AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-20Version 5.9.82Patrick Goetz
2023-12-14New version 5.9.81Patrick Goetz
2023-10-14Upgrade to 5.9.70Patrick Goetz
2023-09-08Updated to 5.9.61Patrick Goetz
2023-08-23Upgrade to 5.9.60Patrick Goetz
2023-07-02Removed local desktop and license filesPatrick Goetz
2023-06-29New version 5.9.50, 4th tryPatrick Goetz
2023-06-29New Version 5.9.50 w/ license and desktop filesPatrick Goetz
2023-06-29New version 5.9.50Patrick Goetz
2023-06-29New version 5.9.50Patrick Goetz
2023-03-13Added license.txt to 5.9.40 buildPatrick Goetz
2023-03-13Fixed path to masterpdfeditor5.desktop filePatrick Goetz
2023-03-13Updated to 5.9.40 with masterpdfeditor.desktopPatrick Goetz
2023-03-13Updated to version 5.9.40Patrick Goetz
2023-01-26Updated to 5.9.35Patrick Goetz
2023-01-21Updated to version 5.9.30Patrick Goetz
2022-12-30Upgraded to 5.9.20Patrick Goetz
2022-11-09Updated to version 5.9.10Patrick Goetz
2022-11-01Updated to 5.9.06Patrick Goetz
2022-07-09Updated to version 5.8.70Patrick Goetz
2022-06-24Updated to version 5.8.65Patrick Goetz
2022-06-16New version of masterpdfeditor: 5.8.63Patrick Goetz
2022-05-03Updated to version 5.8.52Patrick Goetz
2022-04-12Updated to version 5.8.49Patrick Goetz
2022-04-06Added qt5-declarative as a dependency, since this appears to be necessary and...Patrick Goetz
2022-04-03Upgrade to version 5.8.46Patrick Goetz
2022-01-22New bug fix version of masterpdfeditor 5.8.33Patrick Goetz
2022-01-20New version of masterpdfeditor 5.8.32Patrick Goetz
2022-01-05New version: 5.8.30Patrick Goetz
2021-11-11Update to 5.8.20Patrick Goetz
2021-09-30New version 5.8.06 of masterpdfeditorPatrick Goetz
2021-08-02Updated PKGBUILD to accommodate new .desktop file namePatrick Goetz
2021-08-02Forgot to increment pkgrelPatrick Goetz
2021-08-02Fixed PKGBUILD to accomodate .desktop file name changePatrick Goetz
2021-08-02Updated to 5.7.90Patrick Goetz
2021-05-11Updated to version 5.7.60Patrick Goetz
2021-04-09Update to v. 5.7.53Patrick Goetz
2021-03-17Removed customized .desktop file, as this was fixed upstreamPatrick Goetz
2021-03-17Fixed incorrect sha1sum for main packagePatrick Goetz
2021-03-165.7.40 updated with edited net.code-industry.masterpdfeditor5.desktop filePatrick Goetz
2021-03-16Updated to version 5.7.40Patrick Goetz
2021-03-13Added corrected reference to desktop filePatrick Goetz
2021-03-12Updated to add masterpdfeditor5.desktop filePatrick Goetz
2021-03-12Upgraded to version 5.7.31Patrick Goetz
2021-02-04Updated to version 5.7.20Patrick Goetz
2021-01-27Update to version 5.7.10Patrick Goetz
2021-01-20Update from 5.7.00 to 5.7.08Patrick Goetz
2021-01-18re-cloned git repo to fix previous errorsPatrick Goetz
2021-01-18Update masterpdfeditor to version 5.7.00Patrick Goetz
2020-11-25Updated to version 5.6.80 and added now missing masterpdfeditor5.desktop filePatrick Goetz