AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-01Update to 16.1.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-11-21Update to 16.1.0 and cleanupJean-Marc Lenoir
2020-09-19Update to 16.0.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-09-06Compatibility with Linux 5.9-rc3Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-09-05Compatibility with Linux 5.8Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-08-08Prevent VMware to run on Linux>=5.8Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-06-09Update to 15.5.6Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-06-01Compatibility with Linux 5.7Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-05-29Update to 15.5.5Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-03-13Update to 15.5.2Jean-Marc Lenoir
2020-03-13Compatibility with Linux 5.6Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-12-21Update vmware-networks-configuration.service and fix URL for macOS unlocker f...Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-11-16Move some EULA filesJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-11-14Update to 15.5.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-10-06Increase pkgrelJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-10-05Compatibility with Linux 5.4-rc1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-10-05CleanupJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-09-27Remove the check for server versions in EFI firmwaresJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-09-22Add StartupWMClass attribute to desktop filesJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-09-22Update to 15.5.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-09-16Revert to previous macOS toolsJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-08-13Update macOS toolsJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-07-27Compatibility with Linux 5.3-rc1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-05-17Fix incorrect checksumsJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-05-17Update to 15.1.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-03-29Update to 15.0.4Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-03-16Update to 15.0.3Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-03-10Use xkeymap files from vmware-keymaps package to avoid conflicts withJean-Marc Lenoir
2019-03-03Compatibility with Linux 5.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2019-02-03Add VMware Authentication serviceJean-Marc Lenoir
2018-11-23Update to 15.0.2Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-11-09Update to 15.0.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-10-16Add a dependency to allow VMware to use the Arch GTK3 versionJean-Marc Lenoir
2018-09-29Update to 15.0.0Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-09-01Remove SVG fixJean-Marc Lenoir
2018-08-26Fix an incompatibility with the new SVG libraryJean-Marc Lenoir
2018-08-15Update to 14.1.3Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-05-22Update to 14.1.2Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-05-02Does not load GTK theme if not compatible with GTK 3.14Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-05-01Fix indirect call with retpolineJean-Marc Lenoir
2018-05-01Workaround to use the GTK themeJean-Marc Lenoir
2018-04-22Remove gksu dependencyJean-Marc Lenoir
2018-02-03CleanupJean-Marc Lenoir
2018-01-10Update to 14.1.1Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-01-07Come back to VMware 14Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-01-07Ultimate commit for VMware 12.5.8Jean-Marc Lenoir
2018-01-03Add ncurses5-compat-libs dependency (needed to install guest additionsJean-Marc Lenoir
2017-12-27Add an option to change GTK theme in /etc/conf.d/vmwareJean-Marc Lenoir
2017-12-26Add missing dependencyJean-Marc Lenoir
2017-12-23Add missing filesJean-Marc Lenoir