AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-04-29Upstream bumped BASE-VER to 10.0.0, so must parse '_majorver' differently tha...James P. Harvey
2019-03-29Use isl 0.21 instead of isl 0.20.James P. Harvey
2019-03-29Remove these -git packages from groups base, base-devel, and multilib-devel.James P. Harvey
2018-12-28Upstream revision 267034 renamed 'install-gnatlib' to 'install-libada'.James P. Harvey
2018-12-16Bumped pkgver.James P. Harvey
2018-12-16Removed bz87672 patch, because upstream merged it.James P. Harvey
2018-10-21Upstream patch allows using current master again. Problem with 81512c36 repo...James P. Harvey
2018-10-21Use isl 0.20 instead of isl 0.19.James P. Harvey
2018-10-19... And the updated .SRCINFO.James P. Harvey
2018-10-19Fixed stragling references to non-git package namee, in license installations...James P. Harvey