AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-01Update MaintainerYann Büchau
2022-08-01Update maintainerYann Büchau
2022-06-28Update .SRCINFOYann Büchau
2022-06-28[prepare] Warn about non-matching node versionYann Büchau
2022-06-28Bump node versionYann Büchau
2022-01-04Stop build with warning if wrong Java version is usedYann Büchau
2022-01-04Apply mjandrews' patch to use quartoYann Büchau
2021-06-20Hunspell fix.Stephen Martin
2021-06-20Implemented fixes (alpha).Stephen Martin
2021-02-04Added yaml-cpp to depsStephen Martin
2020-09-01Version bumpStephen Martin
2020-04-02Removed SOCI patch (upstreamed).Stephen Martin
2020-04-01Removed boost patch (upstreamed).Stephen Martin
2020-04-01Added postgresql-libs and sqlite3 to deps.Stephen Martin
2020-03-31rstudio_boost fixStephen Martin
2020-03-31SOCI and Node fixStephen Martin
2019-12-02Now using mathjax2Stephen Martin
2019-10-07Boost fixStephen Martin
2019-08-07Removed boost-system.patchStephen Martin
2019-08-07Version bump with bug fixesStephen Martin
2019-04-10Fixed md5 error [oops]Stephen Martin
2019-04-10Bumped gwt; removed patchesStephen Martin
2018-01-07Removed socketproxy patchStephen Martin
2017-12-19Fixed bad dep: jdk8-openjdk instead of jre8-openjdkStephen Martin
2017-11-09Removed SSL-1.0 patchStephen Martin
2017-10-06Modified ssl patch to use Crypto instead of PosixCryptoStephen Martin
2017-09-25Fixed compile error; updated SSL patch; updated gwtStephen Martin
2017-06-15Pandoc fix and cleanupStephen Martin
2017-05-01Nope, moved lock back to where it wasStephen Martin
2017-05-01Moved lock file to correct placeStephen Martin
2017-05-01Removed openssl from makedepends; openssl-1.0 is a hard dependencyStephen Martin
2017-05-01Fixed to work with openssl 1.0Stephen Martin
2016-09-07Version bumpStephen Martin
2016-04-05Bumped versionStephen Martin
2016-02-23Updated SRCINFOStephen Martin
2016-02-23Removed src.tar.gz packageStephen Martin
2016-02-23Changed packagerStephen Martin
2016-02-23Fixed broken packageStephen Martin
2015-07-30pkg addedCarlos Familia
2015-07-30initial uploadCarlos Familia