Package Details: watchman 2023.05.15.00-1

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Package Base: watchman
Description: Watches files and records, or triggers actions, when they change
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Licenses: MIT
Submitter: jelly
Maintainer: carsme
Last Packager: carsme
Votes: 7
Popularity: 0.38
First Submitted: 2021-01-09 14:09 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2023-05-15 08:12 (UTC)

Latest Comments

AlexBocken commented on 2023-03-12 14:27 (UTC)

@carsme Thank you, works smoothly now for me :)

carsme commented on 2023-03-12 14:21 (UTC)

@AlexBocken I've excluded what I think are the problematic tests now. Let me know if you experience any other issues.

AlexBocken commented on 2023-03-12 12:26 (UTC)

@carsme Rebuilt it again, same four checks failed. Note that I'm not building in a clean chroot.

carsme commented on 2023-03-12 12:02 (UTC)

@scarleo This happens if you have rustup instead of rust installed and not yet set a default toolchain. I've added a environemnt variable that will select the stable toolchain in these situations, as recommended by The package should build for you now without having to do rustup default stable (though you might want to do that anyway).

@AlexBocken I've noticed that some of the tests are failing intermittently. I'm trying to identify which these are since I would still like to perform testing in the package, if viable. Could you try re-building and see if the same tests fail again?

AlexBocken commented on 2023-03-12 10:43 (UTC)

check() fails for me (4 / 451) tests fail.

        238 - test_py::watchman.integration.test_local_saved_state.TestSavedStateUnixBser2.test_localSavedStateSubscription (Failed)
        249 - test_py::watchman.integration.test_local_saved_state.TestSavedStateUnixJson.test_localSavedStateSubscription (Failed)
        311 - test_py::watchman.integration.test_scm.TestScmUnixJson.test_scmHg (Failed)
        336 - test_py::watchman.integration.test_site_spawn.TestSiteSpawn.test_failingSpawner (Failed)

One of the errors:

failed to start
2023-03-12T11:28:59,488: [cli] /home/alex/watchman/src/watchman-2023.03.06.00/watchman/integration/ exited with status 1
Fatal error detected at:
    @ 000000000020c195 watchman::Log::doLogToStdErr()
    @ 0000000000208971 watchman::Publisher::enqueue(json_ref&&)
                       -> /home/alex/watchman/src/watchman-2023.03.06.00/watchman/PubSub.cpp
    @ 00000000001322d7 void watchman::Log::log<char const*&, char const (&) [22], int, char const (&) [2]>(watchman::LogLevel, char const*&, char const (&) [22], int&&, char const (&) [2])
                       -> /home/alex/watchman/src/watchman-2023.03.06.00/watchman/main.cpp
    @ 0000000000052786 main
                       -> /home/alex/watchman/src/watchman-2023.03.06.00/watchman/main.cpp
    @ 000000000002378f (unknown)
    @ 0000000000023849 __libc_start_main
    @ 0000000000054df4 _start

ERROR: test_failingSpawner (watchman.integration.test_site_spawn.TestSiteSpawn)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/alex/watchman/src/watchman-2023.03.06.00/build/watchman/integration/test_py/watchman/integration/", line 31, in test_failingSpawner
    stderr = stderr.decode("ascii")
UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xf0 in position 13439: ordinal not in range(128)

Any clue how to fix this? You can find the full build log at in case that could be of any use.

@scarleo have you tried running rustup default stable as recommended in the error? Still not working?

scarleo commented on 2023-03-12 08:07 (UTC)

Fails to build:

[100%] Building Rust executable 'watchmanctl'...
error: rustup could not choose a version of cargo to run, because one wasn't specified explicitly, and no default is configured.
help: run 'rustup default stable' to download the latest stable release of Rust and set it as your default toolchain.
make[2]: *** [watchman/cli/CMakeFiles/watchmanctl.cargo.dir/build.make:72: watchman/cli/CMakeFiles/watchmanctl.cargo] Error 1
make[1]: *** [CMakeFiles/Makefile2:1411: watchman/cli/CMakeFiles/watchmanctl.cargo.dir/all] Error 2
make: *** [Makefile:146: all] Error 2
==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

eclairevoyant commented on 2023-03-06 23:23 (UTC)

Took a look at this software, seems like it tries to download and build all dependent libraries even if they're present in the system. Might need some patches to use the system versions instead.

pickfire commented on 2022-06-23 03:04 (UTC)

Is this missing watchman service like

xuanruiqi commented on 2021-03-03 19:50 (UTC) (edited on 2021-03-03 21:41 (UTC) by xuanruiqi)

For whoever flagged this package, I have unflagged it.

All releases since 4.9.0 have been internal Facebook releases, and Facebook is neither testing that the code will build on non-FB systems, nor willing to support people outside of Facebook. Everyone outside of Facebook are supposed to use the binary builds. Sadly, it's the way it is at Facebook open source.

For what is worth, I could not get the latest weekly releases to build. I'm still trying, but unfortunately without much luck. If you could, then your help is much appreciated. Before that happens, we'd have to stick to 4.9.0.

If you do need the latest weekly release, I guess you have to use watchman-bin until I'm able to fix the build...