AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-01-31Remove libhandy patch; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2019-12-22Update GMime dependency to gmime3; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2019-09-27Add libpeas and gobject-introspection as dependenciesTorben
2019-09-27Update libhandy patchTorben
2019-09-22Update .SRCINFOTorben
2019-09-22Force use of official libhandy packageTorben
2019-09-14Copy the description from the official repo; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2019-09-14Add folks dependency; Update pkgver and .SRCINFOTorben
2019-06-03Add dependency libytnefTorben
2019-06-03Update upstream URLTorben