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graysky commented on 2017-01-15 13:28

Bump to v4.9.4-1

enihcam commented on 2017-01-15 02:18

Since the issue was worked around by enabling suspend-to-RAM, I did not want to spend time in repro it with makepkg. That was for your information only, not a request.

graysky commented on 2017-01-15 01:58

Does that mean it compiles without modification? Please use makepkg and report back.

enihcam commented on 2017-01-15 01:24

@graysky the variable is declared if and only if suspend-to-RAM is enabled, otherwise compiler cannot find the variable therefore complains. I manually compiled the kernel sources with patches you provided.

snack commented on 2017-01-14 18:50

With linux-ck-core2 4.9.3-1 and nvidia-340xx-ck-core2 340.101-3 I cannot start the X server. I get an error "Error: driver Nvidia is already registered. Aborting". No problem for me to stay with linux 4.8, this is just a warning for those wishing to upgrade.

graysky commented on 2017-01-14 15:14

Disabling suspend to ram and affect compilation? Did you try building with makepkg?

enihcam commented on 2017-01-14 14:06

@graysky Disabling suspend-to-RAM can repro the issue.

graysky commented on 2017-01-14 13:24

How does that pm freezing lik you referenced apply to your situation? Did you try building as-is with makepkg?

enihcam commented on 2017-01-14 13:17

@graysky The issue is discussed here:

Seems like one patch is missing.

graysky commented on 2017-01-14 12:42

Stop using an AUR helper which I believe you're using and just build with makepkg.

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