AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-11-07Fix .SRCINFO fileTorben
2020-11-03Add dependency nuspell; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2020-10-24Add dependency libstemmer; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2020-10-07Use libhandy instead of libhandy1 again; Update pkgver and .SRCINFOTorben
2020-08-27Update pkgver and .SRCINFOTorben
2020-08-27Change libhandy dependency to libhandy1Torben
2020-06-10Add dependency gsound; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2020-06-10Update pkgver and .SRCINFOTorben
2020-06-10Update maintainer's email addressTorben
2020-01-31Remove libhandy patch; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2019-12-22Update GMime dependency to gmime3; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2019-09-27Add libpeas and gobject-introspection as dependenciesTorben
2019-09-27Update libhandy patchTorben
2019-09-22Update .SRCINFOTorben
2019-09-22Force use of official libhandy packageTorben
2019-09-14Copy the description from the official repo; Update .SRCINFOTorben
2019-09-14Add folks dependency; Update pkgver and .SRCINFOTorben
2019-06-03Add dependency libytnefTorben
2019-06-03Update upstream URLTorben
2019-06-03Add dependencies appstream and gspellTorben
2019-02-26Remove gobject-introspection from make dependenciesTorben
2019-02-01Updated .SRCINFO to latest pkgverTorben
2019-02-01Update pkgver and .SRCINFOTorben
2019-02-01Add git and gnome-online-accounts as additional dependenciesTorben
2019-02-01Use HEAD instead of master to derive version from latest commitTorben
2019-01-23Remove obsolete enchant2 patchTorben
2019-01-11Update enchant2 patchTorben
2018-09-14Don't use explicit vapi dir in patchTorben
2018-06-22Change upstream URL to GNOME GitLab serverTorben
2018-05-29Update package dependenciesTorben
2018-05-29Use meson instead of CMake to build GearyTorben
2018-05-24Remove from enchant2 patchTorben
2018-05-24Update enchant2 patch to work with the latest versionTorben
2018-05-24Add gitignore to exclude build filesTorben
2018-04-23Update maintainers and contributorsTorben
2018-04-23Updated .SRCINFOTorben
2018-04-23Update enchant-2 patch and add checksumTorben
2018-02-01Use CMakeemersion
2017-09-30Use hooks instead of install fileemersion
2017-04-04Updates dependenciesemersion
2016-06-12Updates homepage and pkgveremersion
2015-09-29Adds gnome-doc-utils as build dependencyemersion
2015-08-31Initial commitemersion