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2019-06-25Update to Qt 5.13 finalDonald Carr
2019-06-10Just experienced first artriculate crash due to use of system libjpeg/libpng;...Donald Carr
2019-05-23Update SRCINFODonald Carr
2019-03-29Reflect changes to package metadataDonald Carr
2019-02-10Reflect new meta infoDonald Carr
2018-11-13Update pkgrel number to 4Donald Carr
2018-11-13Update to Qt 5.12 beta4Donald Carr
2018-10-09Update .SRCINFODonald Carr
2018-06-27Reflect current pkg information on the webDonald Carr
2018-04-18Fix gles2 snafuDonald Carr
2018-03-22Update version infoDonald Carr
2017-12-28Update project urlDonald Carr
2017-12-28Update versions in AUR webclientDonald Carr
2017-07-04Bump version to 5.9.1Donald Carr
2017-06-13Bump version numberDonald Carr
2017-06-13Enable waylandDonald Carr
2017-06-05Don't remove widgets from minimal buildDonald Carr
2017-06-01Update pkgsrcinfoDonald Carr
2017-05-31Move to Qt 5.9.0 releaseDonald Carr
2017-04-28Update the srcinfoDonald Carr
2017-04-27Catch unset pi verDonald Carr
2017-01-29Introduce python override to get Qt Webengine includedDonald Carr
2017-01-24Change upstream url to qpi landing pageDonald Carr
2017-01-23Move to Qt 5.8.0Donald Carr
2017-01-13Adjust pkgname to pass remote hookDonald Carr
2017-01-13Update to Qt 5.8.0-RCDonald Carr
2017-01-13Move to Qt 5.8-betaDonald Carr
2017-01-13Revert "Update to Qt 5.8.0-RC"Donald Carr
2016-12-24Update to Qt 5.8.0-RCDonald Carr
2016-09-20Note that qtcreator is an optional dependencyDonald Carr
2016-09-13update the posted detailsDonald Carr
2016-08-20Start to target rpi3 (aarch64)Donald Carr
2016-06-24Move to Qt 5.7 official releaseDonald Carr
2016-06-13Advertize correct PKG release numberDonald Carr
2016-06-05Document single source nature for pi 1/2Donald Carr
2016-06-05Adjust build to handle single shared pi recipeDonald Carr
2016-06-05Move to 5.7.0-rcDonald Carr
2016-06-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'pi2/master'Donald Carr
2016-04-26Bump version detailsDonald Carr
2016-04-11Bump versionsDonald Carr
2016-04-10Bump release versionDonald Carr
2016-03-15Bump versionDonald Carr
2016-03-08Fix my use of "replaces" fieldDonald Carr
2016-03-03Merge remote-tracking branch 'pi2/master'Donald Carr
2016-03-03Regenerate srcinfoDonald Carr
2016-03-03Resolve conflictsDonald Carr
2016-02-26Update the insanity upstreamDonald Carr
2016-01-27Update new dependency graphsDonald Carr
2016-01-27Need to find a way to gracefully handle the rpi 1/2 recipe sharingDonald Carr
2016-01-25Moving to a single shared repo for both the pi1/pi2 sdksDonald Carr