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Catch unset pi ver
Change-Id: I66d15dd16d6681e917bda6bf84cde918604c8d4a Investigate while WebEngine is still not being built Change-Id: Iba9e17a21c12a8716c44df3845a35fd2b4042082 Remove broken sourcing of python 2 override Change-Id: I54e2d93a8c7808887e3d7ab15323ef2d0aebe0f9 Revert Raspberry Pi proprietary drive hostile change in QWebEngine Change-Id: Ia841e829b42916d74f1094f6fd2505ff6532f5c6 Move to Qt 5.9 alpha Change-Id: If8aa37f7d1581307f529072deb0fc8ecac67b5d2 Patch allowing Fedora compilation no longer applies Change-Id: I784f8c1ad788960778142be4622c5666903bd57b Reintroduce since I fell asleep at the wheel integrating it Change-Id: I16e966177aa8ae9a17f3dafad0e9e2fb21d8f150 Don't pack non-existent debug Change-Id: I3cc7b497ffbebf9282d9abc7f39dfcce0e678178 Update patch to reflect 5.8 head Change-Id: Ia6bd20fb06a2d4ace2ab075953051af0bd90df25 Revert "Update patch to reflect 5.8 head" This reverts commit 7eb0dca49352d3e054b9e0ac55ee0af40346ded6. Not sure why it doesn't apply against 5.9 after rebasing against 5.8 HEAD :p See impact on build size of removing ltcg Change-Id: I0c759e3d728446760db0a069f58414454db7d66a Remove additional pi_ver check qt3d barfs on host Change-Id: I44d0dc60bc19d5ebe6d82d4586121b0073cbdab4 Create install script for host Change-Id: I410a88cf73ad18cdbec5e18fb0b6723d7d4b71ab Test patch to fix Qt Quick breakage in 5.9 alpha Change-Id: I0f536567d09b38874b93b8d04f72760a7dc9674e Introduce target host convenience Change-Id: Ib5d3e09cc1b5048aa512c88aeb8a772dc7df896a Start using install script everywhere Change-Id: Ib5e6b3fcdc9391ca27de141b2599ede8f377ede2 Bump version numbers Change-Id: I118a85f99a1194f8b3134edc8fe663f89281cb9b Move to the Qt 5.9 beta Change-Id: I67f75c231dcbd00fbefc2a9c629a6675363770fc Remove brcm blitting patch Change-Id: I43c3c819307695ab2a0e08d22c5d4dd1f5f6dbcd Introduce tmpfs usage where possible Change-Id: Iea58d08c5d3d6d22e61ae8052bb017a66ef470de Adjust src/bindir consistently Change-Id: If1a6dfe8d3639e1d503990923ac850a4e3db8a16 build tools for the host Change-Id: I9f13631278c9d016553debbc2e9a8cbb0146d4a1 General housekeeping Change-Id: If8423ded49b38611c3adb7c9837bb8262b436abc Introduce repackaging hack Change-Id: Ifedeb39572c34df0710e8851627fbbf41d184930 Allow for Qt to be dropped in as the system Qt Change-Id: I4f9f6d4b492aff89aa19576522cb13a05451af9f -Os does not appear to jive well with Clang 4 Change-Id: Id29a8121c9442eed198588ffda91ec131e60679b It is a pity providers can't coexist Change-Id: I59ea7371a630cba6b48060ebb7d93c155770efc6 Don't murder qtscript unduly Change-Id: I5df86e93cfae53c454dc40589d99112c68445bf6 Qt3D only barfs on the host Change-Id: I3650287f4f889b0e5c3602c7bb66c42049ceecfa Move to the beta2 move provides/conflicts to the libs Change-Id: If4767ddec68b687dea73f0bd9bd1aabdf88a135c Second packaging attempt Change-Id: I4316f905da27de2d763f38606ec0ba738695d87e Allow Qt builds to be used as system Qt on Arch Change-Id: I7e3a7b2b29df28a7e1c1d808f13a9a84c0458cbc Use of openssl 1.0 was kinda important Change-Id: Id8350d4dd262f22c85f0099420d9d61ac894bbca pcre2 is now a dependency Change-Id: I0029e278ee612bf25092e8634942890d8a8c917c Introduce minimal option Change-Id: I01603b9ef64333d90f050d0cd0239d80b8562e66 update source info Change-Id: Ib018f6b5eca66b6503b05946c5c1ccbd96018437
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1 files changed, 7 insertions, 6 deletions
diff --git a/.SRCINFO b/.SRCINFO
index d99c00ed625..a7e8e3e9fcd 100644
--- a/.SRCINFO
+++ b/.SRCINFO
@@ -1,9 +1,9 @@
# Generated by mksrcinfo v8
-# Sun Jan 29 20:08:41 UTC 2017
+# Thu Apr 27 08:18:02 UTC 2017
pkgbase = qt-sdk-raspberry-pi
pkgdesc = Qt SDK for the Raspberry Pi 1/2/3
- pkgver = 5.8.0
- pkgrel = 9
+ pkgver = 5.9.0
+ pkgrel = 3
url =
install = qpi.install
arch = x86_64
@@ -12,13 +12,14 @@ pkgbase = qt-sdk-raspberry-pi
makedepends = git
makedepends = pkgconfig
makedepends = gcc
- depends = qpi-toolchain
+ makedepends = gperf
+ makedepends = python
optdepends = qtcreator: Integrated Raspberry Pi IDE development
options = !strip
source = git://
- source =
+ source =
sha256sums = SKIP
- sha256sums = 0efc79805cfeacc1bd2d10d8d6033e95b6c42cb5d68b1d5a1069b141006a2358
+ sha256sums = b74c30cd80474880b4a0c2f0ed6efdbda16ebe72cdc26f2a85bb025a42d5d838
pkgname = qt-sdk-raspberry-pi