AgeCommit messageAuthor
2018-11-01Updated to 0.42.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2018-07-05Updated to 0.41.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2018-04-28updated to 0.40.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2018-03-23Updated to 0.39.0 and removed unnecessary instructions from .installGiuseppe Sellaroli
2018-01-24updated to 0.38.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-12-31updated dkms.conf to specify kernel version in ./configureGiuseppe Sellaroli
2017-11-07Updated to 0.37.1Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-10-02Updated to 0.37.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-07-21Updated to version 0.36.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-04-07updated to 0.35.0Giuseppe Sellaroli