Package Details: yay 4.505-1

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Package Base: yay
Description: Yet another yogurt. Pacman wrapper and AUR helper written in go.
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Keywords: AUR go helper pacman wrapper
Licenses: GPL
Conflicts: yay-bin, yay-git
Submitter: jguer
Maintainer: jguer
Last Packager: jguer
Votes: 54
Popularity: 16.100645
First Submitted: 2016-10-05 17:20
Last Updated: 2018-03-13 16:59

Latest Comments

rkubosz commented on 2018-02-15 14:45

Hi! The patch below adds support for another ARM architecture: armv6h. I built it on my RaspberryPi v1 and it works so far. Feel free to apply it to PKGBUILD :-)

diff --git a/PKGBUILD b/PKGBUILD
index 12cb592..64a4155 100644
@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ pkgname=yay
 pkgdesc="Yet another yogurt. Pacman wrapper and AUR helper written in go."
-arch=('i686' 'x86_64' 'armv7h' 'aarch64')
+arch=('i686' 'x86_64' 'armv7h' 'armv6h' 'aarch64')
 options=('!strip' '!emptydirs')

jguer commented on 2017-12-06 01:00

Updated the PKGBUILD to export in the two scopes. Still haven't found a way to make package vendoring easier to use in PKGBUILDs.

egrupled commented on 2017-12-05 11:12

I think I found it. At first I tried build it with pacaur and it failed. I tried then manually with makepkg and it worked.

It seems that pacaur discards env variables between prepare and build sections. It means it's better to set them twice like this:

prepare() {
  export GOPATH="${srcdir}/.go"
  export GOBIN="$GOPATH/bin"
  mkdir -p "$GOPATH"
  rm -rf "$GOPATH/src"
  ln -sf "$srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver/vendor" "$GOPATH/src"

build() {
  export GOPATH="${srcdir}/.go"
  export GOBIN="$GOPATH/bin"
  cd "$srcdir/$pkgname-$pkgver"
  go build -v -o ${pkgname} -ldflags "-s -w -X main.version=${pkgver}"

jguer commented on 2017-12-05 03:20

Weird, just tried a clean build and it worked. It appears your $GOPATH is not being changed to the temporary one. I'm trying to reproduce it.

egrupled commented on 2017-12-04 09:53

Doesn't build after and

completions.go:9:2: cannot find package "" in any of:

/usr/lib/go/src/ (from $GOROOT)

/home/user/go/src/ (from $GOPATH)

dependencies.go:7:2: cannot find package "" in any of:

/usr/lib/go/src/ (from $GOROOT)

/home/user/go/src/ (from $GOPATH)

install.go:9:2: cannot find package "" in any of:

/usr/lib/go/src/ (from $GOROOT)

/home/user/go/src/ (from $GOPATH)

==> ERROR: A failure occurred in build().

jguer commented on 2017-10-25 11:55

You're right, will remove it next minor release.

egrupled commented on 2017-10-21 14:04

GPL3 is license already included in you don't have to install it separately for each package. Please remove it from PKGBUILD

jguer commented on 2017-04-25 15:43

yay doesn't use checksums since it compiles from a git source and it's building fine over here but I've regenerated the .SRCINFO to make sure there is no missing field. commented on 2017-04-25 08:10

Did you forgot to run `updpkgsums`?

:: Installing yay package(s)...
:: yay package(s) failed to install. Check .SRCINFO for mismatching data with PKGBUILD.