AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-08Make electron a make dependencylibertylocked
2019-08-08Fix electron by patching package.jsonlibertylocked
2019-08-02Update to 1.15.2. Use electron5.libertylocked
2019-05-15symlink fixlibertylocked
2019-05-15Fix electron3 problem by bundling electron for nowlibertylocked
2019-03-13Update to 1.14.0libertylocked
2019-03-05Update to 1.13.1. Fix a build issue with git submodulelibertylocked
2018-12-31update to 1.12.0; add electron dependlibertylocked
2018-12-07use electron2 instead of latest electronlibertylocked
2018-11-28Update to 1.11.2libertylocked
2018-11-27update to 1.11.1libertylocked
2018-11-19Use nvm to build (node lts carbon)libertylocked
2018-11-12update to 1.10.0libertylocked
2018-11-05update to 1.9.0libertylocked
2018-10-11license field conventionlibertylocked
2018-10-11remove pkgname from provideslibertylocked
2018-10-11Update srcinfolibertylocked
2018-10-11Bump pkgrel to 2libertylocked
2018-10-11update to 1.8.0 source release buildlibertylocked
2018-07-261.4Milo Gilad
2018-07-11Fixed dependency arrayMilo Gilad
2018-06-30Added version bump scriptMilo Gilad
2018-06-21Reverted pkgrel until next releaseMilo Gilad
2018-06-20reset pkgrelMilo Gilad
2018-06-151.3.0Milo Gilad
2018-04-231.2.0Milo Gilad
2018-03-19Bump to 1.1.0Milo Gilad
2018-03-06Working nowMilo Gilad
2018-03-06Fixed linkMilo Gilad
2018-03-06Added symlinkMilo Gilad
2018-02-28Bump 1.0.5Milo Gilad
2018-02-27Bump to 1.0.1Milo Gilad
2018-02-26Bump to 1.0.0Milo Gilad
2018-02-25Removed unnecessary .installMilo Gilad
2018-02-25Bump to 0.0.16Milo Gilad
2018-02-25Added gitignoreMilo Gilad
2018-02-25Bump to 0.0.15Milo Gilad
2018-02-23Bump 0.0.11Milo Gilad
2018-02-23Fixed SRCINFOMilo Gilad
2018-02-23Bump to 0.0.10Milo Gilad
2018-02-23Updated checksumsMilo Gilad
2018-02-23Fixed PKGBUILD; waiting for deb to download for shasumsMilo Gilad
2018-02-21Fixed checksumsMilo Gilad
2018-02-21Updated SRCINFOMilo Gilad
2018-02-21Updated to 0.0.7Milo Gilad
2018-02-20Fixed PKGBUILD licenseMilo Gilad
2018-02-20Bumped to 0.0.6Milo Gilad
2018-02-19Fixed licenseMilo Gilad
2018-02-19Initial commitMilo Gilad