AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-10-07Boost fixStephen Martin
2019-08-07Removed boost-system.patchStephen Martin
2019-08-07Version bump with bug fixesStephen Martin
2019-04-10Fixed md5 error [oops]Stephen Martin
2019-04-10Bumped gwt; removed patchesStephen Martin
2018-01-07Removed socketproxy patchStephen Martin
2017-12-19Fixed bad dep: jdk8-openjdk instead of jre8-openjdkStephen Martin
2017-11-09Removed SSL-1.0 patchStephen Martin
2017-10-06Modified ssl patch to use Crypto instead of PosixCryptoStephen Martin
2017-09-25Fixed compile error; updated SSL patch; updated gwtStephen Martin