AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysAdd git to makedependslibertylocked
2019-08-08Make electron a make dependencylibertylocked
2019-08-08Fix electron by patching package.jsonlibertylocked
2019-08-02Update to 1.15.2. Use electron5.libertylocked
2019-05-15symlink fixlibertylocked
2019-05-15Fix electron3 problem by bundling electron for nowlibertylocked
2019-03-13Update to 1.14.0libertylocked
2019-03-05Update to 1.13.1. Fix a build issue with git submodulelibertylocked
2018-12-31update to 1.12.0; add electron dependlibertylocked
2018-12-07use electron2 instead of latest electronlibertylocked