AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-21gcc-git: Sync with arch pkgbuilds, add gcc-m2, update license, update bugurlPeter Jung
2023-02-10Update .SRCINFOPeter Jung
2023-02-10gcc-objc: Fix providesPeter Jung
2023-02-10Fix depends/provides/conflictsPeter Jung
2022-12-16RevertPeter Jung
2022-12-16FixupPeter Jung
2022-12-16FixupPeter Jung
2022-12-16Set proper replace at gcc-rustPeter Jung
2022-12-13Add gccrsPeter Jung
2022-07-25add lto-dump-git, add gcc-d-git backPeter Jung
2022-06-02fix lib32-gcc-libsPeter Jung
2022-06-02fix lib32-gcc-libsPeter Jung
2022-06-02add lib32-gcc-libs-gitPeter Jung
2022-06-02add lib32-gcc-libs-gitPeter Jung
2022-06-02add lib32-gcc-libs-gitPeter Jung
2022-05-07Sync with arch; update pkgverPeter Jung
2022-03-26add --disable-bootstrap to configure to fix building with gcc11Peter Jung
2022-02-28fix bootstrapPeter Jung
2022-02-26fix libdirP. Jung
2022-02-26add gcc-d as dependP. Jung
2022-02-26add libgccjit-gitP. Jung
2022-02-26gcc12 built fixP. Jung
2022-02-05Fix depJoão Figueiredo
2022-01-07That's more like it!João Figueiredo
2021-11-17Remove useless deps, add missing conflictsJoão Figueiredo
2021-10-14E n h a n c e ! (aka hacky stuffs + new isl link)João Figueiredo
2021-09-17Here, have some flags :)João Figueiredo
2021-09-04No typos please :\|João Figueiredo
2021-09-04Make the thing betterJoão Figueiredo
2021-08-26Remove problematic flag (thanks @DAC324!)João Figueiredo
2021-08-22That would cause problems and conflicts (not good)João Figueiredo
2021-08-17Don't delete stuff accidentally!João Figueiredo
2021-08-17Packages should provide their non -git versionsJoão Figueiredo
2021-08-13Fix _libdirJoão Figueiredo
2021-08-04lib32-gcc-libs-git already exists on the AURJoão Figueiredo
2021-08-04Merged with official ABS gcc PKGBUILDJoão Figueiredo
2021-05-08Bump islver to 0.24Kevin Majewski
2021-03-15libdir 11.0.1Kevin Majewski
2021-01-06Update islver to 0.23 and fix libdirKevin Majewski
2020-07-14Bump pkgverKevin Majewski
2020-07-14Use latest git commitKevin Majewski
2019-10-12Hold commit to fcab78b9 (2019-10-01 18:21:31.) Otherwise, fails to build. T...James P. Harvey
2019-04-29Upstream bumped BASE-VER to 10.0.0, so must parse '_majorver' differently tha...James P. Harvey
2019-03-29Use isl 0.21 instead of isl 0.20.James P. Harvey
2019-03-29Remove these -git packages from groups base, base-devel, and multilib-devel.James P. Harvey
2018-12-28Upstream revision 267034 renamed 'install-gnatlib' to 'install-libada'.James P. Harvey
2018-12-16Bumped pkgver.James P. Harvey
2018-12-16Removed bz87672 patch, because upstream merged it.James P. Harvey
2018-10-21Upstream patch allows using current master again. Problem with 81512c36 repo...James P. Harvey
2018-10-21Use isl 0.20 instead of isl 0.19.James P. Harvey