AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
14 daysPKGBUILD: Add dependency on libluv, update to 0.3.4.r1012Florian Walch
2018-11-25PKGBUILD: Add armv6h, armv7hFlorian Walch
2017-07-28PKGBUILD: Remove install commands (Neovim PR #7072).Florian Walch
2017-06-25PKGBUILD: Move luajit from makedepends to depends.Florian Walch
2017-05-03PKGBUILD: Install .desktop file.Florian Walch
2016-11-03PKGBUILD: Change to build as RelWithDebInfo.Florian Walch
2016-09-01PKGBUILD: Add gperf as build dependency.Florian Walch
2016-07-10PKGBUILD: Add optional dependency on ruby-neovim.Florian Walch
2016-04-18PKGBUILD: Change dependency on 'lua51-messagepack' to 'lua51-mpack'.Florian Walch
2015-11-11PKGBUILD: Don't strip debug symbols from executable.Florian Walch
2015-11-06PKGBUILD: Change dependency on 'libvterm-bzr' to 'libvterm'.Florian Walch
2015-11-01PKGBUILD: Update pkgver() for 0.1.0 release.Florian Walch
2015-10-27PKGBUILD: Set ENABLE_JEMALLOC, update to 0.r4306.68e5968.Florian Walch
2015-10-27neovim-git.install: Refer to ':h nvim-from-vim'.Florian Walch
2015-10-08PKGBUILD: Remove version constraint on libtermkey, update to 0.r4069.cd6b4af.Florian Walch
2015-10-07PKGBUILD: Depend on libtermkey 0.18, update to 0.r4067.7be75a0.Florian Walch
2015-08-26PKGBUILD: Fix check(), update to 0.r3908.b2ece14.Florian Walch
2015-07-21neovim-git.install: Mention "breaking changes" wiki page when upgrading.Florian Walch
2015-06-23Initial commit: neovim-git 0.r3607.20a57c4-1.Florian Walch