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willemw commented on 2024-02-24 16:01 (UTC)

@fettouhi: Thanks. Should be fixed now.

fettouhi commented on 2024-02-24 10:02 (UTC) (edited on 2024-02-24 10:22 (UTC) by fettouhi)

test/ ...................................F.......................... [100%] ========================================= FAILURES ========================================== ______________________________ TestTools.test_readWriteCrontab ______________________________ self = <test.test_tools.TestTools testMethod=test_readWriteCrontab> @unittest.skipIf(not tools.checkCommand('crontab'), "'crontab' not found.") def test_readWriteCrontab(self): now ='%Y-%m-%d %H:%M:%S') oldCrontab = tools.readCrontab() self.assertIsInstance(oldCrontab, list) testLine = '#BackInTime Unittest from {}. Test probably failed. ' \ 'You can remove this line.'.format(now) > self.assertTrue(tools.writeCrontab(oldCrontab + [testLine, ])) E AssertionError: False is not true test/ AssertionError ----------------------------------- Captured stderr call ------------------------------------ ERROR: Failed to write lines to crontab: 0, tmp/.cache/crontab: mkdir: No such file or directory ================================== short test summary info ================================== FAILED test/ - AssertionError: False is not true ======================== 1 failed, 321 passed, 45 skipped in 17.27s ========================= make: *** [Makefile:563: unittest] Fejl 1 make: Forlader katalog "/home/af/.cache/yay/backintime-git/src/backintime/common" ==> FEJL: Der forekom en fejl i check(). Afbryder... -> error making: backintime-git-exit status 4 -> Failed to install the following packages. Manual intervention is required: backintime-cli-git - exit status 4 backintime-git - exit status 4 Anyone getting this?

buhtz commented on 2024-02-23 08:29 (UTC)

Dear willemw, please be aware that the current dev version at upstream migrated from PyQt5 to PyQt6. Thanks in advance

willemw commented on 2022-11-06 06:43 (UTC)

@dev_aryoda: all fixed upstream now. Thanks.

dev_aryoda commented on 2022-11-04 22:41 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-04 22:42 (UTC) by dev_aryoda)


THX for your quick fix.

The chicken-egg-dilemma is a bigger issue in BiT:

Only after the installation of the backintime-qt GUI (sic!) the DBus service is running but exactly this DBus service is required in a unit test which must succeed before you can install BiT for the first time (this bug exists for years now).

How did you know "some tests still fail"?

I thought I would have fixed this (the warnings in the log output of the unit tests are perhaps confusing but the tests itself should all succeed now even when making and make testing the first-time installation).

AH! I just saw that my PR is not yet merged into master so one unit test may still fail. I will inform you when my PR was merged for re-enabling the unit tests.

THX for your support!

willemw commented on 2022-11-04 18:22 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-04 18:22 (UTC) by willemw)

@dev_aryoda: Thanks for the information. (Note: I also follow the comments of the backintime AUR package).

Have updated the PKGBUILD file. Disabled running the (unit / system integration) tests for now, because some tests still fail due to a known issue:

WARNING: Failed to connect to Udev serviceHelper daemon via D-Bus: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown

All tests do pass, but only after backintime has been installed.

dev_aryoda commented on 2022-11-04 16:47 (UTC) (edited on 2022-11-04 16:48 (UTC) by dev_aryoda)


I am one of the developers of the new forming team to maintain backintime.

A user has reported installation problems with your package in this issue:

I have fixed the failing unit tests and the underlying code issues:

I have identified two potential issues in this AUR package that should be fixed too (subject to your assessment of course!):

a) Missing dependencies:

   sudo pacman -Sy python-packaging  # required by BiT
   sudo pacman -Sy python-pyfakefs   # required for a unit test
   possibly also <qt5wayland> for wayland support by Qt5 (I don't know the AUR pkg name)

This was not obvious for you as package maintainer and I have tried to update our documentation with all known dependencies:

b) Setting LC_ALL=C caused an error in Back In Time (via a unit test) since this "unsets" any locales in Python3:

Until you have strong reasons to do this I suggest to remove this setting to use the locale of the current user.

Anyhow I have also fixed this in BiT so the unit test is working again.

Thanks for your support!

tom commented on 2021-10-20 12:37 (UTC)

you are probably right... it works on an other Arch system...