AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-03-14Move modprobe.d backup to v4l2loopback-dc-dkms packageMateusz Gozdek
2021-03-06Update to 1.7.2Mateusz Gozdek
2021-01-14Use $srcdir instead of ../..Mateusz Gozdek
2021-01-14PKGBUILD: make use of {} consistentMateusz Gozdek
2021-01-14Update to 1.7.1 and drop dependency on libappindicator-gtk3Mateusz Gozdek
2021-01-13Update to 1.7Mateusz Gozdek
2020-11-06Update to 1.6Mateusz Gozdek
2020-10-16Load snd-aloop module by default as wellMateusz Gozdek
2020-09-30Add libappindicator-gtk3 as optional dependency for droidcamMateusz Gozdek
2020-09-27Update to v1.5Mateusz Gozdek