Package Details: wineasio 1.2.0-7

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Package Base: wineasio
Description: ASIO driver implementation for Wine
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Keywords: asio audio jack wine
Licenses: GPL-2.0-or-later, LGPL-2.1-or-later
Submitter: shinlun
Maintainer: Kazel
Last Packager: Kazel
Votes: 57
Popularity: 0.012423
First Submitted: 2007-05-27 07:28 (UTC)
Last Updated: 2024-04-06 09:01 (UTC)

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falkTX commented on 2022-02-17 22:59 (UTC) (edited on 2022-02-17 22:59 (UTC) by falkTX)

Update for wineasio-1.1

Your user must belong to the realtime group in order to use wineasio.
This can be done with sudo usermod -aG realtime $(whoami)

For registering wineasio as an ASIO driver:

  • For 32bit, run: regsvr32 /usr/lib32/wine/i386-windows/wineasio.dll
  • For 64bit, run: wine64 regsvr32 /usr/lib/wine/x86_64-windows/wineasio.dll

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ciros commented on 2024-07-07 07:55 (UTC)

same here:

winegcc build32/asio.c.o build32/main.c.o build32/regsvr.c.o -shared -m32 -mnocygwin wineasio.dll.spec -L/usr/lib32/wine -L/usr/lib/wine -L/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine -L/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine-development -L/opt/wine-stable/lib -L/opt/wine-stable/lib/wine -L/opt/wine-stable/lib32 -L/opt/wine-stable/lib32/wine -L/opt/wine-staging/lib -L/opt/wine-staging/lib/wine -L/opt/wine-staging/lib32 -L/opt/wine-staging/lib32/wine -ljack \
    -lodbc32 -lole32 -lwinmm -luuid -o build32/
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lodbc32: No such file or directory

xiota commented on 2024-07-04 07:08 (UTC)

Some type of linker error?

/usr/sbin/ld: cannot find -lodbc32: No such file or directory

Kazel commented on 2024-03-22 18:22 (UTC)

@bemxio that's good to hear :) no problem!

bemxio commented on 2024-03-22 15:10 (UTC)

@Kazel Alright, I've tinkered with it for a little while and found out the JACK server wasn't getting started properly. I tried to manually start it, and the error disappeared, but then WineASIO did not output any sound. I switched to pipewire-jack though, and now it's all good, seems to be perfect (although I had to switch to a sample rate of 48000 Hz, I dunno if it's an issue on my end or just a general WineASIO's caveat). Thank you for help!

Kazel commented on 2024-03-20 17:22 (UTC)

@bemxio when fixing the package for the first time i removed the CFLAGS, which might really broke the wineasio dll's, but i replaced that with !lto which does the trick - same as the git package. I assume you registered both dll's, have the right groups for your user and started the jack interface?

bemxio commented on 2024-03-20 10:23 (UTC)

@Kazel I tried wineasio-git but it returned the same error, although now when I try it with normal wineasio or wineasio-git, FL Studio doesn't crash, just returns Error while accessing the ASIO driver.. Perhaps using a slightly outdated version of FL Studio causes these issues, either way thank you for help!

Kazel commented on 2024-03-19 15:32 (UTC)

i am sorry but for me wineasio is working as expected and i am unsure how i could help you. Have you tried another application or even wineasio-git / manually compiling the package?

bemxio commented on 2024-03-18 08:15 (UTC)

@Kazel The package installs successfully, but when I attempt to use WineASIO from FL Studio installed in a bottle, it returns Error while accessing the ASIO driver., and almost instantly crashes:

FL Studio ( [64Bit] r37347 has encountered an error and needs to restart.

Crash log saved to C:\users\bemxio\Documents\Image-Line\FL Studio\Support\Logs\Crash\ folder.

Please use Ctrl+C to copy this message and report to support.

OS Version:
Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 17763, 64-bit Edition)

Out of memory

000073A050DC0000:000073A050DCF831: wineasio64.dll
0000000071CF0000:0000000072521B34: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:00000000725220A9: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:0000000072526C4D: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:000000007291BF96: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:000000007291C24A: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:00000000751B730D: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:0000000072082B6C: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:00000000720828B4: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:000000007221A876: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:00000000720148CB: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:000000007221CC79: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:000000007221E975: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:000000007221E868: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:0000000071E09246: FLEngine_x64.dll
00006FFFFDC40000:00006FFFFDC988EB: USER32.dll
00006FFFFDC40000:00006FFFFDC9A954: USER32.dll
00006FFFFDC40000:00006FFFFDC81431: USER32.dll
00006FFFFDC40000:00006FFFFDC836AD: USER32.dll
0000000071CF0000:000000007223E19A: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:000000007223E208: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:000000007223E6DA: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000071CF0000:0000000072A18B1D: FLEngine_x64.dll
0000000140000000:00000001402CC828: FL64.exe
0000000140000000:00000001402CC9B0: FL64.exe
0000000140000000:0000000140030976: FL64.exe
00006FFFFFA80000:00006FFFFFAA8CE9: kernel32.dll
00006FFFFFC50000:00006FFFFFCA55AF: ntdll.dll

wineasio64.dll: C:\windows\system32\wineasio64.dll
FLEngine_x64.dll: C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 21\FLEngine_x64.dll
USER32.dll: C:\windows\system32\USER32.dll
FL64.exe: C:\Program Files\Image-Line\FL Studio 21\FL64.exe
kernel32.dll: C:\windows\system32\kernel32.dll
ntdll.dll: C:\windows\system32\ntdll.dll

Kazel commented on 2024-03-17 17:23 (UTC)

@bemxio could you please try if the package now works for you.

bemxio commented on 2024-03-12 17:02 (UTC)

It throws an error when linking:

/usr/bin/ld: warning: creating DT_TEXTREL in a shared object
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
winegcc: /usr/bin/gcc failed
make[1]: *** [ build32/] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/bemxio/.cache/yay/wineasio/src/wineasio-1.2.0'
make: *** [Makefile:17: 32] Error 2