AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysadd patch to fix building on kernel 6.9+apicici
2024-03-04update to v1.2.0apicici
2023-09-02update to 1.1.0apicici
2023-07-31updated to 1.0.0apicici
2022-10-13update to 0.49.0apicici
2021-09-30update to 0.48.0apicici
2021-03-08forgot to increase pkgrelapicici
2021-03-08changed architecture to 'any'apicici
2021-02-02updated to 0.47.0apicici
2020-05-12updated to 0.46.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2019-09-24updated to 0.44.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2019-06-22updated to 0.43.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2018-11-01Updated to 0.42.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2018-07-05Updated to 0.41.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2018-04-28updated to 0.40.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2018-03-23Updated to 0.39.0 and removed unnecessary instructions from .installGiuseppe Sellaroli
2018-01-24updated to 0.38.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-12-31updated dkms.conf to specify kernel version in ./configureGiuseppe Sellaroli
2017-11-07Updated to 0.37.1Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-10-02Updated to 0.37.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-07-21Updated to version 0.36.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-04-07updated to 0.35.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-02-14updated to 0.34.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-02-07updated .srcinfoGiuseppe Sellaroli
2017-02-07implemented move of the built module from a kernel-specific folder toGiuseppe Sellaroli
2017-02-07removed "dkms remove" commands as they are now run by pacman hooksGiuseppe Sellaroli
2017-01-26ncreased pkgrelGiuseppe Sellaroli
2017-01-26fixed compilation error due to kernel versionGiuseppe Sellaroli
2017-01-03fixed wrong md5sumsGiuseppe Sellaroli
2017-01-03updated to 0.33.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2017-01-03updated to 0.33.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2016-12-06updated to 0.32.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2015-11-05updated to 0.30.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2015-11-05updated to 0.30.0Giuseppe Sellaroli
2015-06-15initial uploadGiuseppe Sellaroli