AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-08-04correct version of the gimp-gapElMastro
2019-08-04added command to remove unnecessary folderElMastro
2018-01-19Added cmake dependencyElMastro
2017-08-06Modified with VCS, missing only md5sumElMastro
2017-08-03Working Again, thanks to gymkaElMastro
2016-01-21Updated to fix pkgver errorElMastro
2016-01-21Aggiornamento per correggere i permessi in pkgElMastro
2015-12-18Aggiunte dipendende di compilazione e sistemate dipendenze opzionaliElMastro
2015-12-15Optional Dependencies works, but x264. Added CFLAGS for compilationElMastro
2015-12-04Initial importElMastro