AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-03-29Upgrade to v0.38.0Tom Wadley
2020-11-28Upgrade to v0.37.2Tom Wadley
2020-11-25Upgrade to v0.37.1Tom Wadley
2020-11-06Upgrade to v0.37.0Tom Wadley
2020-09-25Fix and .gitignore to allow for uncompressed packages from makepkgTom Wadley
2020-09-25Upgrade to v0.36.0Tom Wadley
2020-03-20Upgrade to v0.35.3Tom Wadley
2019-12-21Upgrade to v0.35.2Tom Wadley
2019-10-03Upgrade to v0.35.0Tom Wadley
2019-09-22Reflect new upstream locationTom Wadley