AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-09-03Pop pkgrel to rebuild after package splited.bartus
2019-09-01Split package to headers and libs.bartus
2019-08-30Travis: downgrade to 2.5.0 preventing timeout.bartus
2019-08-29Add magma to pkgconfig.bartus
2019-08-29Refactor build()bartus
2019-08-29Proper fix for yay #1006 issue.bartus
2019-08-29Relax dependency to allow other blas and lapack providers.bartus
2019-08-29Update Maintainer.bartus
2019-08-23Shitty fix for yay usersbartus
2019-08-23Revert "Fix: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX messing up default install path"bartus
2019-08-23Pop version 2.5.1bartus
2019-08-23Fix: CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX messing up default install pathbartus
2019-08-06Handle case when /opt/cuda/bin/gcc is a regular filebartus
2019-06-29fix CUDA_HOS_COMPILER and move nvcc-ccache to prepare()bartus
2019-06-29update ccache for nvccbartus
2019-01-15cmake invocation refactor, drop old configbartus
2019-01-14update to 2.5.0bartus
2018-07-01add nvcc-ccache supportpingplug
2018-06-30Updated to 2.4.0pingplug
2017-11-29Updated to 2.3.0pingplug
2017-04-24add .gitignorepingplug
2017-04-11Remove depends "gcc-libs-multilib"pingplug
2016-12-03Updated to 2.2.0pingplug
2016-10-26Add gcc-fortran to makedependspingplug
2016-09-04Updated to 2.1.0pingplug
2016-02-11Update to 2.0.0pingplug
2015-09-21Update to 1.7.0pingplug
2015-08-01Updated to 1.6.2pingplug
2015-08-01Initial commitpingplug