AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-04-20Update to v1.2.27, add Python 3 to makedependsrouhannb
2020-11-18Change googlesource tarball checksums to SKIProuhannb
2020-11-16Download tarballs instead of git reposrouhannb
2020-08-22Some cleanup, stop hardcoding path of Python 2rouhannb
2020-08-22Allow package to be rebuilt without cleaning src/rouhannb
2020-08-18Fix typo that breaks buildrouhannb
2020-08-18Update to v1.2.25rouhannb
2020-08-12Update to v1.2.24rouhannb
2020-08-05Update to v1.2.23rouhannb
2020-08-04Update to v1.2.22rouhannb