Package Details: linux-ck 4.6.5-1

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Package Base: linux-ck
Description: Linux Kernel with the ck1 patchset featuring the Brain Fuck Scheduler v0.470.
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Licenses: GPL2
Conflicts: kernel26-ck, linux-ck-atom, linux-ck-barcelona, linux-ck-broadwell, linux-ck-bulldozer, linux-ck-core2, linux-ck-corex, linux-ck-haswell, linux-ck-ivybridge, linux-ck-k10, linux-ck-kx, linux-ck-nehalem, linux-ck-p4, linux-ck-pentm, linux-ck-piledriver, linux-ck-sandybridge, linux-ck-silvermont, linux-ck-skylake
Provides: linux-ck=4.6.5
Replaces: kernel26-ck
Submitter: graysky
Maintainer: graysky
Last Packager: graysky
Votes: 322
Popularity: 8.293541
First Submitted: 2011-07-22 14:51
Last Updated: 2016-07-27 21:00

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mradermaxlol commented on 2016-07-28 15:27

I'm getting patching errors (likely) during prepare() execution which result in makepkg build failure. It's happening at -ck patchset applying, and I have completely no idea what's causing it - maybe these patches are outdated, maybe it's just 4.6.5-incompatible (although I don't think so as errors happen in bfq.c/bfq.h files, for example). Right now my best guess is that the fourth BFQ patch is causing that, because that makes sense - it might be okay a while ago, but now its name in PKGBUILD is useless as it's wrong; I've changed it as @herraiz suggested and, well, everything's okay except patching X)

Does anybody else experience this issue as well?

EDIT: After a little research I've found out (I hope so) that the thing responsible for that problem is... Yup, the -ck patchset itself. Ta-daa!

herraiz commented on 2016-07-28 14:23

@nTia89: the third patch has changed, you have probably an old copy of the third patch in your sources dir.

nTia89 commented on 2016-07-28 13:16

other than corrected forth name's patch,
in order to have a working pkgbuild,
we need to correct the checksum for the third patch

graysky commented on 2016-07-28 09:25

I will update the source array for the renamed patch but this is technically not out of date since the content of that patch did not change. See my post a few down (we knew this change was coming).

herraiz commented on 2016-07-28 08:25

I think there is a typo in one of the URLs. I am getting the following error:

curl: (22) The requested URL returned error: 404 Not Found
==> ERROR: Failure while downloading

The correct URL is

(blkck -> block)

FadeMind commented on 2016-07-28 02:54

Hi @graysky!topic/bfq-iosched/wAKntB66OHs

BFQ changelog.



cryzed commented on 2016-07-28 01:03

@grasky, yes: pacaur. Should I run makepkg manually? I want to note that I have been using pacaur previously to install and update linux-ck without any problems.

EDIT: Running it manually right now using "makepkg -fsic".
EDIT 2: Well that worked. That's the first time an AUR helper bit me, especially pacaur which is supposed to be very reliable ( Sorry about this.

graysky commented on 2016-07-28 00:56

Are you using an aur helper?

cryzed commented on 2016-07-28 00:36

When updating to the latest version, I get the following error after the seemingly successful compilation process:

> ==> Finished making: linux-ck 4.6.5-2 (Do 28. Jul 02:33:40 CEST 2016)
> ==> Cleaning up...
> :: Installing linux-ck,linux-ck-headers package(s)...
> :: linux-ck,linux-ck-headers package(s) failed to install. Check .SRCINFO for mismatching data with PKGBUILD.

The .SRCINFO looks like this:

I did the following modifications to the PKGBUILD:
> _1k_HZ_ticks=
> _BFQ_enable_=y
I don't use the sleep/suspend feature, hence the first change.

My /etc/makepkg.conf has the following modifications:
> CFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -pipe -fstack-protector-strong"
> CXXFLAGS="-march=native -O2 -pipe -fstack-protector-strong"
> MAKEFLAGS="-j$(nproc)"

graysky commented on 2016-07-27 21:16

@blitz - Yes, I assumed the filename will change, and I'll have to update it :p If you catch it before someone else posts here, please email me privately so I can push the change and minimize impact of users building from the AUR. Thanks.

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