Package Details: linux-ck 4.14.2-2

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Package Base: linux-ck
Description: The Linux-ck kernel and modules with the ck1 patchset featuring MuQSS CPU scheduler v0.162
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Licenses: GPL2
Provides: linux-ck=4.14.2
Submitter: graysky
Maintainer: graysky
Last Packager: graysky
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First Submitted: 2011-07-22 14:51
Last Updated: 2017-11-24 20:47

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sir_lucjan commented on 2017-11-23 19:40


Could you tell us what do you mean?

Osleg commented on 2017-11-23 19:37

I wonder what is the difference between this pkg and linux-ck as their PKGBUILDs are identical

Terence commented on 2017-11-23 15:05

@artafinde @graysky After some more investigations, I figured out those were just warnings with the purpose to warn you they will not be included by default in the kernel, and you can safely ignore them as dkms take care of building them.
Thank you very much for your help, I hope this could eventually help someone confused like me.

QuartzDragon commented on 2017-11-23 10:03

Attention @graysky and @everyone:

Urgently needed update!

FS#56404 - [linux] Using bcache will destroy filesystems (4.14.X) ~


4.14.1-2 patch ~

I've already updated manually for this.

Terence commented on 2017-11-22 23:11

@artafinde: Thanks for your complete answer.
I rigorously followed your advices, booting back to the ARCH kernel and making sure once more dkms modules are blacklisted and not stored, but whatever I do, I still get the same error with localmodconfig when either compiling on ARCH or -ck. I don't understand what's wrong...
Note that I also use dkms modules on the regular kernel.

artafinde commented on 2017-11-22 18:05

@Terence: modprobed-db is snapshotting your loaded modules and adds them into a database. Provided you run the system long enough and use it you should have all the modules you are using.
localmodconfig is a tool to configure the kernel to use the modules which are currently used from the kernel
dkms is using the kernel-headers to create new modules for nvidia/virtualbox etc.

During linux-ck compilation and if you have set the localmodconfig parameter in PKGBUILD we load all modules which are referenced in modprobed-db prior to calling localmodconfig. Then kernel is configured according to the loaded modules and compiles etc.

If you want to make sure you have a clean modprobed-db follow these steps:
1. clean up modprobed-db from modules which don't belong on kernel (nvidia, vbox etc)
2. add those to IGNORE list (optionally test by calling modprobed-db store nd check they are not added)
3. reboot and load -ARCH kernel (to make sure all the modules are available)
4. edit PKGBUILD and set localmodconfig - compile and install
5. dkms should build new modules (nvidia, vbox, exfat etc)
6. reboot to your new kernel

The above process is what I follow and works fine with nvidia, vbox and exfat -dkms packages. As a fallback I have -ARCH kernel always installed.

Terence commented on 2017-11-22 17:42

@artafinde sorry I didn't make it clear enough but that's what I did :)
To me it's like modprobe-db just loads all the modules it detected has been loaded at some point and then localmodconfig just lsmod, which includes dkms modules...
There has to be a way to exclude them.

artafinde commented on 2017-11-22 17:38

Open the modprobed-db database (it's a file) and remove them from the list.

Terence commented on 2017-11-22 17:30

@artafinde @graysky Thanks but I knew that, that's why they are built using dkms and I took care of blacklisting all of them, making sure they are not appearing in the modprobe-db file, but problem persists.

artafinde commented on 2017-11-22 17:25

@Terence: The nvidia is external same as virtualbox modules. If you have dkms packages it should trigger a build after you install (provided you have headers). modprobed-db should probably exclude them with IGNORE list - see wiki.

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