AgeCommit messageAuthor
2020-07-06Make Arch vim packages workFlorian Walch
2019-10-26Add aarch64 to supported architecturesFlorian Walch
2019-09-30Add dependency on libutf8procFlorian Walch
2019-09-24Remove dependency on jemallocFlorian Walch
2019-09-19Depend on libvterm>=0.1.git5Florian Walch
2019-09-13Depend on libvterm-bzrFlorian Walch
2019-06-11PKGBUILD: Add dependency on libluv, update to 0.3.4.r1012Florian Walch
2018-11-25PKGBUILD: Add armv6h, armv7hFlorian Walch
2017-07-28PKGBUILD: Remove install commands (Neovim PR #7072).Florian Walch
2017-06-25PKGBUILD: Move luajit from makedepends to depends.Florian Walch