AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysChange upstream urlMahdi Sarikhani
2024-05-01v2.1.3Mahdi Sarikhani
2024-01-102.1.2LevitatingBusinessMan (Rein Fernhout)
2023-05-16Change my emailLevitatingBusinessMan (Rein Fernhout)
2023-05-16Update to 2.0.0LevitatingBusinessMan (Rein Fernhout)
2022-02-221.8.2 and switched master branchZucy Oh
2022-01-17Update 1.8.1Zucy Oh
2021-07-31Updated to 1.8AwesomeHaircut
2021-07-12Added libappindicator-gtk3 as dependecyAwesomeHaircut
2021-05-04Update to v1.7.3Mateusz Gozdek
2021-03-14Move modprobe.d backup to v4l2loopback-dc-dkms packageMateusz Gozdek
2021-03-06Update to 1.7.2Mateusz Gozdek
2021-01-14Use $srcdir instead of ../..Mateusz Gozdek
2021-01-14PKGBUILD: make use of {} consistentMateusz Gozdek
2021-01-14Update to 1.7.1 and drop dependency on libappindicator-gtk3Mateusz Gozdek
2021-01-13Update to 1.7Mateusz Gozdek
2020-11-06Update to 1.6Mateusz Gozdek
2020-10-16Load snd-aloop module by default as wellMateusz Gozdek
2020-09-30Add libappindicator-gtk3 as optional dependency for droidcamMateusz Gozdek
2020-09-27Update to v1.5Mateusz Gozdek
2020-09-19Add Dockerfile and .travis.ymlMateusz Gozdek
2020-09-19Fix building if one has '.' in $PATHMateusz Gozdek
2020-07-06Add missing libusbmuxd build dependencyMateusz Gozdek
2020-07-06Update to 1.4Mateusz Gozdek
2020-06-06Use split package to also manage v4l2loopback-dc-dkms packageMateusz Gozdek
2020-06-06Update to 1.3Mateusz Gozdek
2020-06-06Switch url to github and use it for sourceMateusz Gozdek
2020-06-01Fix downloading source of 1.2Mateusz Gozdek
2020-05-31updated to 1.2AwesomeHaircut
2020-05-30Use make flags instead of patching the MakefileMateusz Gozdek
2020-05-30added droidcam.conf to autoload modulesRein F
2020-05-30changed zipfile nameRein F
2020-05-29Add required runtime dependenciesMateusz Gozdek
2020-05-28Update to first official GitHub release 1.1Mateusz Gozdek
2020-05-23Updates andfor simplification by Mateusz Gozdek <>AwesomeHaircut
2020-05-04updated checksumsAwesomeHaircut
2020-04-08.SRCINFORein F
2020-04-08new sourceRein F
2020-03-28version bumpAwesomeHaircut
2020-03-28Fixed module loadingAwesomeHaircut
2020-01-16fixed /dev/video issueRein F
2020-01-16updated .SRCINFO ver and added me as contributorRein F
2020-01-16.SRCINFORein F
2020-01-16fixed source linksRein F
2019-07-21updated to
2016-12-19.SCRINFO didn't match PKGBUILD verelversionAwesomeHaircut
2016-12-19 modified: PKGBUILDAwesomeHaircut
2016-11-24Updated MD5AwesomeHaircut
2016-11-24Updating md5sumAwesomeHaircut