-14Compatibility with Linux 5.14-rc1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2021-06-19Seems to be a better way to detect when a VM is startedJean-Marc Lenoir
2021-06-19Implement .path units to start services only when a VM is startedJean-Marc Lenoir
2021-05-18Update to 16.1.2Jean-Marc Lenoir
2021-04-01Update to 16.1.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-11-21Update to 16.1.0 and cleanupJean-Marc Lenoir
2020-09-19Update to 16.0.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-09-06Compatibility with Linux 5.9-rc3Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-09-05Compatibility with Linux 5.8Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-08-08Prevent VMware to run on Linux>=5.8Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-06-09Update to 15.5.6Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-06-01Compatibility with Linux 5.7Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-05-29Update to 15.5.5Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-03-13Update to 15.5.2Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-03-13Compatibility with Linux 5.6Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-12-21Update vmware-networks-configuration.service and fix URL for macOS unlocker f...Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-11-16Move some EULA filesJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-11-14Update to 15.5.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-10-06Increase pkgrelJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-10-05Compatibility with Linux 5.4-rc1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-10-05CleanupJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-09-27Remove the check for server versions in EFI firmwaresJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-09-22Add StartupWMClass attribute to desktop filesJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-09-22Update to 15.5.0Jean-Marc Lenoir