AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-01-28Update package:Michael Hansen
2020-07-14Fix code-liveshare.diff against latest codeMichael Hansen
2020-05-25Update to nodejs-lts-erbiumMichael Hansen
2020-05-05Update liveshare patch for latest product.jsonMichael Hansen
2020-01-13Update to use electron 7Michael Hansen
2019-11-29electron is now version 7, so switch back to electron6Michael Hansen
2019-10-14Update to use electron 6.0Michael Hansen
2019-07-07Switch to electron 4 and allow mem_limit to be overridden by environment vari...Michael Hansen
2019-04-25Sync with latest changes from communityMichael Hansen
2019-04-18Update patches for latest product.jsonMichael Hansen