AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-16code-liveshare.diff no longer appliesMichael Hansen
2022-01-29Update .SRCINFOMichael Hansen
2022-01-29Fix rg install location, and sync with latest changes from communityMichael Hansen
2021-06-27Update nodejs requirement to match upstreamMichael Hansen
2021-06-14Update to use nodejs erbium to match upstream's expectationsMichael Hansen
2021-01-28Update package:Michael Hansen
2020-07-14Fix code-liveshare.diff against latest codeMichael Hansen
2020-05-25Update to nodejs-lts-erbiumMichael Hansen
2020-05-05Update liveshare patch for latest product.jsonMichael Hansen
2020-01-13Update to use electron 7Michael Hansen
2019-11-29electron is now version 7, so switch back to electron6Michael Hansen
2019-10-14Update to use electron 6.0Michael Hansen
2019-07-07Switch to electron 4 and allow mem_limit to be overridden by environment vari...Michael Hansen
2019-04-25Sync with latest changes from communityMichael Hansen
2019-04-18Update patches for latest product.jsonMichael Hansen
2019-03-06Sync with changes in "code" packageMichael Hansen
2019-01-26build requires python 3 as wellMichael Hansen
2018-11-12Update product.json patches for latest version from gitMichael Hansen
2018-10-25We still need to ensure an old nodejs for building this from sourceMichael Hansen
2018-09-13Backport fixes from community-adopted code and fix product.json patchesMichael Hansen
2018-07-26Update patch to apply on latest masterMichael Hansen
2018-06-09Update for GTK3 dependencyMichael Hansen
2018-05-10Just hard-depend nodejs-lts-carbon for nowMichael Hansen
2018-05-10Add fixes from stable vscode for requiring older nodejs and enabling liveshareMichael Hansen
2018-04-14Update message to show both systemd and non-systemd file limit configsMichael Hansen
2018-04-13Update for gtk3 dependency changeMichael Hansen
2018-04-12Print helpful info after failing rather than before since nobody reads it anywayMichael Hansen
2018-04-10Updates for latest changes on master, and add ulimit hackMichael Hansen
2017-12-18Re-brand without Visual Studio name and keep product patch restricted to open...Michael Hansen
2017-12-10Update PKGBUILD for yarn-based build (note: npm is still needed by yarn)Michael Hansen
2017-07-24Backport fixes and updates from stable packageMichael Hansen
2016-11-15Backport several updates from the stable version PKGBUILDMichael Hansen
2016-09-05Fix product_json.patch for newer builds, and update tag pattern matchMichael Hansen
2016-08-04Update product.json patch for newer codeMichael Hansen
2016-05-04Update version and use memory fix from -oss packageMichael Hansen
2016-04-15Update tag versionMichael Hansen
2016-03-09Add visual-studio-code-git packageMichael Hansen