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diff --git a/dom4 b/dom4
index 8e381e089ea..466f2f919e7 100755
--- a/dom4
+++ b/dom4
@@ -102,7 +102,7 @@ thrones 2 8 1
- sudo -u dom4 $EDITOR /usr/share/dom4/config/$
+ sudo -u dom4 ${EDITOR:-nano} /usr/share/dom4/config/$
mapfile=$(grep -oP "^mapfile\s+\K.+" /usr/share/dom4/config/$
mapname=$(basename $mapfile .map)
@@ -123,11 +123,10 @@ EOF
- fi
- change $1
+ change $1
- cat <<EOF
+ cat <<EOF
Done. Start the service to let players upload their pretenders.
sudo systemctl start dom4-server.service
@@ -136,6 +135,15 @@ Once all pretenders have been uploaded, stop the service and set the game to rea
dom4 ready
+ else
+ change $1
+ cat <<EOF
+Done. Restart the service to load the new configuration:
+ sudo systemctl restart dom4-server.service
+ fi
# Set game start flag in properties file.
@@ -241,32 +249,20 @@ case $1 in
cat <<EOF
-Install Dominions 4 through SteamCMD:
+Dominions 4 Headless Server Interface
- dom4 install
+This program manages Dominions 4 installation and configuration for the headless server. Multiple games may be configured, but only one game can be actively hosted at once -- this is a true multiplayer server rather than a PBEM setup.
-List configured games:
+The headless server itself is a systemd service and can be managed via systemctl.
- dom4 list
-Configure a new game, or edit an existing one:
- dom4 config mygame
-Set start flag for current game after all pretenders have been uploaded, prior to running service:
- dom4 ready
-Set start flag for mygame after pretenders have been uploaded and set it as current hosted game:
- dom4 ready mygame
-Delete a game (this operation is irreversible!):
- dom4 delete mygame
+ dom4 install Install Dominions 4 through SteamCMD
+ dom4 list List configured games
+ dom4 config mygame Configure a new game, or edit an existing one
+ dom4 ready mygame Sets the start flag for mygame after all pretenders have been uploaded
+ dom4 delete mygame Deletes mygame (this operation is irreversible!)
Service commands:
sudo systemctl start dom4-server.service
sudo systemctl stop dom4-server.service
sudo systemctl restart dom4-server.service