AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-09-03Pop pkgrel to rebuild after package splited.bartus
2019-09-01Split package to headers and libs.bartus
2019-08-30Travis: downgrade to 2.5.0 preventing timeout.bartus
2019-08-29Add magma to pkgconfig.bartus
2019-08-29Refactor build()bartus
2019-08-29Proper fix for yay #1006 issue.bartus
2019-08-29Relax dependency to allow other blas and lapack providers.bartus
2019-08-29Update Maintainer.bartus
2019-08-23Shitty fix for yay usersbartus
2019-08-23Revert "Fix: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX messing up default install path"bartus