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graysky commented on 2016-05-26 19:06

@Tjuh - Yes, that is likely your problem. I highly recommend using modprobed-db if you want to make localmodconfig for this purpose. Just know that it's only as good as your database and if you want to have a new module that you haven't used before, you will have to boot into a kernel that actually has this module available for modprobed-db to learn that you have an interest. Hope that makes sense. See the wiki for more.

Distorted commented on 2016-05-26 12:46

Disable localmodcfg, it causes the kernel to only compile the modules you are currently using.

Tjuh commented on 2016-05-26 11:07

Ye I also find it weird, cause I checked the config.x86_64 and saw that it is enabled as a module. Hmm maybe I should disable the localmodprobe option in the PKGBUILD. And yes rebooted and recompiled many times.

graysky commented on 2016-05-25 20:56

@Tjuh - Dunno why, it's in the config and it loads on my system running 4.5.5-ck-1
% zgrep -i zram /proc/config.gz

Have you perhaps not rebooted since updating to 4.5.5?

Tjuh commented on 2016-05-25 20:21

I'm trying to get zram working follwing the wiki, but the module seems to be missing;

tjuh ~ $ modprobe zram
modprobe: FATAL: Module zram not found in directory /lib/modules/4.5.5-1-ck

Any suggestions?

graysky commented on 2016-05-19 06:52

Bump to v4.5.5-1


francoism90 commented on 2016-05-17 14:47

@sir_lucjan: OK, thanks.. hope it will be available soon. :)

sir_lucjan commented on 2016-05-17 13:08



francoism90 commented on 2016-05-17 13:07

Hi graysky, any news about Linux 4.6? Is a patch available? Thanks :)

graysky commented on 2016-05-11 22:54

Bump to v4.5.4-1


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